Friday, 23 May 2014

Visit to my Doctor or how to become subjected to Age redicule

       I am writing this simply because My doctor reads my blog occasionally or so he tells me.
Previous to the day of  my appointment last Friday at 1140AM I had been feeling an occasional pain below my upper left rib  for several days,. However, the morning of my appointment I was feeling great no worries - so instead of a three minute walk to the Doctor we took the car thinking we would go  shopping after seeing the Doc but a delivery truck was parked across our drive so we were eventually five Min's late for our appointment. (on arrival normally one waits about a half hour or more to actually see the Doc)
I gave the receptionist my card who told me I was to keep my appointment at the correct time and mumbled something I couldn't hear "Are you deaf "She asked," " only when you whisper" I replied, Inwardly I was becoming miffed with this young lady and her attitude, She then asked several Questions in a louder voice which I considered would be invasive to my privacy should it get to the ears of an audience of a dozen or more people in the waiting room , so I whispered the required info  to her. she then actually yelled "Number four" , another person standing close by  Say's she means number 4 surgury  door. The doc I saw was a locum and I was seriously tiddled off trying to be nice to this Sikh Doc not a sick doc but a pleasant geezer in a Turban who it seemed was confused when I told him there was nothing wrong with me. He stated I should see my Heart Doc should the problem arise again. I was also told my usual?? doc Ajay S.... was in room 3 attending to another person. On leaving I whispered to the receptionist and audible to others "GET WELL SOON. and blew her a kiss.

Vest....87 and with  most marbles.
 Have a great weekend.

Thursday, 22 May 2014

The Budget.

"The Budget should be balanced, the Treasury should be refilled,
public debt should be reduced, the arrogance of officialdom should be
tempered and controlled, and the assistance to foreign lands should be
curtailed, lest Rome will become bankrupt. People must again learn to work
instead of living on public assistance.
" - Cicero , 55 BC

So, evidently we've learned little over the past 2,069 years.

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Child Bride Kills Rat of a Husband .

      A Child Bride forced into marriage killed her new husband and his friends by lacing their food with Rat Poison.
      Wasila Aymara 14, poisoned the men because she was forced to marry a man she did not love. They wed last week in a village !00 km north of the city of Kano in Nigeria.
       The 35 year old groom had invited a dozen friends to celebrate.
        Child marriage is common in Nigeria,; especially in the MUSLIM north. You may remember the Muslim North in the sixties ? was a place called Biafra, which had broken away from Nigeria,
but soon became plagued with starvation; but the charitable good Christian countries around the world rallied to their plight and saved their population from annihilation.
        I was in Lagos in the late fifties, I remember school children singing "Carter bridge is falling down;" the wooden bridge across the river is now replaced by one of steel and concrete.. Also the  new Railway Station with a dozen platforms was serviced with a single line in and out, At least the people were visionary, although  most of the finance of the country is raised trough Scamming  in order to buy Armaments in order to kill each other in an ongoing  political war.

"Think it more satisfactory to live richly than to die rich"

Vest ,,, Back soon.

Saturday, 17 May 2014

Middle East Health and Marriage Warning.. A Hanging Matter.

    The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade is warning Australians to be careful if travelling to the Middle East following 13 more deaths in Saudi Arabia from the MERS coronavirus, must have changed the name from SARS.
The warning comes as The W H Org prepares for an emergency meeting due to the spread of the disease which has caused the deaths of 139 and has infected more than 500 since the outbreak. This weekend the Saudi Health Ministry said six people had died from the disease over the previous 24 hours.
We in Australia should be thankful that Sharia Law and it's archaic ignorance and cruelty has not arrived as yet in our shores - well officially; as this story  sounds absurd and totally discriminatory.

      Woman to hang for Christianity
A Sudanese judge has sentenced a Pregnant Christian woman to death by hanging for committing Apostasy( Converting from ones original faith).

    Meriam Yahia Ibrahim Ishag, 27, is married to a Christian and is eight months pregnant, human rights activists say.
     Born to a Muslim father, she was convicted under Islamic sharia law outlawing conversions of faith  on pain of death.

     " We gave you three days to recant, but you insist on not returning to Islam. I sentence you to be hanged," Judge Abbas Mohammed  Alkhalifa told the woman.

The judge is a sweet old family man and morally incorruptible.

     Vest Say's  the judge should be hanged by his own testimonials

    No trumpets sound when important decisions in our life are made, Destiny is made known silently.

Back soon. Vest.

UPDATE Mon May 19. Disease Now in the USA.

     Illinois USA. US officials believe they have detected the first case of someone contracting the deadly M E R S C o V Virus while in the USA
     An Illinois man contracted the disease from am an Indiana man who became infected when working in Saudi Arabia. So far about 30 percent of victims have died  from this disease..

Be careful who you Kiss, check his / hers passports.

Sunday, 4 May 2014

Catholic Priests; Should they Marry or be Neutered. Post, 1212.

     The most formidable of the Faith Industry Christian following the Roman Catholic Church, is rarely short of a sexual scandal concerning not so much Nuns but the Men of the cloth who wallow in the privilege of secret sexual activity between themselves and young children in their care. These people involved could avoid this ghastly activity. should the archaic Church of Rome allow priests to marry like other normal males.
    The alternative could be castration which would solve the sex problem completely , also retain a healthy bank of treble singers should the choir boy numbers drop.
Poverty, Ignorance and fear of the almighty allow the church to bully their charges into submission. little wonder most of these underprivileged people have few independent thoughts of their own, this is not only in Ireland as will be mentioned but worldwide, Particularly within Hispanic communities.
160 cases of sex abuse. Church atrocity. In respect to 85 Irish priests. so far eight convictions have been the result of allegations.
    DUBLIN: A new series of reports into Irish catholic dioceses have revealed horrific child sex abuse by priests and Roman Catholic Church authorities in dealing with them.
Some of the cases detailed by the church's own child protection watchdog occurred as recently as Aug 2010 and the Irish republics minister for children warned more abuse could be revealed.
In Raphoe in the northwest of Ireland, Bishop Boyce said " horrific" acts of child sex abuse were carried out by Catholic priests over the past thirty five years. Some 52 allegations of abuse by 14 priests were made to police.
   "We are truly sorry for the terrible deeds that have been inflicted on so many by a small minority of priests said Bishop Boyce in a statement. 'What a lot of bollocks, the general public are aware that only a few get caught in the net and most of the big ones get away'.
A new report added; too much emphasis was placed on the situation of the accused priest and too little on the needs of their complainants.
The republic of Ireland has been rocked by a number of such landmark reports.
The main problem as I see it is that, every conceivable authority has a built in Catholic Church impediment which controls the whole of the non thinking Irish Hoi polloi.
And for you micks who may be offended and quote the shenanigans or going's on with the likes of Scoutmasters and other non faith aligned paedophiles, I'll agree that too needs attention. However, one thing at a time, and the one in hand at the moment and the most damming are the masturbaters of the Roman Church.

BTW. No one can make you inferior without your consent..... Vest..... Back soon.

Vest Has Left the Building

To advise that Vest (Les Bowyer) passed away this morning. Regards, Chris (Son).