March 23 2011 Six years later and............

It Is still wet and windy, nothing has changed weather wise, however the ever changing rules with blogging have not helped in keeping it simple, the mass of changes and regulations plus one recently, have me thinking it's time to go, My time is becoming more valuable and there are things which become neglected. A few fun opportunities and other options can take up the slack, and a less sedentary lifestyle would enhance my weight loss program. I do drink a lot of water, do not smoke or drink coffee and walk a fair amount and still work in our garden and more recently have cut down the size of meal portions and added more salads, fewer spuds -less dairy and bread.
Exercising at this point in time is out, so is the Sun and high humidity, So a (yawn) a quick nod is in the offing. feel the need to relax. Back later?? Vest.


Anonymous said…
Had a scorcher here today. Two days ago eight inches of rain.
looks like you are going to pack in blogging.Mike.
Anonymous said…
WALLY said...You cant go yet vest, please stay.
Jimmy said…
do u DUCK less or more now?
Vest said…
Jimmy: About half as much as I Didn't!!!
Jimmy said…
the LEVER brothers are Fooling our girls in INDIA

GOD did not make u FAIR and LOVELY
For a reason

Our skin color is designed to Face the hott sun in India

iF your hair is CURLY
dont try to make it straight like the Chinese

dont buy Fairness creams
and stuFF

Dont try to improve on GODs design
there will be hell to pay
as Michael Jackson did

the man who loves u dont want u Fairer

I love u just the way u r hon
Jimmy said…
Me Myself and I

It's funny that I am doing this.I used to think that creating blogs and the like were for people who had life to waste and time to kill or silly perverts who would spill their libido on webpages just to satisfy a mornonic,sadist urge in themselves.

I have such a low opinion on people.But no frets, I have a low opinion on myself as well.
Jimmy said…
People who know me think of me as a former junkie whose mind is fried with all the pharma I did,beyound repair.

I chanced upon a quote from some eminent spiritual Godman who said --"The ultimate nirvana is the trancending of your mind.

When you lose your mind,you find your being".In that case, I think I have found myself.And what did I find.

A lot of emptiness and a lot of restlessness.The emptiness is understandable,but restlessness?.

I wish I can ever find something to quench this restlessness.But if that Godman is true,it's my being.

I cannot escape from my being can I?.What a trap*sighs*

I like music.And I like cats.I am somewhat intrigued by astrology as well.And blackholes facinate me too.I am all over the place.I am so me!.

I have done some bloodpaintings which I would post sometime later in here.They are grotesque and shocking,not for me but for people who look at them.

I don't want to shock people and yet they are mostly shocked or baffled by my prescence.

And yet there are people who like me.I guess it's a sense of for the love of the mystic-insane that makes them like me.

They may like me for other reasons as well, but as I said I have a low opinion on myself.Oh and I forgot to mention..people who dislike me far exceed those who like me.I am not surprised.
Jimmy said…
If men are allowed to rule the world...

1,THere wont be any mushy love stories,allowed ,to taint the vision of naïve girls.. ..

2,Valentines day ,will be considered as day of doom..

3,A wife will be reduced to the small window in P.C.,ONLY pops upas per choice..otherwise blocked forever...

4, Shopping..will be considered as sin,PUNISHABLE with lashes…

5, Only sexy and beautiful girls,will be allowed to live,others can go 2 hell or heaven,no 1 cares,ordinance of DEATH WITHOUT MERCY..will be passed against..ugly ones..

6, All men will be blessed with a remote control..with the option of fastffwd,to save themselves..frOm the timeless rants of there grls..

7, A techie who will create a gadget,which immediately,traces out the telephone number,of any girl,just by looking at her..will be highly rewarded.

8, Star plus,and zee tv,will be banned permanently.T.v willl run…TNA WRESTLING..and soccer matches whole day..from different camera different channels..

9, During cricket matches..all offices..and work places wont open..and everybody else in the house will go in sleep mode..

10, Who cares about..carpeting in the drawing room..the garage will be carpeted with lush Iranian give respect to the esteemed cars..

11, All healthy food..will find its way outta will flow in the rivers..and taps will produce whiskey..milk and water will be used as prescribed medicines only..for severe symptoms..

12, Burping..farting..digging noses..scratching..all will be allowed as per ones heart content..nuthing eeks about it..after all freedom of every bodys right..

13, All kina jewelry and fashion stores..will be replaced withbars..and smoking joints..
Smoking..will be allowed everywhere..those averse to the smoke..can go die in solitary confinement..

14, The hottest chicks of the office will always be placed properly..infront of every guys cubicle..every guy should be blessed with an opportunity 2 suffer from CHICK FLU..

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C A. said…
One of your favorites Mr Vest.

Australian Army commanders in Afghanistan are remaining tight-lipped over racist comments posted by soldiers on Facebook. The Defence Force has launched an investigation into remarks posted online that include racial ...
Army 'appalled' by racism claims. said…
CA:It does seem every time face book is mentioned publicly yet another anti social happening has occurred.

Why not we start 'Ass' Arse
Book Or even Bonk Book or Bum Book.
The contents would be little different from the present sludge of Face Book.
When that hits saturation point the next phase could be Cock & Vag book, which would be much the same as present day Face Book.
Wan Kee Ting. said…
Its erection day today in NSW Australia. hope get what you deserve
Vest said…
For those far a-field from New South Wales in the land of OZStrayer.
For the past sixteen years the State labor (labour) Govt have been Skinning us from the toes up, but now it seems likely the Libs will be skinning us from the ears down in the foreseeable future.

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