Monday, 31 October 2011

The Melbourne Cup, The race supposedly which stops the nation, Or does it?

For starters I am one of many persons who do not go along with that old wives tale, people who have a working brain will totally ignore this cup day hype. Of course if you are a thieving turf accountant (Bookie) it will bring tidings of great joy, Santa clause eat your heart out..
 Horses are better employed pulling carts and ploughs and other means of transport and providing manure for the garden, also rides for kiddies. Old geezers have been known to take this horse riding practice to further their amorous pursuit of buxom blonde  riding instructors. however, I shall not waffle on about that.
If it is your  first visit to the race track, you will be overawed by the constant palaver and near the end you will see fewer happy smiling faces than those with glum faces and empty pockets. But the thing which should be the dead giveaway to punters is you will find more Betting windows than paying out windows.
I lived for two years looking straight at the 'Happy Valley' Race Course  grand stand, from the balcony of our tenth floor Flat in Wongniechong road in Honkers it was about 500 metres away.. those days long gone, I would use the mile long track for exercise, a six minute round trip. Never bet ever, bad for the mortgage.
However, this old chestnut always reminds me of the old saying ' pack it in while your in front'.
Following is an excerpt from my memoirs.
Mrs Fraser.s son, Bob was serving on the Australian Destroyer HMAS

Nizam the D15. It accompanied us on our visits to the Japanese conflict

up north. Bob gave me the address of a nice lady, aged eighteen, who

lived in Richmond, Melbourne when we were there quite by chance (or

so we were told) when the Melbourne Cup was held after the war on 6

November 1945.

At the time, I had one arm and an entire leg in plaster casts due to a

serious accident, it was also strange that a member of our crew bore the

same name as one of the horses in the race .Rainbird.

The bookie said .Yeah okay, Jack. I.ll take your bet. and stated that

I.would stand a better chance of winning the Melbourne Cup on crutches than

I would with a Sydney jockey on a South Australian horse which had

recently escaped from the knackers yard.

 After .Rainbird. beat the field with Billy Cook on board, I felt quite smug. The odds were about
twelve to one, I think. These winnings were added to from my 14/1 each way
bet on the third horse to finish, its name Leonard. I just could not resist.

But my first ever bet and win never made me addicted to the sport.

B T W. They who are not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing, but don't bet on it.

Back later Vest...... have a punting good day.

Tuesday, 25 October 2011


Has the whole civilised world gone nuts?


There are also other YouTube videos worth watching.

