Tuesday, 24 December 2013



As I was lying around, pondering the problems of the world,

I realized that at my age I don't really give a rat's ass anymore.

..If walking is good for your health, the postman would be immortal.

.. A whale swims all day, only eats fish, drinks water, but is still fat.

.. A rabbit runs and hops and only lives 15 years, while
.. A tortoise doesn't run and does mostly nothing, yet it lives for 150 years.

And you tell me to exercise?? I don't think so.

Just grant me the senility to forget the people I never liked,

the good fortune to remember the ones I do, and the eyesight to tell the difference.

Now that I'm older here's what I've discovered:

1. I started out with nothing, and I still have most of it.

2. My wild oats are mostly enjoyed with prunes and all-bran.

3. I finally got my head together, and now my body is falling apart.

4. Funny, I don't remember being absent-minded.

5. Funny, I don't remember being absent-minded.

6. If all is not lost, then where the heck is it ?

7. It was a whole lot easier to get older, than to get wiser.

8. Some days, you're the top dog, some days you're the hydrant.

9. I wish the buck really did stop here, I sure could use a few of them.

10. Kids in the back seat cause accidents.

11. Accidents in the back seat cause kids.

12. It's hard to make a comeback when you haven't been anywhere.

13. The world only beats a path to your door when you're in the bathroom.

14. If God wanted me to touch my toes, he'd have put them on my knees.

15. When I'm finally holding all the right cards, everyone wants to play chess.

16. It's not hard to meet expenses . . .they're everywhere.
17. The only difference between a rut and a grave is the depth.

18. These days, I spend a lot of time thinking about the hereafter . . .I go somewhere to get something, and then wonder what I'm "here after".

19. Funny, I don't remember being absent-minded.

                                              State Trooper recalls Christmas Eve

State Trooper
Recalls Christmas Eve

                                          Malcolm, U/K.
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Friday, 20 December 2013

Drink Driving... Holidays approaching. Be very careful

With the holidays upon us I would like to share
a personal experience with my family & friends about drinking and driving. As you may know some of us have been known to have brushes with the authorities from time to time on the way home after a "social session" out with friends. Well, three days ago I was out for an evening
with friends and had several cocktails, followed by some rather nice red wine. Feeling jolly I still had the sense to know that I may be over the limit. That's when I did something that I've never done before... I took a cab home! Sure enough on the way home there was a police road block, but since it was a cab they waved it past. I arrived home safely without incident. This was a real
relief and surprise because I had never driven a cab before. I don't even know where I got it and now that it's in my garage I don't know what to do with it!!!

Malcolm, U/K.


Thursday, 12 December 2013

Catholic Coffers Full. Plus , Kept for SEX By RC Priest. Plus update

   These Stories are True and not Fairy as in most of the scriptures, and they unfold daily. It clearly Shows the needs of Priests to be in dire want. or need if you prefer.
By abolishing the archaic rules of the Catholic Church  and giving priests their basic human rights of procreation as other break away Christian orders have done Since Fat Henry; then we are more likely to see an end to these sordid acts of Buggery which give relief to the sexual cravings of these priests destined to live a life of  masturbating - or as we now see due to the exposing by the press, and of the sordid acts of Sexual depravity  which have been perpetrated by these priests for centuries.

Two more RC stories fill Page 11 on today's Sydney Daily Telegraph, Thursday 12 Dec. The 1st anniversary of the end of the world day debunked last year as false.

(1) Catholic coffers crammed with cash.
(2) Kept for sex by a religious predator.
Good reading in the Sydney Daily Telegraph. get it now or go on line.

Busy again today, must go, Back soon ....Vest.

Up Date December 13 . 2013.... Further revelations  regarding the above post , are available on page
24 in Today's Sydney Daily Telegraph.

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Catholic Slush Fund used to pay out Victims of Paedophile RC Priests plus Cricket Crap.

 You do not have to continue reading if this offends you- being an unfortunate member of this Bum boy Sex Sect or one who condones this depravity.My Favourite paper the Sydney Daily Telegraph delivered daily to my door has a front page spread full of info and in graphic detail of this on going scandal. Tuesday Dec 10. The Telegraph Say's the Catholic Church has admitted paying at least $43 Million in hush money to victims of it's paedophile priests, as the Church's barrister outraged victims yesterday by quoting from the Bible.  The full  ungodly story continues on in page Four. get  your copy from the News agent or supermarket now. If you are feeling tight arsed   (no pun intended) you can read this on line.

The Telegraphs Bevy of  Pig Swill gushing  Sports writers Continue their tirade of racial and offensive abuse of the 'English Gentleman's Test Cricket team ' Some the Bilge being uttered would make an RC Priest Burn his Bible, Mind you a dyed in the wool  beer swilling Ocker with rocking horse mentality would  savour this tripe lauding the recent dodgy success of the boring cricket fiasco, although I find it hard to believe what was said to me by a visitor to our club that he knew the umpires were bent Especially the Pakistanis and most of the team were on dodgy substances, and that the Umpires were condoning Chucking instead of bowling particularly by the much maligned Inky Johnson.  I suppose  these  loony hate gushing cricket writers  have to have a break from writing about salary caps eye gouging and ear biting  during the aerial ping pong and Thugby  league season  which fills the last twelve or so pages with the most inane and mindless twaddle .
Got to go now as I am enraged about the closing down of our service Station and now I have to travel 5 klms to get fuel for the car, Bugger.

There is no success without hardship.  The ships I served on were definitely hardships.
Vest.... Back soon.

Friday, 6 December 2013

SYDNEY; CITY OF SIN versus PARIS and STOCKHOLM. plus 'A Brothel Smell.'

  Followers of  St Thompson De Brothel discarded MP. and serial Porn wanker, who are the ardent readers of The Sydney Daily Telegraph 's Pornography pages to wit the  Brothel daily classifieds, may soon find their sordid  wick dipping escapades fiscally out of reach, that is should our grafting miscellaneous Govt bodies throughout Australia follow the laws on prostitution in those of two major European countries.
French Politicians  have set in stone; laws which that will make the clients of prostitutes liable for fines starting at 1,500 Euros  - Equiv to Aus$2250.
The anti - prostitution legislation was approved by the French lower house National Assembly and is expected to receive Senate approval  before the end of this year.
The French decision was inspired by similar legislation in Sweden which penalises the users of prostitutes.
Of course it would be interesting to discover Why? there is a  starting point  in the scale of fines.
Maybe 'Size Does Matter'. "Avez-vous quelque chose de moins cher"?. Answer " Not if you wish to touch the sides'

JOKE....A Sailor going home on leave who had used a powerful deodorant, was  told by his senior officer , "If I went home smelling like you - my wife would think I had been to a Brothel".
The Sailor replied " Don't worry sir, my wife doesn't know what a brothel smells like".

