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Singleton Waterhouse stoush, lousy losers

Its a must win at all costs when it comes to dodgy deals in the racing industry. Crooks abound in plentiful hordes, there is dishonesty running like blood through the whole system, and mug punters provide it , Poor old much divorced and petulant serial bad loser Singo; lost a race which was a dead cert  winner, but his trainer and her dodgy booky son according to Singo passed the word around that Singo's nag was a non finisher and surprise  surprise it finished second last. Singo does his nut (nothing new about that) remembering the Ralf Nader v Singo TV stoush in the early eighties, Singo's Rudeness to Ralph Nader a U/S corporate advocate was enough to take the show off air. However, the whole stinking mess last week at Randwick will be unraveled by hordes of hand rubbing Ambulance chasers familiar with racings dirty dealings. OK so you are not a mug punter, well here is the first lesson you will learn at a race track, it concerns a simple math equation which in the hype and

Subject .Muslim Demographics

       Simply click here or copy annd psste. Subject: Muslim Demographics Vest said... Well I did my bit for the non Muslim world by producing five sons, nine grandchildren and four great grand children. Anyhow within two decades I'll be long gone. Didn't someone say the Jews will inherit the earth, I cant see it being the meek. Men will be the winners, particularly those who at present are controlled by their women. Women will become virtual slaves to males under Sharia law. Mind you men will not be permitted to go shagging around willy ninny and getting pissed up will be taboo and smokes will become history. and Jesuit Tony Abbot will be preaching the Koran. Things like the xmas ham raffles, pork roast, bacon butties, ham and eggs and pommy pork pies 'ALL Gone.' Saturday arvo stonings of unvirtuous women will replace the f


Yes it happens every year on April  25, an event which commemorates the British Commonwealth Forces invading Turkey during World War One, formerly referred to as 'The Great War'. Anzac Day is likened to that of Remembrance day in the U/K and elsewhere, which is cited as the day for remembering the fallen in all wars from that of the Great War, it was previously known as Armistice Day and  it was glorified on November 11, for reasons being the Great War supposedly ended at 11am on the 11TH  day f the 11TH month in 1918., Nowadays it is not remembered as before on the 11TH of Nov but on the nearest Sunday to the 11Th of November, the incumbent Govt  the Conservatives about circa 1970's? changed the date for economic reasons; meaning employers saved a few Bucks/Quids. cutting out another Public Holiday. Each year,  Mini wars following the big conflicts help  boost  the  number of Ex service persons more so in Australia than elsewhere in the Commonwealth. Although Vietnam ve

Five Surgeons

Five surgeons from big cities are discussing  who makes the Best patients to operate on. The first surgeon, from New York , says,  'I like to see accountants on my operating table because when you  open them up, everything inside is numbered.' The second, from Chicago , responds, 'Yeah, but you should try electricians!  Everything inside them is color coded.' The third surgeon, from Dallas , says, 'No, I really think librarians are the best,   everything inside them is in alphabetical order.' The fourth surgeon, from Los Angeles chimes in: 'You know, I like construction   workers...Those guys always understand  when you have a few parts left over.' But the fifth surgeon, from Washington , DC shut them all up when he observed:  'You're all wrong. Politicians are the easiest to operate on. There's no guts, no heart, no balls, no brains, and no spine. Plus,

Life in The Australian Army.

Life in the Australian Army - Brilliant!! Text of a letter from a kid from Eromanga to  Mum and Dad. (For those of you not in the know, Eromanga  is a small town, west of Quilpie in the far   south west of Queensland ) Dear Mum & Dad, I am well. Hope youse are too . Tell me big brothers Doug and Phil that the Army is better than workin' on the  station - tell them to get in bloody quick smart before the jobs are all gone! I wuz a bit slow in settlin down at first, because ya don't hafta get  outta bed until 6am. But I Iike  sleeping in now, cuz all ya  gotta do before brekky is  make ya bed and shine ya boots and clean ya uniform. No bloody horses to get in, no calves to feed, no troughs to clean - nothin'!! Ya haz gotta showerthough, but its not so  bad, coz there's lotsa hot water and even a light to see what ya doin! At

