This post is for the benefit of Australian cricket lovers

This sad news will most likely be hidden from view by OZ national newspapers between a 'Hair loss Advert and one giving a ten per cent discount for a treatment for hemorrhoids.
Have a thoughtful day , Vest.

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npower Test Match Series: England v Australia
20-08-2009 at The Brit Oval, Day 4 of 5
England beat Australia by 197 runs
England won the toss and decided to bat
England 1st Innings
332 all out (90.5 overs) England 2nd Innings
373 for 9 (95.0 overs)
Australia 1st Innings
160 all out (52.5 overs) Australia 2nd Innings
348 all out (102.2 overs)

England 1st Innings - All out
Runs Balls 4s 6s
Strauss c Haddin b Hilfenhaus 55 101 11 0
Cook c Ponting b Siddle 10 12 2 0
Bell b Siddle 72 137 10 0
Collingwood c M Hussey b Siddle 24 65 3 0
J Trott run out 41 81 5 0
Prior c S Watson b M Johnson 18 33 2 0
Flintoff c Haddin b M Johnson 7 19 1 0
Broad c Ponting b Hilfenhaus 37 69 5 0
Swann c Haddin b Siddle 18 28 2 0
Anderson lbw b Hilfenhaus 0 6 0 0
S Harmison not out 12 12 3 0
Extras 18nb 3w 12b 5lb 38
Total all out 332 (90.5 ovs)

Bowler O M R W
Hilfenhaus 21.5 5 71 3
Siddle 21.0 6 75 4
Clark 14.0 5 41 0
M Johnson 15.0 0 69 2
North 14.0 3 33 0
S Watson 5.0 0 26 0
Fall of wicket
12 Cook
114 Strauss
176 Collingwood
181 Bell
229 Prior
247 Flintoff
268 J Trott
307 Swann
308 Anderson
332 Broad

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Australia 1st Innings - All out
Runs Balls 4s 6s
S Watson lbw b Broad 34 69 7 0
Katich c Cook b Swann 50 107 7 0
Ponting b Broad 8 15 1 0
M Hussey lbw b Broad 0 3 0 0
M Clarke c J Trott b Broad 3 7 0 0
North lbw b Swann 8 17 1 0
Haddin b Broad 1 9 0 0
M Johnson c Prior b Swann 11 24 2 0
Siddle not out 26 38 5 0
Clark c Cook b Swann 6 8 1 0
Hilfenhaus b Flintoff 6 21 1 0
Extras 1nb 1b 5lb 7
Total all out 160 (52.5 ovs)

Bowler O M R W
Anderson 9.0 3 29 0
Flintoff 13.5 4 35 1
Swann 14.0 3 38 4
S Harmison 4.0 1 15 0
Broad 12.0 1 37 5
Fall of wicket
73 S Watson
85 Ponting
89 M Hussey
93 M Clarke
108 North
109 Katich
111 Haddin
131 M Johnson
143 Clark
160 Hilfenhaus

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England 2nd Innings - Declared
Runs Balls 4s 6s
Strauss c M Clarke b North 75 191 8 0
Cook c M Clarke b North 9 35 0 0
Bell c Katich b M Johnson 4 7 1 0
Collingwood c Katich b M Johnson 1 7 0 0
J Trott c North b Clark 119 193 12 0
Prior run out 4 9 1 0
Flintoff c Siddle b North 22 18 4 0
Broad c Ponting b North 29 35 5 0
Swann c Haddin b Hilfenhaus 63 55 9 0
Anderson not out 15 29 2 0
Extras 9nb 7w 1b 15lb 32
Total for 9 373 (95.0 ovs)

Bowler O M R W
Hilfenhaus 11.0 1 58 1
Siddle 17.0 3 69 0
North 30.0 4 98 4
M Johnson 17.0 1 60 2
Katich 5.0 2 9 0
Clark 12.0 2 43 1
M Clarke 3.0 0 20 0
Fall of wicket
27 Cook
34 Bell
39 Collingwood
157 Strauss
168 Prior
200 Flintoff
243 Broad
333 Swann
373 J Trott