Live in such a way that you would not be ashamed to sell your parrot to the town gossip.

Vest..... Back soon.

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Catholic Priests at it again.

It seems only a small percentage of sexually depraved Priests from all denominations are bought to book, of the hundreds brought to justice it could be estimated ten or more times that figure could be the never ending count of the God preaching Paedophiles AKA Bum Bandits.
A former Christian Brother Priest has confessed to sexually assaulting his third  schoolboy victim in an offence that dates back almost 40 years.
Stephen, Francis, Farrell, 62, pleaded guilty to indecently assaulting a ten year - old boy while he was teaching at St Alipius school in Ballarat in the 1970's.
It is the third victim Farrell Has admitted assaulting, following a 1997 conviction on nine charges  of indecently assaulting two brothers at St Alipius in 1973 and 1974.
On that occasion Farrel avoided jail, with a two year suspended sentence. Farrel left the Christian Brothers in late 1974, However, the crime was not reported to police until 2012.
How do we the public deal with this criminal activity - desex them and send the to a sex offenders only jail ? how would you deal with their problem, unfortunately hanging by the testicles is not an option.
I mentioned earlier that the number of Local Govt Licenced brothels in the Sydney area  alone  go into several hundred, these Christian Brothers should call at these premises to spread the gospel and get a free  B J or hand shake from the local whores. and cease this molesting of persons in their care.

The best way to find yourself, is to lose yourself in the service of others , and the time is always right to do what is right.
Vest..... Back soon.

Monday, 2 December 2013

A merry Whacking Christmas


Halls Naval Academy AKA WNTS.

I don’t remember how I got to HNA, but I was very pleased to be back

with my brother after a year of separation. Christopher seemed changed.
He was in Class 2B when I arrived on 16 December 1936. I was exactly
ten years and five months of age. Christopher was in Seven Company
and I was in Six Company, each company having about forty-five boys
between the ages of eleven and fifteen-and-a-half. I had two days of
schooling before the Christmas break, when I was told I would be in 1A
not the 1B class.The Headmaster had obviously read the letter from Mr
Pointer, my previous headmaster.

Halls Naval Academy was a charity school with a nautical theme run
on militaristic principles. The estate was located in the Suffolk rural
countryside far from the outside world. It was situated on the edge of a
plateau that sloped east to a valley near the river Eastham where the
school farmed the land.
HNA had a population of a large staff and about three hundred
students between eleven and sixteen years of age. The students were
allowed to take two three-week vacations each year during the summer
and at Christmas. All other holiday periods were spent at the school.
Students without guardians never left the school. Students had no access
to the outside world, arbitrary access, or personal rights. Discipline was
strict. Hunger and fear of punishment were constant. Love and affection
were non-existent. All communication to and from the school was
censored. Those boys who never left the school on vacation became
conditioned to their surroundings (like caged birds) and were probably
happier at the school than those of us who had occasional release from
our incarceration.
On the 20 December 1936, having been told by my brother that he was
going home again to Auntie Parker, I raised the roof and said, “I should
go, too!” I was told, “No money, no ticket, no permission. Sorry, you’ll
have to stay”. Like bloody hell, I thought. Then the bugler sounded the
action stations call and the lucky ones – about half the population of the
school – marched to the East Oakville Station.
Two or three hours later, I was on a train that had stopped at a large station
My friend, Ernie Booker and I had no idea where we were going

and must have looked conspicuous.
The ticket bloke and staff at the station locked us up. Soon after,
we were back at HNA. Living in a dark cloud of rejection,
I was totally at odds with that place. I wondered how much more
I would have to suffer.

22 December 1936

My brother had arrived in Chalgrove. Meanwhile, I was confused and in
a state of apathy. Ernie and I were in serious trouble. Having only been at
this place for six days, I was to get six cuts of the cane. Having no one to
turn to for help, I was wretchedly homesick. It was suggested by a few
teachers that because it was so close to Christmas we should be forgiven,
but our Capt. Superintendent replied, “Peace on earth and goodwill to all men applies only on Christmas day.”
The remaining population of the school gathered to witness our
punishment. A box horse for us to bend over was produced, plus the
biggest rattan cane – even bigger than the one at Charlham School. Ernie
went first. It seemed like a bloody execution – minus the knitting hags,
the French National Anthem, and a basket for our heads. Ernie was brave
but white as a sheet after his six, and had to go to the sickbay. I later
learned he had received a testicular injury.
Ernie going first made little difference, as another instructor, ‘Gunner
Martin’ was to be my tormentor. I felt bloody awful. My thin trousers
barely hid the bleeding welts across my buttocks. After the six strokes, I
shouted in agonising pain, “I hope you die, you rotten cruel sod!” and
got number seven. Gunner Martin died during the war about four years
later. I was unmoved.
Christmas in HNA was over. Our total excitement had consisted of
two church parades, an apple, an orange, and cake. Where was Charlie
Dickens? What a pity he missed out on this place.
This school was was strictly Cof E.. The Capt Superintendent
considered to be the cruelest the school had experienced. Years later
I received an Email from his grandson. which reads.

Thank you so much for replying so quickly. It really is amazing how the internet helps with these things. My mother (Captain Campbells daughter) was sent off with her mum and twin sister to Boars hill during the war. Captain Campbell divorced my grandmother and I know a lot less about him than my grandmother and her family. I'm beginning to think my mother was so quiet about him because he was such a nasty character.
I am getting the family tree together and I will send you more information as I get it. Its funny that you are from Oxfordshire as that is the part of England that meant most to my mother. She is buried in Berwick Salome (which I think is quite close to Chalgrove) along with her mother. End.
(I Vest visited both graves in 2009 (While visiting the U/K). twenty Min's walk from my former home in Chalgrove.)

I am in an Internet cafe now so I can't write for long but I will get back to you again soon.
This email address is the best to use for me. I use my hot mail account only when I have to leave an email address somewhere where it might get picked up by spam robots.
Thanks very much for all the information you have already sent.

Best regards,
Sparing the Rod and spoiling the child was unheard of during my growing years.
VEST ...Back soon.

Saturday, 30 November 2013

Summer Will Arrive Tomorrw.? Plus good riddance.

