Chinese Royal Stuff Up?

A Chinese company made this commemorative Royal Wedding mug, on sale for £9.99, but instead of bride-to-be Kate Middleton featured next to her betrothed Prince William, they accidentally printed his brother Prince Harry's picture instead. Whoops. Something tells us these will become big collectors' items, anyway.

What do you think?


Vest said…
I have one of these misfits on order.Aus $25-00 delivered.
David said…
Its a family thing, catch of the day for one of them, or just a mug shot.
Jimmy said…

Chinese ROYAL Goof up
Jimmy said…
or mebbe it was deliberate
to ridicule the Monarchy
an institution that is absurd to Communist idealogy

there is no BUSH in CHINA Govt
Jimmy said…
or mebbe just a Marketing genius at work in CHINA

a deliberate GOOF UP for Collectors Item to buy

for VESTY types and Kate
Anonymous said…
Deep down you are one big racsist asshole
Vest said…
Deep down you are one big racsist asshole.

The Draconian laws of totalitarian communist Yingtongland would put you in the bacon slicer and fed to the dogs which supply meat to chinky restaurants.
Jimmy said…
WHO ????
Me ?

u must be kidding
we INDIANS are the VICTIMS of racist attacks in Aussieland UK and USA
Anonymous said…
It's actually an English company that has been in business for about three weeks
Kate...fb. said…
Take it easy Vesty, Luvs ya
Anonymous said…
take it easy Vesty. Luvs ya

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