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Australia 2nd Innings - All out
Runs Balls 4s 6s
S Watson lbw b Broad 40 81 6 0
Katich lbw b Swann 43 68 7 0
Ponting run out 66 103 10 0
M Hussey c Cook b Swann 121 263 14 0
M Clarke run out 0 4 0 0
North st Prior b Swann 10 24 2 0
Haddin c Strauss b Swann 34 49 6 0
M Johnson c Collingwood b S Harmison 0 5 0 0
Siddle c Flintoff b S Harmison 10 14 1 0
Clark c Cook b S Harmison 0 1 0 0
Hilfenhaus not out 4 8 1 0
Extras 6nb 7b 7lb 20
Total all out 348 (102.2 ovs)

Bowler O M R W
Anderson 12.0 2 46 0
Flintoff 11.0 1 42 0
S Harmison 16.0 5 54 3
Swann 40.2 8 120 4
Broad 22.0 4 71 1
Collingwood 1.0 0 1 0
Fall of wicket
86 Katich
90 S Watson
217 Ponting
220 M Clarke
236 North
327 Haddin
327 M Johnson
343 Siddle
343 Clark
348 M Hussey

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Umpires: Asad Rauf, B F Bowden, R S Madugalle, P J Hartley
England: Strauss (C), Cook, Bell, Collingwood, Flintoff, Prior (W), Broad, Swann, J Trott, Anderson, S Harmison
Australia: S Watson, Katich, Ponting (C), M Hussey, M Clarke, North, Haddin (W), M Johnson, Clark, Hilfenhaus, Siddle


Vest said…
Ben Dories The whining sports writer from the Sydney Daily Telgraph is complaining about the content of S/African born players within the English cricket team. Ben most of those have English bloodlines, does that mean my son of English parentage cannot play for England if he was born overseas?
Over many years dozens of English born men have played for Australia. More recently the cast aside Andrew Symonds, and the most disgraceful addition to the Australian team in the 80's was the South African batsman Keppler Wessels who was proclaimed an Australian citizen as soon as he arrived in Oz, Wessels after a couple of seasons fled back to Apartheid land.

Migrants intent on staying in Oz have a mandatory wait of two years before appling for Australian citizenship.

Ben; Enjoy your sour grapes, you whining twit.
WALLY said…
I am a real Australian and my mum says none of those aussie cricketers were true blue aboriginal blokes., so we say congrats to the pommie (English) cricketers. mum says its time they learned to take losing on the chin.
Vest said…
Wally: Taking it on the chin certanly came home to roost when the ball struck by Matt Prior bounced onto Ricky Ponting's unshaven dial,for him, Chewing the Cud (wrigley's) will be difficult for a while.
A while ago I heard of one aborigine referring to non Aborigine Australians as Euro's,Sino's,Indo's and Afro's, with a AUS prefix.
Makes sense I suppose, but maybe it has race imputations.
Anonymous said…
vest, you missed an i from certainly.
Anonymous said…
And a y from applying
Vest said…
Andrew Burt.(anons) You missed a full stop.
Edward Jones said…
It was a great day, I have followed English cricket from my days at Watts when they used to write in chalk the latest score on a blackboard. Was at the oval the day Frank Chester gave Len hutton out for hand ball. I was like a cat on hot bricks as the Grand Prix was on and Lewis Hamilton was in the lead.
Must admit I was a bit worried when Ponting and Hussey were batting well, Freddies throw was a turning point, then clark to get out five minutes later the writing was on the wall. England won't go overboard like they did in 2005, no MBEs this time. Think it has been a great series.
Edward Jones, Watts, No 183, 1945-1949.
Vest said…
Edward, thanks for your comment.