According to the Australian Weather pundits, Our summer will be arriving tomorrow on the beautiful moderate Central Coast of New South Wales Australia.
It is rather odd that I should be sat in the garden with a jumper on grasping veggies I have just uprooted awaiting the arrival of the Sun. Our sun dial has gone back to bed as the thermometer  had only managed to rise to 17 C  at Mid day. However, a smidgen of sunlight is filtering through the dark clouds which promise yet another downpour, I am saying this is peculiar weather due to the last day of our recent winter clocked up a 35 d C in our neck of the woods and more than 40dC in other parts of the State
I recently wrote to both our state and fed govt weather blokes who replied in similar vein that it is not possible to provide an answer to this dilemma, this being due to God aka little John slamming the phone down after he explains he has retired and lives on the central coast at Tea Gardens NSW, and to please  Phone The Australian Embassy in Jakarta where his Son Jesus our PM   is delivering a final warning to a  bunch of layabout squawking penny pinching ungodly suicide bombers that due to a  downward trend in the supply of virgins,  only those who blow themselves up twice will obtain the privilege of lazing around in heaven with a bevy of virgins.

The overnight furore regarding the Indonesian Air Force Flight crew who were preparing to fly the Aged Rust bucket former OZ Air force Hercules transports for free to join the rest of Indonesia's creaky Air force, Was delayed due to the indo crew being nobbled by the Aus Authorities for attempting to smuggle Australian Exotic birds out of Australia .  A  Jail sentence normally imposed for this misdemeanour has been waived so it seems , This was due to the urgency to be rid of these aircraft which were due to be land fill anyway and the Indo flyer's coming up with a real bender saying that it is the will of Allah that all  aircraft acquisitions should be accompanied by a real live bird to fortify the confidence of the plane and its crew . The planes took off carrying several pink and grey parrots (Galah's) due to the size of the Aircraft. It was unofficially stated by a Govt Rep It is such a pity more Stupid Galahs  cannot be rid of this way
The name Galah is colloquially used to indicate a stupid person in Australia. Be careful.
Must go, back to the Desk and more Xmas cards to send.

Back soon....Vest.......Go on,  "SMILE"....................copyright.

Thursday, 28 November 2013

Australian Whores Thieves and Varlots Remain a Powerful Force.

This Aborigine owned land of ours was first invaded by Thieves Whores and Varlots back in 1788 most of whom were from the old dirt (not dart)in Ireland and a few unfortunate miscreants from the sceptred isle were mostly bundled into prison ships which left POM pey AKA Portsmouth Hants England and sailed to Sydney where most of their  traditional traits were passed on to their descendants and these grisly traits are often seen surfacing within the general public and Govt depts to this day.
Fortunately for Australia The migration of clean living hard working people from England and Europe  in the late 1800's until the present time probably saved Australia from sinking to the depths of depravity although as mentioned earlier  Sydney and its suburbs house a multitude of  Illegal drug and gaming houses and twice the number of unregistered Brothels as those allowed by cash strapped councils, hardly a day passes before we get news of yet another politician rorting his allowances on prostitutes and it  is sad when you hear of judges and magistrates falling to sleep at their work place or caught trolling their  local men's rest room (Lavatories).And PM's  named Malcolm losing their trousers in America.
Despite the arrival of various religious factions who did their so called best to teach the miscreant Aussies the ways of the christian church which in itself was nothing more than a bunch of child abusing morons who were taught their trade in England. and Catholic altar boys being bummbed  by the church of Rome bum bandits. The abuse of children by these Religious despots is an ongoing harangue we hear about constantly.
Most of that mentioned about Sydney is the softer side which we live with constantly . However, the Multitude of day to day Muggings, Stabbings, Shootings , Hold ups and a few Grisly,  murders spice up the columns in the local rags, oh and  the ravings of lunatic cricket scribes belittling tourist teams.
Not many robbers do frontal assaults on the banks nowadays most Bank Robbery is now committed from behind the counter.
Although New South Wales in Australia is the third smallest state and represents about 7% of the total continental land mass it is difficult to believe that it is home  to 25% of the population. The population in  Sydney CBD and  and outer suburbs house about 12.5% of the Australia's population - about 3 million, And having done my sums (Math) on this matter I have come to the conclusion. that  an average of 200,000 women aged between 20 and 40 live in the Sydney Region.  In today's Telegraph  no fewer than 223 registered brothels were advertised, but of course adding another couple of hundred Illegal bag shanty's which added together and multiplied by the number of Hookers hitting the mattress six times per day to qualify for the Brothel Bonus, then giving a discount for good behaviour for half the remaining figure  - they being Mums at home or Catholic girls being shagged by their priest, we come to the final figure of one in ten ladies going to work at an office are not telling their mums and partners the truth about the way they earn a crust. Next time you sit on a bus or train in Sydney you will wonder which one of those beauties is the whore and not the tea lady.
Blokes enjoy your day out on the bus  but choose carefully.

The thing always happens that you really believe in; and the belief in a thing makes it happen.
Vest....Back soon.

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Lavatorial Telegraph Cricket Scribes.... Plus, History today.

Seriously folks I am considering cancelling my subscription to the Sickley Daily Telegraph which I use mainly for historical, weather and monetary info plus to provide 8x8 inch sheets of dunny wipe in the one holer in the back yard for the exclusive use of traditional Oz beer swilling guests who gatecrash my exclusive candlelight dinners.
But being bombarded with embellished literary bilge belched out by  bonehead Cricket scribes which contains a hatred content greater than the gospels of  Lakemba Clerics seems to be the main function in the noddles  of those lavatory wall scribblers. a bit of name dropping won't go amiss like the Monika's of Malcolm the Convict and con artist CONN. Peter bad ass Badel.  Bobby alias Fanny Craddock, and Dunny crawler Doris Dorries, And last but not all of these unpalatable pen pushers Ricky Dickhead Hinds.
Most of the recent Cricket controversy is now set in stone,  the perpetrators slapped with paltry fines
Unfortunately the problems were not left on the field of play, the unsubstantiated remark from a English Cricketer concerning the reason ms bingo dropped(that's a good pun) petulant mickey Clarke was his wicket wasn't regulation size, this was assumed when MC was seen donning a medium sized cricket box.
There will always be winners and losers in cricket you cannot be on top all the time , occasionally England Must allow the lesser combatants in this farcical game to win now and then (but not Too often as it does appear to upset the balance of the minds of these lesser combatants as  seen promulgated by the Local press.
I was twelve years of age when I attended the last two days  Of the 1938 5th test in London ,
I paid 3 shillings 60cents to sit on a cushion on the grass at the Surrey Oval where sadly Australia  lost the test. The scores were England 903 for 7 declared . Australia  201 for 8 and 123 for 8.
England winning by an innings and 597 runs. Poor old Bradman could not bat as he had a sore ankle and didn't want to stuff up his averages  batting  for a hopeless cause; however  soon after the game  Bradman was seen (so the press stated) running up the steps of his hotel. The score mentioned has never been eclipsed by Australia .
The news of this disastrous result for Australia was published in Australian papers but hardly making the Headlines One prominent Sydney Rag slotted the result between a 'Hair Loss Promo' and the other advert giving a discount of ten percent on a treatment for Hemorrhoids.