Saturday, 22 October 2011

Should Australia outsource all drug crime problems to Malaysia and Singapore

          Do not continue reading if you are a wimp or squeamish.
Draconian Drug laws in Malaysia and Singapore deciding the fate of Australian drug users and peddlers. would save the treasury a heap of revenue to be usefully spent elsewhere.
The families of drug paddlers and users could be indicted for not informing on those, who have knowingly profited from  this illegal activity.
Those people who would normally stand trial in Australia and if convicted - which would probably be the best case scenario, would serve out their time in Australia with enormous cost to the taxpayer.
Well not if I had my way.
These morons should be given a one way ticket to either Singapore or Malaysia depending on who was available.  Offenders could then be instructed to finance their defence with their ill gotten gains or in special circumstances which would be far cheaper than in Australia.
Should by the odd chance a miscarriage of justice occur and these offenders were acquitted (which would be highly unlikely)  a minimal five year custodial sentence with hard labour for wasting taxpayers money would be ordered without any argument.
Those convicted  in Malaysia or Singapore would be subject to local laws  and punishments which befit the crime. The most lenient and most unlikely happy ending for miscreants could be several  years in a cheaply run Asian jail but funded by Australia, again saving our taxpayers heaps.
But beware you druggies who are smarter than most , a finders fee for dobbing in you guys is on its way.and should you fall foul of the law it would be adios amigo. Fortunately but more is the pity they do not burn assholes at the stake anymore, but for entertainment value about the best.
Where you would wind up, they like to expedite a swift departure from this life of yours with a going away party, meaning a necktie party.
Should this grand Idea fail to impress our Malay and Singaporean  friends,  the Australian Govt could find other ways for it to be economically implemented within Australia by a totalitarian Govt voted in by the masses fed up to the teeth with a unhealthy diet of labour MS G - but shrewed enough not to have our country run by a Bud Abbot - Lou Costello right wing outfit.
This new Humanitarian Govt would appeal to the righteous among us, and those willing to follow its doctrine of  health happiness and stability and a fair go for all, with a no slackers policy plus a maximum income rule, meaning Celebs Misc would be restricted to a forty sq home and one well paid assistant. plus a higher I/Tax bracket imposed.
To  get the ball rolling our new govt would flog off the fleet of  Collins class subs for scrap likewise all out dated Yankee military junk and installing an arsenal of Nuke  ICBMs pointed at possible intruders' and installing a mine field to prevent illegals and modern aircraft purely for defence and not political jaunts. Also mandatory military training although brief would  be compulsory for all,  fit persons from all  religious denominations and callings, no one excused. Poker machines and other gaming excesses stopped, Clubs would impose a pay for entry rule and excess bouncers would be shipped backed to Samoa and New Zealand. Television  would be available only three days per week at the weekend except for news and Govt authorised programs.  This would encourage sedentary blobs from sitting on their ass half the day .
A new entertainment to rival Boring Thugby and Tennis and that other weird game played in Vic land.
Very similar to pin the tail on the Donkey will dominate mid week entertainment, only this will be Roman amphitheatre stuff. By using the vacant sports ground facilities  A small entrance fee for what  would be called the evening games, deducted before your arrival with the date of your entertainment and at which venue.
These games would be similar to the 1789  French style  peasant public entertainment called 'Waving goodbye to your 'Bourgeois,' these would be held weekly on alternate days to suit all.. Special Bi annual events where offending elevated Gentry and High profile persons will dominate the proceedings, will have an attached title such as 'Judge Jeffery's Day' and 'Albert Pierrepoint' Day.
The greater the crime or better still the  more prominent the person such as high profile celebs, thieving bankers and lying politicians will be afforded these departure dates to be viewed by those lucky to win a seat at the venue, this will be decided by public ballot, tickets may be transferable., but not for profit.
At the scene of the action you will notice the absence of the traditional scaffold where the prisoner drops below the  floor level out of sight and by doing so spoils the scene of the convicted wretch with bulging eyes  in his shite filled pants twitching and struggling until pronounced deceased, although it is not compulsory to view this; by looking away,. However, the more fun filled days are when at least four offenders are put on the rotary gibbet  with limbs secured and stretched from neck to toes without hoodies. An adjacent Oompa band plays songs like "here we go round the mulberry bush and ring a ring a roses "while a clown tickles their noses, then like the musical chair thingy one of the offenders drops and the band plays "Goodbye; it was so good to know you". On some special occasions large over weight offenders add to the gore and misery by leaving their heads behind to roll around the platform. this in turn freaks out the three remaining offenders who pray for quick dispatching.

The mid week venues at sports ovals earmarked for public punishment displays also provide an area where dummies dressed as drunken P platers, disqualified drivers, pedophiles and more, where for a payment of a modest fee persons may  thrash the buttocks  of the dummies which in turn sets off a sound of screaming, 'just like the real thing.'
Later people who are to be caned in similar ways as previously described, are lined up. First offenders receive six of the best from a large rattan cane. second and third offenders receive twelve and eighteen of the best respectively. Few will ever return for the eighteen strokes to be repeated.
Only the aged and frail, and persons under thirteen years of age will be lucky to escape these spectacular shows where the aim is to promote non violence, perpetrators will suffer such penalties as was aforementioned.
But of course none of this is likely to be enacted  by our ongoing Wimpy Parliamentary voices of the people right now or ever, this is due to the ever accelerating volume of criminal activity, mainly led by the nefarious and greedy leaders in society allowing order to generate towards total anarchy where only the strong survive to be struck down by the last of the few who will perish at the finale.

Questions are:
 Do you agree there should be capital punishment for all pre meditated homicide?
Should women be excluded from these laws or have an  alternative punishment to flogging ? (be careful)
Should flogging plus a fine and disqualification be imposed on repeat drunken speeding drivers?
Do you advocate desexing for sexual deviates and pedophiles. or a simple flogging such as twelve of the best on the bum.with a prescription of eighteen of the best for those who never learn?
And finally: Do you agree that a severe caning for home and schoolyard bullies also spouse beating, would fit the crime on each and all occasions?

How would you deal with these Anti Social problems.

Anonymous callers welcome. ......Back Later Vest.

Friday, 21 October 2011

Two year old Toddler dies.

(BEIJING) — A toddler who was twice run over by vans and then ignored by passers-by on a busy market street in southern China has died a week after the accident and after days of bitter soul-searching in the country.

A nurse in the intensive care unit of the Guangzhou Military District General Hospital confirmed that the 2-year-old girl, Wang Yue, died early Friday. She declined to reveal the cause of death, saying it would be announced later.(See more analysis of the incident that has scarred China's conscience.)

