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CANCER KILLS THE" R U OK ? MAN." Plus the cure for loneliness

The founder of the R U OK Day Sept 15, has died after losing his battle with cancer. Gavin Larkin, 42, succumbed to lymphoma. he died on Wednesday Sept 21, surrounded by his family at his Coogee, Sydney Eastern suburbs home. The Australian  father of three founded R U OK Day in 2009 after his father Barry committed suicide. R U OK? Day director and co-founder said she was committed to ensuring the success of the campaign continues. Mr Larkin is survived by his wife Maryanne and children Gus, Jodie and Van. And in the end it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years.                                                    .......... Loneliness. People between the ages of 25 and 35 are the most prone to loneliness. It is probably not a coincidence that people in this age bracket are among the most intensive users of new media, in fact those who use many platforms of new media are more prone to feeling lonely than those who (like myself) use only one

Today in History K G V Returns to Sydney 1945. And other Items of interest..

 re-designated Task Force 57, the British Pacific Fleet was again involved in operations in late March 1945, when it launched attacks on the Sakishimo-Gunto airfields, a task it repeated in early May. On 4 May 1945 King George V led battleships and cruisers in a forty-five minute bombardment of Japanese air facilities in the Ryukyu Islands . As the Allies approached the Japanese homeland, King George V was dispatched in mid-July to join the US battleships in a bombardment of industrial installations at Hitachi . King George V fired 267 rounds from her 14-inch guns during this operation. The task force then moved on to Hamamatsu in southern Honshu , where it carried out a further bombardment of aviation factories. [22] During the Okinawa campaign , the battleship supported four fast carriers of the British Pacific Fleet. Her last offensive action was a night bombardment of Hamamatsu on 29 and 30 July 1945. [23] HMS King George V in Tokyo harbour in 1945. USS Missouri is visib

Are your Daughters really working in the city as Secretaries and Nurses ?

The Over sized  Whorehouse, or the Brothel too big even for Sydney Siders ( Alright I know they  do it bigger in Melbunn) Plans to build Australia's biggest Bag Shanty have been abandoned(Thommo,Eat your heart out). The monster Shag shack being derided as the "Westfield of brothels". The 'Stilletto' brothel owners in Camperdown wanted to extend their premises to forty Sex Rooms. We're not Prudes say the City council planners, and we're not opposed to brothels, but we have a policy of *spreading them out, councillor Shane Mallard said. * Isn't that the usual way. Say's I.

The Aftermath of R U OK Day.

Good morning everyone on this  beautiful early spring morning on the central coast of New South Wales in Australia. From my window I see a gathering of various species of birds awaiting their early feed, none in our neighbours gardens; just ours , where  an ample supply of water and food  keeps them coming back. The grass is becoming taller too, must get Er to  get it mowed. Thank you to those friends and relatives who replied to the R U OK post last Thursday. It was a trifle disappointing despite a 95% result in Australia, but the result in overseas enquiries was negative in Can/USA. plus one rude reply. However I received three from friends and relatives in the U/K whom I did not enquire after. and those  I did enquire after  failed to respond except for one person. In those particular cases I can only hope all is well with them. I shall leave you with this interesting snippet I read last Thursday on R U OK day while checking to see if I was alive or not. Ist on the list of th

Thursday 15th September is, R U OK DAY. Send a Message.

ARE YOU OK DAY.September 15. Now here is an opportunity to revive an old acquaintance, or a faltering romance. or if you feel a trifle guilty having not communicated with some person who means more to you than  just a yule tide friend, or a relative you send a birthday card when ever you remember. Some people may have an aged spinster aunt or great uncle with no issue who may live in a three storey house in the city or has  a  lavish bungalow on five acres  with a pool  and with no kind friendly person to pass this burden on to. Opportunities abound to make friends and keep them, relatives can be great friends, I have many, only one is out of contention; he who we love dearly but battle to come to terms with his oddities(Kindly put). After long unexplained absences it can become embarrassing  to some people trying to reconnect. A long drawn out list of marital and medical excuses will not wash with most people. Be bold and tell them the truth  that you have been a complete moron for

An old chestnut but worth reviewing.. Filthy Asian Restaurants again.