History on this day Nov 25 / 1984.
 Australian cricket captain Kim Hughes Breaks down in tears in Brisbane Australia  when he gives up the Australian Cricket captaincy after being a serial loser.
Prime Minister Bob Hawk and Opposition leader And pandy Peacock Cry in their beer when hearing the cricket news, so sad. can't win them all.

Many of life's failures are people who did not realise how close they were to success when they gave up. Most winners in life think constantly in terms of "I can, I will, I am".Losers, on the other hand concentrate their thoughts on what they should have done or on what they don't do.  Finally  being a dual citizen  I have the choice of whether to cheer the winners or accept defeat, Its called getting off the hook.
Latest news on cricket..... Former Aus test cricket twins Steve and Mark Waugh state sledging (rudeness) By Aus cricketers to opposing teams simply shows as 'mental disintegration, and as for David Warner Say's mark Warner has the habit of talking before he thinks.
But Vest Say's it would be difficult to provide a brain trans plant for Warner due to the down turn in
In the manufacturing of Rocking horses.Although Warner is a good cricketer it is a pity that Warner  is such a simpleton. which is a trend quickly spreading among Aus communities.
Enjoy your Cricket.... Aussie/Englander Vest..... Back soon.

BTW.We have all heard  these Quotations like Gaggle of Geese and Murder of Crows.
 Here is the Latest By Vest (Copyright)


Friday, 22 November 2013

Much the same . Ten years since June 2003.


Fifty Years..... Now Sixty.

Our Golden Wedding anniversary celebrations on 21 June 2003 went

well. Mary and I were very pleased. I thought Mary looked very

beautiful. She was complimented by most of my former shipmates, who

suggested she looked more like my daughter. The dinner was excellent

and our friends and relatives were well turned out and very polite to one

another. The reason for the niceties was the imposing presence of my ex naval

friends and their partners, who did their level best to be as pleasant

as was possible. My good friend, Harry delivered a complimentary

speech. Every one enjoyed the good quality dance music. Mary danced

with all five sons and every other male person at the party. Our sons

were photographed with us displaying happy smiles, although their

shaven heads and dark clothing reminded me of the TV family ‘The


I was quite surprised when Bruce turned up at the club looking quite

fit and healthy. Bruce told me he had met his wife, Shirley at the Lady

Jane Nudist beach in outer Sydney, where he said she had fallen in love

with him at first sight. He said it was a match made in heaven, as Shirley

was young and beautiful, owned a logging business in Tasmania, and

was ‘stinking rich.’ Bruce told me that he and Shirley had been married

nearly eleven years, and had three daughters aged ten, nine and eight.

This had apparently kept him celibate six months out of twelve during

the first three years of marriage; however, visits to the logging sites to

check out the female office staff were always rewarding. He had heard

that they referred to him as ‘Mr Whopper’ or ‘Hoss the Boss.’

Bruce told me that he intended to stay a few days, as he was

interested in learning a few new dance procedures that Miss Twinkletoes

had promised to teach him. If his energy permitted, he would also call on

a few other ladies to whom he had been enamoured in the past.

My beautiful Mary put on a sporty smile and introduced Bruce as Mr

Bruce Kranski from Tasmania, which raised a few eyebrows and a lot of

giggles. After eyeballing our five sons who looked as tough as nails,

Bruce told me he would keep a low profile in their presence. Mary later

told me Bruce had said something quite explicit but complimentary to

Fifty Years

240 – Waving Goodbye to a Thousand Flies

her and that his mere presence and past reputation left her weak at the

knees. I have not heard from Bruce since our 50th.

George our son stayed to the end of the celebration but his family

members left early.

At midnight, the house was filled with family members and friends,

but by two o’clock, only relatives remained. This was when Henry and

William had a minor disagreement after they had indulged in a smoko

session. I would like to mention that all of our sons are on good terms

with us, although they are aware I disapprove of some of their goings on.

Christopher, our eldest son, is very philosophical about it all. He is

dedicated to his computer and his music and enjoys the company of fresh

lips rather than long-term involvement with the available ladies.

Although Christopher loves his brothers, he objects to the pot smoking.

George’s brothers have described Brother George as a trifle irritating

at times, particularly when he constantly explains to all and sundry about

the value of his house and land. They say it’s a pity George’s mind

doesn’t have the same values, referring to his silly pornographic jokes.

Despite everything, however, his brothers have told me they love George

as brothers should and would defend him to the end (although Steven,

being gay, is not too sure he should say, “I love you, George.”)

Having been divorced twice, George lived with several women in the

gaps between his marital disasters, one of whom I had heard was ‘bi

lingual!’ George’s current partner, Rachael has stood by him for about

nine years. Although I must admit Rachael has had a steadying influence

on him, I am not privy to their domestic scenario. The lady in question is

now a compulsive non-drinker due to her unsociable tendencies when

overcome by alcohol, but her present responsible attitude to her past

problem is to be admired. However, it seemed at the time, her brief kiss

on the side of my cheek last night was about as welcoming as a bite from

a black widow spider. Rachael who was dressed in a stunningly beautiful

creation, looked very attractive for her thirty-five years; with her new

blonde-by-choice look. Although I would have loved to have told her

how beautiful she looked, I was reluctant to tell her so in case of a

possible rebuke. Rachael is well supported by George, who is certainly

not a slacker and apparently loves his on-site underground sanitary

engineering job with the city council.

George is currently at loggerheads with his younger brother, Steven,

who after seven years of marriage, two children, and a divorce is now

gay. Steven has had several affairs but has settled down to a business-like

Fifty Years

John Leonard Spencer – 241

and friendly partnership with Adrian, who I know to be a very pleasant

person from a very nice, supportive family. At first, Mary and I were

unhappy about Steven’s decision, but now we are more tolerant and


Steven’s ex-wife, Marie refused to allow her two children to attend

our 50th bash. Since I have known her, I have never been rude to her and

have made every attempt to be nice to her. Now, Marie still owes me

about $12,000 and still borrows from time to time. Her decision to attend

a barbeque party instead of our 50th could have jeopardised our

‘diplomatic friendliness; however, access to our beautiful grandchildren

might be at risk if we don’t impose the patriotic art of lying to protect our

interests, so I shall continue to be courteous to Marie.

