Should we outsource our Major Crime problems to Swinging Singapore, or Malaysia.

Over burdened higher courts in Australia which seemingly drag on for ever and quite often are seen giving high profile wealthy offenders the benefit of the doubt, bleed the country of its resources to fight crime and deal effectively with minor crimes and those concerning the welfare of the down trodden without resources to engage even the lowest paid ambulance chaser.
Singapore and Malaysia , although relying on court procedures inherited from the British colonial ideals,have cut out most of the red tape concerning the rights of criminals, particularly those caught red handed. such as those like  Kevin Barlow who didn't have a leg to stand on and his co conspirator Brian Chambers.
There have been a plethora of offenders since, which has become commonplace and hardly raising an eyebrow.
 When drug mules are apprehended on  arrival in Australia, they should be sent back to whence they came from as the offence was instigated there and should be dealt with there,, Whatever their sentence, is not our problem, however, sentencing these goons in Australia would amount to a seven year stretch in the slammer with time off for good behaviour all paid for from our hard earned.
The Indonesian Judge  who parked celebrity drug mule Shapelle Corby in an Indonesian rat hole for twenty years back a bit -survived on an income of equal to oz dollars 12,000 per annum.
Whereas an Indonesian  drug mule caught and sentenced  about the same time in Australia served only four of his seven year sentence and was given day release in order to earn over 400 dollars per week in order to support his family in Indonesia. his annual wage after tax and other expenses was approx $18,000, fifty percent more than the Indonesian Judge and twice that of a Oz dole recipient. A blessing in disguise ?
I bet that Indonesian Guy's tribe were pissed off on his return home from prison.


Vest said…
Seems a bit draoonian but I'm no Solon. Singaporean judges get it right every time, no re-offenders.
Deal in dodgy hemp you swing on good quality Bangladeshi hemp.
Lesser anti social offences, depending on their severity are taken care of by a caning of up to twelve strokes of the rattan cane. plus.
Anonymous said…
No comments yet,"Too scary".

Watch your baggage if flying.
Lower deck lawyer. said…
The rope rule for convicted drug smugglers should be used universally, it would get things back to normal once more( if it ever was) Mike.

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