The plight of the child, nicknamed Yueyue, came to symbolize what many Chinese see as a decay in public morals after decades of headlong pursuit of economic growth. Her death touched off another round of hand-wringing. Many comments posted to social media sites said "we are all passers-by."

See TIME's Top 10 of Everything of 2010.

See TIME's most unforgettable

Read more:,8599,2097491,00.html#ixzz1bOcnkesQ

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

After toddler is lerft to die,China disquieted.


Yueyue, hit by truck, China
Yueyue, a 2-year-old, moments before she is hit by a truck in Foshan City in China.
(Credit: via Youku)
The video from Foshan City of Guangdong Province in China is unequivocal: A two-year-old is seen lying in a pool of blood on a market street having just been hit by a truck, which sped away after slowly running over her with its back wheels too, after which more than a dozen people walk around the toddler, non offering help.

The child, named Yueyue, survived the accident, after a 56-year-old rag collector finally came to her rescue and dragged her out of the road, but not before a second truck hit the girl, according to China Daily. She is now, however, in rough shape - "brain dead," doctors say - and is unlikely to survive.

By itself, the video (WARNING: Graphic violence) has sparked worldwide news reports, and within China it has led to a serious discussion about public values.

The state-run news agency, Xinhua, writes: "High moral standards were once triumphed as national pride in China where individuals known for selflessly helping others were adored by the public. But in recent years, the perception of a decline of morals has become a hot topic as profit and materialism are perceived to be affecting society's values. On Sept. 2, an 88-year-old man in central China collapsed, his face striking the pavement. Yet, no one came to his aid, and he ended up choking to death on the blood from his nose."

According to many internet commentators, the relatively new tendency in China to ignore those in desperate need can be blamed on the "Nanjing judge."

Chinese news aggregator writes that phrase refers to "the 2006 case of a man named Peng Yu who helped a woman to the hospital after she had fallen only to have the old woman accuse him of knocking her down. The Nanjing judge in that case ultimately ruled that common sense dictated that only the person who hit her would take her to the hospital."

Several reports claim police have apprehended both drivers that ran over the girl and fled the scene. However, public anger seems to be mostly directed at the many who did nothing when helping was the only right moral call.

Dying toddler shocks China

Video of ignored dying toddler shocks China
Footage of a two-year-old girl being run over by a van and lying bleeding on the road as more than a dozen people pass her by has sparked outrage and soul searching in China. The video surveillance footage ... More
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Monday, 17 October 2011

The I G A Supermarket, Birthday Special, Complete stuff up.

Where I live on the Central coast of NSW IN Australia we are blessed with a fair selection of options when it comes to supermarket shopping. Within a radius of eight klms there are to my knowledge no fewer than seven supermarkets, some of which who recently  started advertising specials on a Wednesday instead of the usual pension and social security hand out day on Thursdays. Not to be out done the next move was by another supermarket to get their specials out on Tuesday. However, to get their nose in front of the big guys, the smallest supermarket chain has gone to the extreme and  has  advertised that their "Big Birthday Bonus" Today Mon Oct 17,
I G A  Stores are open from seven am to eight pm and nearest store is minutes away. It is advertising more than a dozen major specials. So having nothing better to do but  help the struggling store we arrived at the nearest I G A store in Buff Point. I recall seeing this store quite sometime back when we called at  the Booze shop next door.
The first thing which drew our attention was the fact we were sharing a forty space car park with two other vehicles., Very quiet not much action.
On entering the store we felt we had arrived back into the fifties, I thought to myself  how F*#(^)#*#) Quaint. The first thing we saw on our tour of the store was the meat dept was probably less in size than my large fridge and box home, and the following advertised specials -Beef Boneless Sirloin steak @$10/99 a kilo, Lamb Forequarter chops @$8/99 a kilo, Beef Bolar blade roast, @ $7/99 a kilo Chicken thigh fillets skin off @$8/99 a kilo plus several other items were either invisible or un available. We bought  a tray of six pork chops @ $6/99 a kilo ( especially blessed by the Rabbi) and a few other items not amounting to much, and were told by a store employee that the meat delivery had been held up and they were uncertain when it would arrive. The checkout  arrangement was particularly slow and without any formalities, and on leaving I wondered how on earth that particular shop survives in an otherwise vibrant market, but it does somehow, I wish it well but it will not on my visiting list in the future.

Go to  or call 1800 622 549.

It was wet and windy in the Sydney Met area over the weekend with the the promise of Sunny balmy weather for the remainder of the week, But not as such unless my marbles are wobbling as I recall the Fri - Sat and Sunday as warm to hot  and today we have had much piddling down and cool with overcast skies...."The only truth is that which is not uttered".