Steven and Adrian sent photographs of themselves dressed up at a

gay party to George’s fifteen-year-old daughter, Coral Rose. George was

concerned that the photos would corrupt his ‘pure’ daughter. (I thought

the photos were harmless and quite modest, as no genital or body parts

were on display.)

Beautiful much loved Coral Rose arrived at the reception with her

Mentor – none other than Rachael, George’s quite attractive live-in lover.

I was permitted to kiss only one cheek so that I wouldn’t ruin her make

up. I said, “Hallo, darling granddaughter. It is nice to see you again. You

look so beautiful.”

Coral Rose replied, “Hallo” and walked off. She had been well

indoctrinated. It would appear Coral Rose has lost the art of intellectual

conversation, in particular being able to say “thank you.”

George, a man of strong family principles as mentioned earlier,

describes his younger brother being gay; as a despot unworthy of his

family’s recognition. Yet, George is aware that his very young daughter

is on the pill and possibly having relations with a male friend.

I am having difficulty deciding whether George is the ‘Kettle or the

Pot’. Then again, George may be trying to stem a flood of new arrivals.

Kimberly, his eldest daughter who we love dearly, is very pregnant with

our great grand daughter, the father of whom I have never met and who

has shot through to the outback far beyond the black stump. It is a pity

one cannot teach wisdom to the young. Nevertheless, I love George and

all my sons equally, as a good father should. George is a good supportive


Mary and I have had two very pleasant visits to George, Rachael and

Kimberly and her baby, beautiful Polly, at their home three months after

Fifty Years

242 – Waving Goodbye to a Thousand Flies

the party, where all differences of opinion were shelved and we left on a

happy note; after burying our hatchets six paces north of the hills hoist

clothes post! However, at the party earlier, Steven and George eyeballed

each other. I warned them “One word and out you go.”

It was after midnight when we returned home. Most of our guests had

travelled far and were staying at local motels. Our family members

continued to imbibe.

Having had little sleep overnight, Mary and I arranged for Steven and

his partner Adrian to do the barbeque breakfast, they being employed by

the best firm in the business; ‘ Barbeques Galore’ at Kotara near

Newcastle NSW, and they, knowing only too well; how to make your

sausage sizzle! By one o’clock pm, we were at last on our own to spend

the rest of the day recovering.

We received many cards and beautiful presents from well-wishers,

among them a card from that little baldy bloke who is our nation’s leader

and one from our Federal member, Ken Ticehurst, who is deserving of

our thanks for his good work. Thanks, mate. There was another from our

liberal Senator, Dr John Tierney; a splendid fellow and always busy, and

a card from our temporary stand-in Governor General (who is also the

Governor General of Tasmania), Sir Guy Green, Administrator of the

Commonwealth of Australia, and his lovely wife, Lady Rosslyn. The card

we really treasured, (not to demean the others which were are all very

nice) was the card from The Honourable Sir William Deane and his

lovely wife, Lady Helen Deane, (formerly Gov Gen Sir W. Deane and

Lady Deane) who described us as old and valued friends of theirs.

Thanks, Sir Bill and Helen. There were many occasions that Mary and I

would have morning tea with Helen, during which time we would

discuss family issues and I would tell her son jokes. I firmly believe that

Bill and Helen Deane were the finest people to grace their exalted

positions of Australian representatives of the British Monarchy.

There was no mention from Bob, who held the State’s top job. Maybe

it was because of that nasty letter that I sent him in January when I was

enraged over some stupid political nonsense. It seems his memory

extends further than most political leaders. Bob is really a nice bloke, but

his advisors are constantly getting their sums wrong.

Two years ago when our leader was in the USA, an American

journalist asked one of his minders about his name.

“Mr Hunt, isn’t it?” enquired the journalist.

“No,” said the minder.” But don’t worry, you almost had it right.”

Fifty Years

John Leonard Spencer – 243

I must ask the secretary of our association to get back to the Prime

Minister again to raise the issue of the Gold cardwill give us former

Brits a real feeling of acceptance as citizens of Austr

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Loving thy Neighbour is Not Compulsary. Do you?

The Vast Majority of my neighbours are  amicable at the least, meaning those I have come in contact with. Some neighbours have been house guests at our house number eleven  in our avenue. The residents of No Nine are super and the previous resident of No13 who now resides across the  road at No 6 is also a frequent caller who described the new owners at her former residence as grubby and pushy. this of course has not gone unnoticed  by  other local residents and particularly myself.
It would seem  that, two families  are using this formerly attractive four bed home although their three cars in their drive are OK its the miscellaneous callers which bump up the vehicle numbers and going back the 4 and ten ton trucks parked outside our house which gave offence and destroying the landscaping got me calling the cops and having them removed incensed the new no 13 residents who drove across our frontage until the council put a stop to it.
Looking at the former well manicured lawn of no 13 I spy a field of weeds various led by a majority of dandelion flowers waiting to blow over and impregnate my reasonably well kept grass frontage ( But not with room for a pony). Scattered across their frontage are seven rolled newspapers in plastic wraps; three shopping (Carts)trolleys belonging to the local supermarket a green coloured hose dangling willy-nilly, and to finish the picture a small red car with seriously bent front end with collapsed right front wheel which has been languishing on their roadside frontage since July 14 yes Bastille day seems to fit some how. but wait not quite finished.
last Monday 11th they hung washing on the line in their backyard, it is still there having had more than several rinses from the rain over the past three days. and what is that peculiar smell like rotten tomatoes  coming from the curtained shed in their back yard, I wonder.

I could never tell where inspiration begins and impulse leaves off. I suppose the answer is in the outcome.  Like if your hunch proves to be a good one, you were inspired; if it proves bad, you are guilty of  thoughtless impulse. Never mind I'll get it right one day.

Vest .......Back soon.

Sunday, 17 November 2013

The Double Standards of NSW Registered Clubs.

