SEX, Typhoons and Roman Hypocrisy.

Today I am reading about the the former Australian Catholic priest who has perished with thousands of others in the latest major disaster in the Philippines  which has already taken the lives of countless people and most of those who have survived are now homeless. The full story and follow ups can be read in today's Sydney Daily Telegraph 12 Oct !3.
Former RC Priest Kevin Lee and whistle blower you may remember was the bloke who defied the teachings of the Roman Bum Boys and exposed the activities of child sex abuse within the church of Rome which was occurring within his and other diocese around Sydney. As a result of his actions he was either pushed(excommunicated) or left in disgust of his former colleagues. Kevin Lee also secretly married his wife, while with the church and his wife and child are presumed to be safe after the terror of the typhoon. The Catholic Bishop of Parramatta near Sydney has extended his sympathy.
Now the witches of the Catholic church will cry " It was punishment for knocking the knuckles of the holy priests and their privilege of having immoral sex with impunity.

Did you have sex before marriage? don't fib , I 'll bet most of you prim and proper wowsers out there tested the water beforehand, I say "Why not" and did you check out your spouses history, most who don't are in for surprises which are the major cause for marital breakdown.
Being beautiful is not the only female qualification for a successful marriage ( although my wife passed the test in all qualifications) I consider myself as being most fortunate to have chosen well for this my second attempt lasting sixty years. the first ending in disaster thankfully.
A friend of mine who is not the most handsome Adonis says his not too beautiful wife and he have fun sex occasionally when  they take it in turns for wearing a hood,  the result can only be left to the imagination.
Although there are a several ways of enjoying life companionship, the sad thing can be for some when the romping in the boudoir comes to an end. it is a gradual thing which is unexplainable. going through the motions without result which even Viagra can't achieve.
Finally. A visit to my health professional did nothing to help my cause when he explained that my Rolls Royce motor had run out of warranty and a new engine transplant to replace the one with the rusted nuts on the crankshaft had no chance of starting again; not even with a hand starter. Bugger.

Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much. Vest.... Back soon.

                                    HOW YOU CAN HELP Those in distress in the Philippines.
                                    Donations can be made to the following charity funds
                                       Australian Red Cross: 1800 811 700
                                       Oxfam Australia: 1800 034  034
                                       World Vision Australia: 1300: 301 430
                                       UNICEF:  1300 884 233
                                       Care Australia:1800 020 046
                                       Child Fund Australia: 1800 023 600
                                       Caritas Australia: 1800 024 413


Anonymous said…
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Anon bert said…
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What a wonderful post. Issues dear to my heart. I had seen the story about Kevin Lee, and mourned. I hope he found some happiness and some peace after he left/was pushed from the church. And mourn that his time was so short.
Care has received some money from me, and I suspect Oxfam will get a little too.
Vest said…
in reply to the last deleted comment. Read my Profile.
No I am not a Catholic. neither am I an alcoholic protestant. You must be from Melbourne mentioning pots for booze.

BTW keep it clean my G/Daughters read this now and then.
Amy, Swansea. said…
So you have rusty nuts and a broken cwank shaft hardly worth chatting you up up with little promise!!
Vest said…
Dont worry Amy, It would get lost in your four car Garage.
Amy, Swansea. said…
vest I only have a bike shed.
Vest said…
Amy: "Oh no" are you telling me you are the Swansea Local Bike.
Vest said…
I will be busy today, a day of excitement,excesses and away from domsticity. Beloved and I will be going to the BIG shops where she will run rampant until her cash flow is exhausted.
Just one of the things which replaces bonking when you become aged. all of you lovers out there have a romantic day.
Vest said…
Elephants Child: Thank you for your call, shall reciprocate soon.

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