Back soon ....Vest.....Oh and have a nice sunny week.

Friday, 14 October 2011

"Stay Put. I'll be back soon". Also 'Sydney the top spot'? "I doubt that".

Excerpt from my fav daily: Denpasar Jail Bali.

ALONE and afraid,the NSW schoolboy locked up in Bali was left stranded in his cell while prison officers rushed outside as an earthquake rattled the island yesterday.
Sources said the 14 year old facing up to six years in jail for drug possession, was ordered to "Stay Put" as the police station was evacuated. did he have any options?
"I'll presume then that, this young offender had the opportunity to leave but was ordered to stay, So was his cell unlocked? I doubt that too. seems daft to me, but not the usual happening where Muslim rats leave the sinking ship."

SYDNEY has beaten Paris and New York  to be voted the worlds best No 1 city by readers of a luxury travel magazine.
     The Conde Nast Traveler Readers Choice Awards held in New York, voted the Harbour City their favourite spot. The readers of Conte Nast Traveler gave Sydney a score of 85.1 ahead of the next highest scoring city, Florence at 85.
Most of the voters were Americans who have never discovered some of the rat holes of Sydney.
Melbourne didn't come into the reckoning, as one British tourist put it .. " If  I want to meet lots of Italians -  Greeks and Maltese it would be  quicker cheaper and safer to visit the Mediteranean area ( just kidding).
Everyone have a Wonderful Weekend.....Back soon ...VEST.

BTW Originally born in London, having traveled to (on record) 78 different countries and some multiple times, also resided in four different countries, Why have I lived in the Sydney New South Wales OZ area for the past Forty Years?

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Today in History. With comment by tragic news from Ireland.

After surrendering to Allied forces in WW2, Italy declares war on Germany, its former Axis partner.
Vest Say's; I always considered them to be a bunch of Wimps. As most of the guns on their warships faced aft in order to fire on opposing ships while fleeing the battle.

An intoxicated Supreme court Judge  Jeff Shaw will join the list of other disgraced NSW and Fed  supreme court judges after crashing his Alfa Romeo into a parked vehicle in Birchgrove, he resigns soon after.
Vest Say's,
 Judge not lest thou be Judged.

Former Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser speaks at the Memphis USA Country Club,
He is found next morning minus his passport, wallet and trousers...... Hmm!!! naughty Malcolm.
Vest Say's.
Local Sydney DJ's  rustle up ancient recordings of silly Scottish  song, "Donald where's your troozers"

Tragic news from Ireland,
Ireland 's worst air disaster occurred early this morning when a small two-seater Cessna plane crashed into a cemetery. Irish search and rescue workers have recovered 2826 bodies so far and expect that number to climb as digging continues into the night. 

Vest Say's. One of the most tragic things I know about human nature is that all of us tend to put off living. We are dreaming of some magical garden over the horizon - instead of enjoying the roses blooming outside our windows today.

Back soon Vest.



Sunday, 9 October 2011

Bullying and how to deal with this never ending problem.

       BULLYING has a multitude of levels from the kindergarten to strong nations holding power over lesser nations.
      So what is bullying all about? Opinions vary, however, intimidation comes to mind to be the main culprit.
       Bullying is when people repeatedly and intentionally use words or actions against someone or a
group of people or one nation against a lesser nation  to cause distress and fear to their wellbeing.
       These actions are usually done by people who have more influence or power over someone else( but not necessarily having more intelligence) simply people who want to make someone else feel less powerful or helpless, generally these days they are referred to as control freaks.
       Did you know? Children exposed to abuse, hostility, physical discipline and aggressive behaviours from parents are more likely to model that at school. while this is a minefield of opposing views, research has shown some children's brains are wired in ways that make them more genetically predisposed to bullying.
      More information is available about dealing with bullying at

Enjoy a peaceful working week, remember life shrinks or expands in proportion to one's courage.
Back soon Vest.

Friday, 7 October 2011

Local Teenager Faces drug charge in Bali. And More.