Any reported foul language in all registered clubs in New South Wales Australia will see the person or persons involved in such shown the door very quickly.
Now on the other side of the coin; meaning where the monetary greed of clubs outweighs the moral beliefs of management and patrons alike, certain types of entertainment is tolerated behind closed sections of clubs where members who agree to pay obscene fees to be  hum - entertained by grossly obscene performers - takes place. The vast majority of persons who are bombarded by this filth and abusive bilge are mostly the beer swilling brigade whose other attributes amount to little such as the likes of dimwits  pedophiles and other dragged up morons with less brain function than a Rocking horse
Last night the local registered club of my choice had an ugly looking moron  named 'Rodney Rude 'performing on stage. According to the Club it was a sell out with another show in the offing prior to Christmas, but sadly that guy is not alone there are others treading the boards with similar noxious notoriety and there are those unctuous people who walk among us who are latent deviates devouring this filth, who no doubt will be the future newsworthy crims in the neighbourhood.
The future depends on what we do at the present.

Vest.... back soon.

Thursday, 14 November 2013

Be Careful where yiou point your Percy. ( Men Only)

" Oh all right  ladies  you may have a squizz but it is rather a Man thingy."

Being an elderly bloke and with elderly bloke problems which  mainly  affect all males from age fifty and beyond, the waterworks becomes a persistent aggravation which can balloon out to many other serious ailments. Having this problem sorted out 21 years ago kept me free from concern until three years ago when  it  returned  and with a vengeance, then after a series of hospital visits I am now supposedly clear of any WW problems, although continual monitoring the flow when I go; mainly mornings when at home gives me peace of mind, however, this morning I trotted off to the loo and grabbed the two lire white plastic container from the eye level window shelf and dropped Percy into the container to provide a morning sample, looking down I got the fright of my life seeing this female funnel web spider rearing up adjacent to my appendage. Let it be known I am familiar with these spiders from work experience and these particular species  are lethal if not attended to within a short space of time, and in this particular instance and the location would have been more than a bit of a worry.
Keeping a clear head and not wanting said spider to escape and cause another search problem , I gave this creepy Arachnid a squirt of urea from the old fella  which had the spider  backing off . I then  very carefully  placed  container on lid of loo and waited until it ceased struggling I then plonked it down the loo.
It seems after a spate of wet weather these creatures tend to wander to a drier environment even screened sliding windows do not stop them . Be Wary. Do something. If it doesn't work, do something else. No idea is too crazy.

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

SEX, Typhoons and Roman Hypocrisy.

Today I am reading about the the former Australian Catholic priest who has perished with thousands of others in the latest major disaster in the Philippines  which has already taken the lives of countless people and most of those who have survived are now homeless. The full story and follow ups can be read in today's Sydney Daily Telegraph 12 Oct !3.
Former RC Priest Kevin Lee and whistle blower you may remember was the bloke who defied the teachings of the Roman Bum Boys and exposed the activities of child sex abuse within the church of Rome which was occurring within his and other diocese around Sydney. As a result of his actions he was either pushed(excommunicated) or left in disgust of his former colleagues. Kevin Lee also secretly married his wife, while with the church and his wife and child are presumed to be safe after the terror of the typhoon. The Catholic Bishop of Parramatta near Sydney has extended his sympathy.
Now the witches of the Catholic church will cry " It was punishment for knocking the knuckles of the holy priests and their privilege of having immoral sex with impunity.

Did you have sex before marriage? don't fib , I 'll bet most of you prim and proper wowsers out there tested the water beforehand, I say "Why not" and did you check out your spouses history, most who don't are in for surprises which are the major cause for marital breakdown.
Being beautiful is not the only female qualification for a successful marriage ( although my wife passed the test in all qualifications) I consider myself as being most fortunate to have chosen well for this my second attempt lasting sixty years. the first ending in disaster thankfully.
A friend of mine who is not the most handsome Adonis says his not too beautiful wife and he have fun sex occasionally when  they take it in turns for wearing a hood,  the result can only be left to the imagination.
Although there are a several ways of enjoying life companionship, the sad thing can be for some when the romping in the boudoir comes to an end. it is a gradual thing which is unexplainable. going through the motions without result which even Viagra can't achieve.
Finally. A visit to my health professional did nothing to help my cause when he explained that my Rolls Royce motor had run out of warranty and a new engine transplant to replace the one with the rusted nuts on the crankshaft had no chance of starting again; not even with a hand starter. Bugger.

Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much. Vest.... Back soon.

                                    HOW YOU CAN HELP Those in distress in the Philippines.
                                    Donations can be made to the following charity funds
                                       Australian Red Cross: 1800 811 700
                                       Oxfam Australia: 1800 034  034
                                       World Vision Australia: 1300: 301 430
                                       UNICEF:  1300 884 233
                                       Care Australia:1800 020 046
                                       Child Fund Australia: 1800 023 600
                                       Caritas Australia: 1800 024 413

Sunday, 10 November 2013

Budgewoi, Central Coast NSW, Australia.

Sent: Sunday, November 10, 2013 9:57 AM
Subject: vest@dailygaggle.com has sent you a Whereis map

A message from vest@dailygaggle.com:
Hi. Take a look at this Whereis Map. This is Where my family live on the Central Coast of New South Wales, Australia. facing the Pacific Ocean. Could make some people drool with envy., But we love it here. Vest
Link to map: http://www.whereis.com/nsw/budgewoi?id=45CC5432793D30&intref=emailmap  ou may have to copy and paste this link on to Google.

Thought you might like to see this…

Budgewoi (2262) is a suburb of Central Coast, Central Coast, New South Wales. It is about 77 kms from NSW's capital city of Sydney. Budgewoi is in the federal electorate of Shortland.

In the 2011 Census the population of Budgewoi is 3,254 and is comprised of 50.7% females and 49.3% males.

The median/average age of the Budgewoi population is 44 years of age, 7 years above the Australian average.

84.1% of people living in Budgewoi were born in Australia. The other top responses for country of birth were England 3.5%, New Zealand 1.6%, Scotland 0.8%, Germany 0.5%, Netherlands 0.4%.

92.9% of people speak English as their first language 0.3% German, 0.3% Hungarian, 0.2% Maori (New Zealand), 0.2% Dutch, 0.2% Maltese.

The religious make up of Budgewoi is 33% Anglican, 26.5% Catholic, 19% No Religion, 3.1% Uniting Church, 2.8% Presbyterian and Reformed.

43.6% of people are married, 30.8% have never married and 12.9% are divorced and 4.6% are separated. There are 219 widowed people living in Budgewoi.

55% of the people living in Budgewoi are employed full time, 31.2% are working on a part time basis. Budgewoi has an unemployment rate of 8%.