The Wedding of Samantha and Andrew

Saturday April 20. Up the NSW coast in Budgewoi where my Wife and I live together with our eldest Son Chris, We had planned our 160 kilometer journey so to arrive at a prescribed time in Grose vale near North Richmond NSW the residence of our Son Andrew .  First plan was for Chris to pick up serial prodigal son Tim at Hornsby station at 11am, Chris would be carrying in his vehicle all the music gear for the wedding, This was in jeopardy when Chris left a little late and Tim got peed off as he said he was freezing his balls off(It had been the coldest night of the year), to add to Tims misery I had to explain by phoning Tim that his brother Chris had phoned and said he would be even later as the battery in his vehicle had failed and was in a service station getting fixed up. At the time I had just picked up my wife Rosemary from the Hair salon, and I needed to shave and shower, told wife to put all the clothes in the car and we would change on arrival if we ever got there, Rang Tim; 

APRIL 21. Not much to say today.

Hip Hip Hooray!! It is the 87 TH birthday of  good Queen Bess today. Vest is wishing Queen Elisabeth of Merry England and her Dominions, continuing good health and prosperity as would her well wishers, I hope the prediction rubs off on myself. Vest , back soon.

Waco revisited Again and Again.

Authorities in the land of the Free and the Gun and new Huns, yes I mean  Stupid uncle Sam land,, land of the new generation Germans; must be a bit whacko not to figure out that about April 19 the 20TH anniversary of the slaughter by American armed forces of the Cult Davidians at Waco in Texas,; would present a good opportunity to exact retaliation on Texan Authorities for the death and destruction of Waco and its 85men women and children, yes 25 children. Maybe time has erased this disgusting episode in the minds of the Americans who were involved in that only  Pol Pot , Auschwitz or Changi could match The siege of Waco was linked to the Oklahoma City bombing which claimed 168 lives. Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols admitted  their equally disgusting act was timed for the second anniversary of the Waco bombing. Over the past two days we have two more bombings, coincidence or what? or were other organisations using this date for their own misguided reasons. You can bet your boots s

Visit to the Sceptered Isle set in a silver sea.? not yet set in stone !

For the info of  Relatives and Friends.   This will be an attempt to resurrect yesterdays post which vanished without trace, so to avoid further cock ups I shall avoid typing on blogger and in future C&P to blogger in case of failure. The problem I see in doing this will mean it will not have the same meaningful content as yesterday being my mindset today will not have the same relevance Yes I am still hopping mad but the experience will pass eventually. At the time of writing the visit to Merry England is in the balance, pro’s and cons at loggerheads. The ability to withstand the rigours of a fourteen hour incarceration in cattle class was daunting enough four years ago, it will also mean Rosemary and I would have no assistance around the Airport unlike that which was provided by Chris on the previous visit. Further to the ongoing saga the build up of the hurdles, the bars get higher each day with little foreseeable respite until the end of July. At least 35% of my

Drivers who normlly break the law get praised.

Couldn't believe the crap I read in to days Sydney Daily Telegraph. Police have praised motorists for their "Generally good behaviour" on the states roads this Easter long weekend. "What a lot of Bollocks" say I. I shall not print the whole article but simply point out the stupidity of this mamby pamby statement likened to a child being given stars on their school books for their good behaviour. Police figures indicated that only one motorist and one  pedestrian were killed over the Easter holiday weekend. ( Isn't that enough)But  one hundred and eighty five people were injured in 550 yes five hundred and fifty crashes. A police spokesperson supposedly stated. The police are heartened by the fall in the number of motorists detected speeding and drink driving on our roads so far this weekend, Only 116 people were caught drink driving. Well you fuzzy rozzers out there who think this is acceptable behaviour on our roads think again , it can only be accept

Today in History April Fools Day

Did the Sons of Nippon believe it would not happen on a Sunday and relax their defences? Following the dough boys resting praying or relaxing generally on that Sunday the Nips paid a visit to Pearl Harbour in 41,. It seems the Nips got it wrong as Uncle Sam's boys had established a foot hold on Okinawa early that Sunday morning before the nips could say 'yankee go home', the rest is history . read 'Operation Iceberg' on  Google. On April 1 Sunday Easter day and All Fools Day 1945 The last seaborne invasion inWW2  the invasion of  Okinawa.took place That which followed during the next nine weeks seemed endless to those engaging the Jap Aerobatic teams sent to annoy us day in day out, the problem was the Nip guys just didn't want to go home, nasty sods they were, very unpleasant, fortunately in most cases we gave them their wish. Vest, action station . ADP or GDP exposed position on superstructure  HMS KGV, Flagship of the so called 'Forgotten Fleet.' .B