       Fourteen year old Central coast schoolboy is in custody in Bali for illegal possion of drugs. Will these idiotic people ever learn until it strikes home to them . There is no excuse for knowingly flouting the law no matter which country you may visit.
 For persons unaware that Indonesia have stringent drug laws, there are warnings given to tourists before they leave home and before they arrive. and only the foolhardy with the brain of a rocking horse would attempt fate, because fatal it could be and would be rightly deserved.
Possession of any quantity of drugs if caught  would qualify the miscreant a term in the slammer for up to twenty or more years or in some very serious cases death by firing squad.
Getting the message across to idiots can be difficult, so those taking a punt on a ten to one chance of getting caught,should never be afforded any sympathy whatsoever.
Teenagers in the main love to be noticed, like showing their driving skills and how to wind dads car around the nearest tree or pole and becoming a quadriplegic and destroying the lives of his or her passengers.
There is a way, long forgotten in time where foolhardy excursions into petty crime were curbed by installing a painful element within first warnings, thereby creating the fear factor for re-offenders with the promise of double what they copped before. This very simple cure was called a four foot long rattan cane which would be wielded by a muscular person to impart as much pain to the offenders buttocks as possible. This minor punishment is still used to convey the message in Singapore and Malaya where death by suspension with a sudden stop is the max penalty.
Caning is mostly opposed by persons who might fall victim to the process or who are basically Wimps who would rather see these persons due for caning escape punishment and re offend time after time.
I recall while a boy of 16 years of age, I shared a hut with three other boys while in training for the Royal Navy. One boy had stolen tobacco in his possession hidden in the hut . he smoked this stuff elsewhere, but at the time he was  caught neither I or the other boys had any knowledge of this secret stash, neither of us  smoked (punishable by six strokes of the cane) Which is what we got, and the real villain got twelve of the best.
Incidentally living in the duty free cigarette world of the Royal Navy, still didn't give me the urge to smoke until I was 22 years of age, Why ? I really cannot answer that. However, I did go cold turkey and stopped smoking back in Dec 1968; when told by my doctor I had only months to live .

BTW. Kiss a non smoker and taste the difference.

Back soon ...Have an enjoyable weekend.....Vest.         S T R A S T Child.

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Leading by example and other idiotisms. Plus the Axe Murderer.

IF Hurstville. NSW Australia Mayor - Steve McMahon doesn't change his ways he's going to destroy the reputation of local govt. Hells  bells it might become a good thing.
McMahon's selflessness, community spirit and altruism is a blight upon a level of government better known for planning delays, junkets, Israeli boycotts and at least one trip to Dubbo to seek advice from a fortune teller.
This unusual pollie has also brought shame upon his office by flogging the mayoral car in order to upgrade a children's playground.
And what is Hurstville's policy on Israel anyway?
What is required is more Steve's in local govt to reduce excessive spending.

New meaning to blind drunk.
Teens are being warned to stay clear of vodka eyeballing or risk going blind.
A flood of You Tube clips highlighting the fad of pouring pure vodka into the eye has caught the attention of young Australian drinkers eager for the promised fast tracked inebriation.
Get this into your head instead, Alcohol can cause a chemical burn on the cornea leading to permanent vision loss.

True - blue (Aussie) Muslims.
Imams  have been told to include Aussie values such as a fair go and tolerance when leading Friday prayers and speaking to Muslims.
The instruction is part of a $55,000 federal training program that arose out of concern about Muslim integration(Guffaw) into mainstream society.
Program facilitator Hass dellal, head of the Multicultural foundation, said religious leaders had received training in civics, core values and media awareness.
"There's alway been a concern about not hearing enough of the right Muslim voices" he said. and finding passages to read from the Koran that matched Australian core values  would be helpful too.

My own Personal opinion is that, the Koran should be rewritten for Australiam Muslims to include all such punishment meted out to women for indiscretions should now read all persons, meaning what is sauce for the goose will befit that for the gander.
This will not happen until the Fear Element is eradicated from followers of the multi sect Faith Industry when a new horizon opens to all called 'Common sense'.

Asshole of the week; The huge not so serene Blackbird, Serena Williams days after her disgusting tirade of abuse, and berating tennis umpire Eva  Aderaki at the U/S Open,  has been named UNICEF'S newest Ambassador of Goodwill. The UNICEF'S director Tony Lake must be losing his marbles.

AXE Killer in for the chop.
The intelligentsia who control the prisons in Haggis land are a few farthings short in their sporrans or have little to offer under their Tamoshanters.
Edinburgh: A triple Axe murderer doing porridge for life in Scotland, has been allowed out of prison - to take a course on 'How to chop down trees'.
Thomas McCulloch, 63, was convicted of butchering a nurse a patient and a policeman at a hospital in 1976.*** I don't think it's a good idea to let a murderer doing life to get near sharp implements such as axes and the like, a prison insider said.
***The Only Screw with a working brain.

That's all folks.......Back soon......Vest.

Remember. In order to be walked on, you have to be lying down.

Vest Has Left the Building

To advise that Vest (Les Bowyer) passed away this morning. Regards, Chris (Son).