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A  Ninety Km round trip for Nowt. Today was to be  a trip to the Gosford Hospital for ongoing treatment for my xxxxxx problem. not currently life threatening. The ninety km journey itself is harrowing enough, particularly traveling through Gosford, NSW, which can be described as the largest car park on the Central Coast. On arrival at the ambulatory dept, I was informed that I was not scheduled for treatment today due to a viral infection showing up in my system and when it clears my treatment will continue.I then asked  why was I  not informed last Tues when the problem arose. I was then told  I was by telephone. Which turned out to be untrue as no record of the call was found. I informed them , in future I would ring prior to my expected appointment to save wasting my valuable time and money, having to get up early and shave and shower out of season whereas I could be in my best rural rags and pottering around with manure and stuff in the garden . It seems a shame  to waste a s
Hardly a blow for World Peace......Plus Mad Cow hits USA. LOS Angeles. Seven foot plus, Lakers forward, formerly known as Ron Artest and now goes under the monica of Metta World Peace, has been suspended for six  playoff games (whatever that means). The Guy named World peace was ejected from a weekend game against the Thunder, for deliberately striking Thunder man James Hardon. It seems Mr World Peace is a stranger to what his name suggests and has a history of on court altercations. He has chalked up three career bans having been side lined in 2004  & 2007. Mad Cow disease, Alarm the USA. or something to beef about. The United States beef exporters are running scared over the discovery of Mad Cow Disease. A discovery of this potentially debilitating disease has been reported in California. Authorities have  informed the public  that no products from this source are in the food chain. The same twaddle was fed to the U/K population  way back . Despite this reassuran
A VILLAGE BY ANY OTHER NAME.    An Austrian village is being forced to bow to the power of the English language by changing its name The people of  F- - -ing (pronounced Fooking) hadn't had a problem until pranksters began making fun of them. Now the village is to vote on a switch and the 16th century version of the name - Fugging - is likely to be adopted. Mayor Franz Meindl  confirmed his village street signs had regularly been stolen. The Mayor Say's, it's too much. The problem is we need all of the F---ing residents to agree to the name change for it to happen.  Vest  is suggesting  a new marketing  scheme could bring  in lots of Dosh to the community if implemented. At the moment tourists are being turned away from its news agency by being told "No we don't have any F---ing postcards.,_Austria Back soon .... Vest.
Expect it and it happens every time.  Post 983. I Arose at 730 am , must have quick brekky and one drink only. My 9 15 appointment was too early for my constitution as I do not travel well during the early hours. The sun was shining although rain was forecast, a few mild exercise movements assisted the  internal bodily movement  necessary for me before venturing forth , opened bathroom window, sun had gone rain had arrived.  nearest and dearest was met at the top of stairs and handed my wet plastic covered  Daily Telegraph,  I then ,announced my success in the bathroom, she replied here's something that may make you go again, Chris is downstairs pumping out rain water from between the back seats of the car, the aged  redundant carpet machine had been in the shed for more than a decade. However, not my fault I'm the driver  I say. and so far no one is being held responsible apart from God. By using max pedal we eventually arrived safely and parked in the main street of Toukl