Edward you must be pushing 75 now, assuming you were eleven years of age when first attending Watts College, my deceased brother went there in 1935 and his School Number was 253. At ten years five months to the day I joined the school Wed Dec 16 1936, my school number was 117.
I am pleased you are a cricket lover.
It is a shame that the Daily Telegraph my fav Sydney daily allows their shabby cricket writers to find all manner of excuses to defile the game with their sour grape and insulting personal attacks on English people in general.
I quote, people in Glass houses should not throw stones,in case their own shabbiness is exposed.
Jimmy said…
Cricket is played with a bat
but to me CRICKET is all BALLS
Jimmy said…
Gimme futball, hockey,
Tennis not badminton,
CHESS not Poker

Gimme Sportsmen
not UGLY FAT Britishers
with a stiff upper lip

and all else is LIMP
like yesterdays Noodle
Jimmy said…
dat was for WALLY
and his lady love
Vest said…
Jimmy; Your last two comments were deleted for obvious reasons. Why waste your time?
Jimmy said…
the damn British have no sense of humor

I am lucky I didnt marry one
Davoh said…
OK, we let you have this one .. heh.
frank cook said…
Keep this in mind the next time you are about to repeat a rumour.

In ancient Greece (469 - 399 BC), Socrates was widely lauded for his wisdom.

One day an acquaintance ran up to him excitedly and said, 'Socrates, do you know what I just heard about one of your students?'

'Wait a moment,' Socrates replied. 'Before you tell me I'd like you to pass a little test. It's called the Triple Filter Test.'

'Triple filter?' asked the acquaintance.

'That's right,' Socrates continued. 'Before you talk to me about my student let's take a moment to filter what you're going to say. The first filter is Truth. Have you made absolutely sure that what you are about to tell me is true?'

'No,' the man said, 'actually I just heard about it.'

'All right,' said Socrates. 'So you don't really know if it's true or not. Now let's try the second filter, the filter of Goodness. Is what you are about to tell me about my student something good?'

'No, on the contrary ....'.

'So,' Socrates continued, 'you want to tell me something bad about him, even though you're not certain it's true?'.

The man shrugged, a little embarrassed. Socrates continued..' You may still pass the test though, because there is a third filter - the filter of Usefulness. Is what you want to tell me about my student going to be useful to me?'

'No, not really...'

'Well,' concluded Socrates, 'if what you want to tell me is neither True nor Good nor even Useful, why tell it to me at all?'

The man was defeated and ashamed. This is the reason Socrates was a great philosopher and held in such high esteem.

But It also explains why he never found out that Plato was having an affair his wife.............
Jimmy said…
I am sure it must have been only PLATONIC

like with me and Rose
Jimmy said…
heyy VEST
thanks for the Chandrashekhar fwd

its TRUE
every body hates INDIANS me too

we study like book worms
we work 24x7 no holidays

we will do any thing for MONEY

why I hate INDIANS
in engg college

I scored 70% in Chemistry
and I failed the course

every body else scored 90% +
and I had to stay behind in the hott summer of Kanour

to repeat the course

the KERALA guys work in the GULF for a pittance

the GULF was the base for GOANS earlier

now we dont go there
the salaries are too LOW

Thanks to the Malayalees
Dover Steve said…
Hi Vest,glad to see that you recorded the English victory in its full glory,as you can imagine the press over here were full of it especially the red tops,WE WHIPPED THIER ASHES being one of the best.The second 20-20 starts in just over an hour but just heard it's raining in Manchester so it might be washed out like the first one.Hope your looking forward to the ODI's which start on Friday.Take care of you & yours.
uk born aust cricketer. said…
Ben Dories:
The batsman who was born in Glasgow Scotland in 1909 100 years ago today, was Archie Jackson, who at the age of !9 became the youngest AUSTRALIAN to score a test century playing against England in Adelaide.
Unfortunately he died of T B at the age of 24 years. in 1933.

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