The main occupations of people from Budgewoi are Technicians and Trades Workers 18.8%, Labourers 14.5%, Community and Personal Service Workers 13%, Professionals 12.8%, Clerical and Administrative Workers 10.9%, Sales Workers 10.5%, Managers 8.4%, Machinery Operators And Drivers 8.4%.

The median individual income is $439.00 per week and the median household income is $792.00 per week.

37.2% of homes are fully owned, and 28% are in the process of being purchased by home loan mortgage. 30.7% of homes are rented.

The median rent in Budgewoi is $225 per week and the median mortgage repayment is $1649 per month.

But Sorry we are Full. vest daily gaggle.com

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Cars and the Melbourne cup.

Despite all the blather and hype of the Melbourne Cup, the so called donkey  race that stops the nation. I for one member of this racing mad nation it did not.  being of the opinion that horses were meant for cowboys, ploughing, and hauling carts and carriages and riding for pleasure.  Mind you a horse may have come in handy yesterday when I heard the ominous clicking when trying to start Henry F, rego K G V 000.
That  car battery had been under the hood/bonnet for nigh on five years it had cost me $170-00 and a new one from the NRMA road service would be much more now, so borrowing my sons Car ; a Commodore which I had gazed at for about four years but never driven I eventually arrived at the service station to buy fuel, it the took at least ten minutes to locate the button/switch to operate the  opening of the fuel filler cap, an attendant came to the rescue and eventually we headed to   "El Cheapo" Motorists supplies. But wait, it's getting hot, I pull over, How does this ^$@#*^%$ air conditioning work- no air - so turning back and opening the doors twice after stopping we arrive back home and receive instruction how to find an unusual arrangement of wiring ***which provided us with the air required  for life support in the car and before you ask the electric windows were also associated with ***.
At last we arrived at "El Cheapo and the purchase of a similar battery as the previous one five years? back  costing $170-00; cost $145-00
Getting it back to the car parked 100 yards distant and I with artho in my starboard Hip joint was solved when I gave the change from the $200 bucks tendered to Er indoors whose 60 kilo frame carried the 40 kilo battery  but not without a lot of grunting.
Arriving home the battery replacement was completed with ease and we took off in our Henry F  to check the tyres and water and fill up with fuel at the servo, no one there - bloody deserted, then I. remembered that race that stops the nation. bugger.

The old man and the Beaver

An 86-year-old man went to his doctor for his quarterly check-up...

The doctor asked him how he was feeling, and the 86-year-old said, "Things are great and I've never felt better.

I now have a 20 year-old bride who is pregnant with my child. So what do you think about that Doc?"

The doctor considered his question for a minute and then began to tell a story.

"I have an older friend , much like you, who is an avid hunter and never misses a season.

One day he was setting off to go hunting. In a bit of a hurry , he accidentally picked up his walking cane instead of his gun.

As he neared a lake, he came across a very large male beaver sitting at the water's edge.

He realised he'd left his gun at home and so he couldn't shoot the

magnificent creature.

Out of habit he raised his cane , aimed it at the animal as if it were

his favorite hunting rifle and went 'bang, bang'.

"Miraculously, two shots rang out and the beaver fell over dead. Now,

what do you think of that ?" asked the doctor.

The 86-year-old said , "Logic would strongly suggest that somebody else

pumped a couple of rounds into that beaver."

The doctor replied , "My point exactly."

Malcolm , U/K.               Vest is busy counting his earnings from blogging, and will return soon.

Monday, 4 November 2013

Bloggers come bloggers go.. Post 1,146.

 I have been blogging for the past nine years and have seen great bloggers come and go, They reach their pinnacle  and suddenly find there is life after blogging.
The biggest reason for failure I believe is criticism from other bloggers. Some openly flout their qualifications some openly show their disdain for others with lesser writing skills, substituting an English word with a Greek or Latin word with the intent to confuse whom he or she sees as a lesser person. You must take care, that your work be understood, but that it can be by no means misunderstood.
I am not a celebrity in the eyes of the general public; more so within family circles, My wife and I being the Matriarch an Patriarch of our known family extensions, neither have I claimed to be a journalist which I suspect many bloggers try to create that impression.
There  are different levels of quality, not all bloggers write about the same subject, this doesn't mean it is a good blog, yes, anyone can be a writer, this does not always mean they are a consistently good as a writer.
I recall about eight years ago being scolded by the person (Lady) who described her blog as a 'Writerly Blog" and who described my pathetic efforts like schoolboy English, Instead of waiting to give her back a well mannered reply  I was very rude to her to say the least, meaning  I had out stayed my welcome.
 A  C of E priest on one occasion criticised my sentence structure, my reply to this man of the cloth was, " Check out your Hymn book, when you have corrected that you may call again.
I am not a professional blogger I do it for fun , But clicking on the adverts helps pay the bills that blogging incurs , so get clicking.

All man's life among men is nothing more than a battle for the ears of others...Vest... back soon

Sunday, 3 November 2013

Are you a Dog enthusiast? Puppies need a guide.

People are sitting quietly or smelling the the roses in their gardens in our quiet and sedate peaceful beach side suburb when the dormant silence is shattered by the screaming wail of an ambulance  on its way to one of many surrounding retirement villages in order to recover a corpse or attend the frail and aged. We then get the accompaniment of our local residents dogs who howl in unison, to the Canine Chorus; By Bark.
I am not a dog person, there are a certain breed of people who align themselves with canines, those who need them as companions, protectors or if you are wealthy enough to suggest your family needs or mortgage payment will not be jeopardised by owning said hound
We feed dozens of birds daily in our garden ,also own a rescued parrot which is tame and 13 years of age at least .We have a rescued spayed female former feral Cat who plays miniature soccer(AF)keeps us amused and is cheap to feed.
Finally getting to the point of this protracted post; Volunteer puppy raisers are needed as the Guide Dogs NSW/ACT Australia. expects a spike in births over the next few months.
The not for profit organisation expects about sixty puppies to be born over the coming months and is searching for families to help raise them.
A puppy raiser adopts an eight week old puppy into their home for a year, with vet and food costs covered by guide dogs. This is all due to the ageing population and increasing need for guide dogs.
So you bow wow lovers out there , get to it and do your bit. For those who will benefit from your generosity the best and most beautiful things in this world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart.

Vest ..Back soon.

Friday, 1 November 2013

The MELL BUN Cup Again. Historic 1945 Cup.