Rarely out of contention for a good stir up, the eateries where  people choose to dine either by choice or with organized social gatherings. I must have posted several times indicating my reasons why I never ever haunt Asian restaurants having lived in Malaya, Singapore and Hong Kong and travelled extensively to Asian countries and have seen the food  on its uncontrolled journey from source to the plate,  the insanitary conditions where the food is prepared is light years away from the plush gaudy restaurant, where one eats this crap served up by a toothy smiling waiter whose day job is  peddling smoko. Have you ever or do you still frequent these dubious nosheries where the possibility of the  same food having done more than two journeys from the kitchen to table. meaning what is returned is more than likely to be recycled than not.  Indian and Chinese restaurants are notorious for this and it is difficult to detect, but be rest assured it is rife and ongoing. Have I put you off, o


URGENT BLOOD DONOR APPEAL.. AUSTRALIANS ARE BEING ASKED TO GIVE BLOOD URGENTLY There is only one more days supply left. The Australian Red Cross Blood Service yesterday said blood supplies had plummeted to dangerously low levels, nationally the supply stands at nearly two days. The sad thing is only 3% of Australians had given blood in the past year. So come on you guys , Those pretty Dracula's are waiting , all they need each time you go is about half an armful. This message also goes out to the people of all Nations. If you can find time to sit around the home for no useful purpose or at a loose end, get up and get down to your local blood bank. " Don't know where it is " look in the telephone directory. You will probably be saving some persons life, doesn' t that make you feel good. Wherever there is a blood bank in this world, there you will find people eager for your blood donation.


ARE YOU AN OVERWEIGHT FAT SLOB? Well, you have only yourself to blame GLUTTONY and gorging yourself on the wrong foods you eat, mainly caused by ignorance, laziness and boredom, is the obese persons path to an early demise. A DIET of processed meat, full fat dairy products and fried foods is fuelling the worlds growing rates of diabetes, high blood pressure and obesity. Although Australia is high up the charts internationally, It is in America and Canada where the problem is at its greatest peak, and 25% more, the highest proportion of the porky population are women over 20 years of age- 70% of those are fatties. so men if you are looking for a Nth AM partner; particularly Caucasian, its 4 to i on she is a fatso. Most people totally ignore the recommended eating habits, men generally have the poorest diets, with fewer than 5% eating the recommended Minimum of five vegetables per day, but counter this by having more exercise and some a physical work program. Women on the other hand

72nd Anniversary of the start of World 2. Sunday Sept 3 1939.

The Beginning of WW2   Watts Naval Training School, (A branch of Barnardo's) North Elmham, Norfolk, England. 3-9-1939. What an exciting day, For starters we didn't go to church that Sunday, lots of bravado from loud mouths who were boasting how they were going to stick one up the Germans, The school band played Elgar's pomp and circumstance and 'Colonel Bogey' and the boys sang 'Bollocks'.  Holy Harling our vicar had a day off from delivering his boring sermons, instead we were mustered into the main hall (The Quarterdeck) for the expected news that arrived that morning informing us we were at war with Germany. This was followed by an announcement from our detestable commandant( Capt Superintendent Lieut/Com RN * retarded, Horrid Flogger  Campbell. *"Oh did I spell that wrong"? too bad, you should hear what his grandson had to say about him recently., Make your hair curl. However, that Sunday day of rest was forgotten due to more urgent needs

Lawless migrants.And not too sociable neighbours.

IT Has been revealed that,a quarter of the prison population in New South Wales - Australia's third smallest but most populated state, were born overseas. First generation migrants from New Zealand,Turkey, Lebanon, Vietnam and Romania are highest rated most likely members of the community to engage in criminal activity.closely followed by a miscellaneous  mob of over stayers without access to funds who resort to drug peddling and burglary. People born in Australia plus those Migrating legally from Great Britain are almost twice as likely to be victims of physical or threatened violence and more likely to have their homes burgled compared with others born overseas. The  established Caucasian type Australian and British Commonwealth  migrant family units are in the main  more likely to be trustworthy  and law abiding, and possess a higher standard of respect and pride in their country. From my own observations Multiculturalism is not working  to the degree most politicians would