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This post is for the benefit of Australian cricket lovers

This sad news will most likely be hidden from view by OZ national newspapers between a 'Hair loss Advert and one giving a ten per cent discount for a treatment for hemorrhoids. Have a thoughtful day , Vest. Watch Sport news bulletin IN ASSOCIATION WITH Sport Homepage Cricket England Latest scores Results Fixtures Averages Squad Squad selector Sport Feeds RSS feed A-Z of Sports Related BBC sites News Weather npower Test Match Series: England v Australia 20-08-2009 at The Brit Oval, Day 4 of 5 England beat Australia by 197 runs England won the toss and decided to bat England 1st Innings 332 all out (90.5 overs) England 2nd Innings 373 for 9 (95.0 overs) Australia 1st Innings 160 all out (52.5 overs) Australia 2nd Innings 348 all out (102.2 overs) England 1st Innings - All out Runs Balls 4s 6s Strauss c Haddin b Hilfenhaus 55 101 11 0 Cook c Ponting b Siddle 10 12 2 0 Bell b Siddle 72 137 10 0 Collingwood c M Hussey b Siddle 24 65 3 0 J Trott run out 4

Our journey to England and back July 18 to Aug 19

It is two days since my wife Rosemary, son Chris and yours truly arrived in Sunny Sydney and were greeted after clearing customs with a stiff breeze with a wind chill factor of 8 deg Cel, mind you the Summer temp in London's Heath row airport was about 10 Cel. The journey out and returning included a cabin baggage check, this resulted in having a small pair of scissors a nail file and for some odd reason a plastic jar of Rosemary's face cream siezed as dangerous items, However, strange as it may seem, steel knives and forks were available in the departure lounge eateries and tough plastic knives on board the plane. The 14.5 hour nonstop journey to Abu Dhabi, followed by a 7 hour trip to Heath row was as boring as one might expect, then the prospects of a similar reverse journey was constantly on our minds during our visits to numerous relatives and friends during our stay in the UK. It would be doubtful that BA or Qantas would be more comfortable but our deal with Emirates save

Vest is Back and will be posting soon.

I returned from the land of hope and glory 24 hours ago. I shall be resting awhile due to the lack of sleep. Will be back soon.