      Well that's the way it is pronounced by most of the locals, although the Melbourne cup is a flat race in Australia, it is revered closely to that of the English 4.5 mile race over the sticks "Grand National in England.
Recently (yesterday)I read a cricket report of a Tasmanian Bowler taking Five NSW Wickets.
BTW.(If you are an American or from outer space you will be confused by this )
The Tasmanian Bowler Who took five wickets including that of the Aus test team captain was named 'Rainbird', an unusual name by all accounts , However, it rang a bell for me.
The following is an excerpt from my memoirs.


Mrs Fraser’s son, Bob was serving on the Australian Destroyer HMAS

Nizam the D15. It accompanied us on our visits to the Japanese conflict

up north. Bob gave me the address of a nice lady, aged eighteen, who

lived in Richmond, Melbourne when we were there quite by chance (or

so we were told) when the Melbourne Cup was held after the war on 6

November 1945.

At the time, I had one arm and an entire leg in plaster casts due to a

serious accident, it was also strange that a member of our crew bore the

same name as one of the horses in the race ‘Rainbird’

The bookie said “Yeah okay, Jack. I’ll take your bet” and stated that

I’d stand a better chance of winning the Melbourne Cup on crutches than

I would with a Sydney jockey on a South Australian horse which had

recently escaped from the knackers yard.   After ‘Rainbird’ beat the field

with Billy Cook on board, I felt quite smug. The odds were about twelve

to one, I think. These winnings were added to from my 14/1 each way

bet on the third horse to finish, its name ‘Leonard’ I just could not resist,

but my first ever bet and win never made me addicted to the sport.
A good memory resists the aging process providing you have something to remember
Vest... Back soon.


Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Frequent Flying Fatty Forced To Forkout For Further Fare

A grossly overweight Welshman U/K was made to pay double fare on his flight to and from Ireland, because of his hefty girth which required two seats. But owing to the Irish element involved in the booking and seating arrangement he was allocated two seats which were rows apart.

Welshman Mr Price says only an Irish airline could cock up twice when his seats were either side of another passengers seat. Mr Price who weighs 230Kilos or 490 lbs Say's it is one of numerous problems he faces.
 It now seems that airlines will be charging overweight persons exceeding 127KG  a double fare. some will provide larger seats for bigger bums, the price will be similar to premium economy class or more..
As for the other domestic seating arrangements it is now possible to incorporate larger seating facilities in your lavatory or powder room which ever you prefer to name it, OK  for Aussies it is the rest room or dunny , so there are scores of names worldwide but  the one most widely used in all languages is the siht, hist, isht etc house. a post on the common or uncommon bog seat is in the offing soon. so hold on ; nothing is more pleasurable and relaxing after anxiously  running a successful race to the lavatory

Take a sqizz at this while sitting down for a while

Back soon ...Vest..

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Victoria's Historic Dungpolly Peanut Farm.50TH Anniversary. An S D YARN. ?

A friend who recently returned from visiting relatives in Victoria Australia had this unusual story to unfold far fetched or not it is supposedly true and according to the person spoken to  in a one pub town where he was visiting.
The story unfolds about the time when French Onion Johnnies on bicycles flooded the Southern English countryside, having come over from France in boats full of  onions strung together which they carried in panniers on their bikes and over their shoulders to entice customers. Whether or not this still happens I am uncertain . However it came to pass that the person in question and his brother  were not only flogging onions but also that  'C' drug which even sniffer dogs were unable to detect in large carved out onions  containing cocaine wrapped in plastic sprayed with lashings of garlic.  but after a few onion seasons someone cocked up and the racket was spotted by the pommy constabulary, these wooden tops not being too sharp, allowed our subject and his girlfriend Polly a former local streetwalker from Southampton to dodge the law,
A hand to mouth existence was not for Polly so she dobbed in  her lover to the fuzz who kept him under surveillance and the Gendarmes knobbled him for possession and he was awarded a light custodial sentence in the slammer, then after his release, Polly the ex girl friend decided  to part company and she demanded a release payment which meant one of his five houses in France had to be sold to grease her grubby palms, Jack we can now call him but not his real name.being of farming stock decided to sell up and flee the country( France) but having a criminal record was of little help,.
 Then  came the opportunity for Jack.With  the testimony  of Polly who demands further dosh to cover her ass at the inquest of Jacks elder brother who suddenly and very conveniently carked it from a self administered overdose.
 After discovering Jacks brother Paul deceased a quickly devised plot to swap identities took place and first of all was the shaving of Paul's  moustache.
It was at the height of summer and the flies had been to work on Paul when Jack  returned a week or so later with his newly acquired lip whiskers to re discover his brother Paul's corpse and call the frog Bobbies who summoned Polly to join  the scene the next day in the mortuary where she and a couple of short sighted locals swore on  oath that the body was that of Jack; plus being they were aware of Jacks drug issues the Gendarmes closed the case.
Soon after fully funded and travelling on his brother Paul's passport Jack ended up in Victoria Australia where he purchased a failed farm  which had lain fallow for several years.  Jack was not new to farming and hard graft  so he got stuck into his new venture which he  learned about what  to do and  what not to do  from an ex East African farmers journal..
Clearing the land from years of scrub growth , this was done by dragging ex navy ship or mooring cables by two bulldozers a hundred feet apart, a controlled burn off and elimination of weed and tons of cow Dung spread around then ploughed in, this  left a pristine area of land full of growth potential , And when done he noted in his diary (without  the interference of the dreaded Tetse Fly) which the Brits encountered during the failed ground nut scheme  during the fifties in Tanganyika. Jack was successful and is due to commence work shortly on another property, Jack who now calls himself Paul say's  grinning" am I not my brothers keeper" Jack/Paul now in his seventies has four workaholic sons who  rarely seem to  venture forth from the property it would also seem the Still and supply of wacky baccy  plus a few sheep keep them in  a state of contentment, must have had a KIWI mother?, but there is no mention of the mother or mothers of the now four grown men. but a lot of speculation exists
Jack/Paul was quite jocular when discussing his mailing addresses although  trickydickyville or  Joh -floville had been considered  he finally settled after remembering the word Dung which he said  had a  certain ring to it , so he made his decision and combined the name of his dreadful scheming ex girlfriend with dung,
So when you pass that property in the outback of Victoria Australia named "DUNGPOLLY  you will know about its History; in about a weeks time it will be fifty years old
You think I am fibbing don't you, or am  I , Some weird things go on in country Victoria. there is a lot of history about skulduggery hiding down there. so be careful. them country bumbkin Victorians are  a queer bunch. some would like to bump off the author of this publication.

Copyright. Vest daily gaggle.com

Vest Has Left the Building

To advise that Vest (Les Bowyer) passed away this morning. Regards, Chris (Son).