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Words on a Wednesday

Words for WEDNESDAY.      These Words are here to assist you or confuse you in your . efforts to compose a short story. These words must be used entirely within your own story. This is not an original Idea but evolves from other frequently visited blogs from which I find Interesting. VEST. BACK PACK. HUNDRED. RELATIVES. HAPPY. TICK. PLANT.                        My story ,        I have for some time decided I am quite HAPPY staying put in one place. Younger RELATIVES are welcome to the BACK PACK vacations, for I am quite content to PLANT my feet in one place while I prepare for the journey to one HUNDRED years. My wish is; that my heart beat will continue on from it's present TICK. TICK. TICK  as it has done for  the previous 2,838,240,000 or more occasions, hopefully, but  life is what happens when we are making other plans.        Yes you are correct , I did use a calculator.. Vest .....Back soon.      


     According to figures stated in todays Sydney Daily Telegraph there have been twelve shark attacks on surfers in  NSW during the past 12 months.( people should not swim in the sharks dining room.) New South Wales Premier Politician,  Mike Baird, has been quoted as saying, 'He will not install shark nets on NSW's Killer coast to protect beachgoers' even after another young surfer was mauled by a monster great white shark yesterday, ( Well  if he does not wish to do it, Why not get someone else), I had no idea politicians were moonlighting; don't they get paid enough already  or has someone misquoted the Premier.       The last time I swam in the ocean was at Cronulla NSW 1945. It was so different then to what it is now but the perils in the ocean were the same. At the time , I was swimming about 100 metres from the beach when a bell was ringing, being a POM (Englishman ) I thought it was the 'Ice Cream  vendor, , I paid little notice until a person yelled "

A re run

      Being as Barbies are the topic on Rivers blog, I thought maybe this re-run  from back a fair bit may add a little mirth but please excuse  the dodgy language, .have  fun. Read the previous Post.
      Being as Barbies are the topic on Rivers blog, I thought maybe this re-run  from back a fair bit may add a little mirth but please excuse  the dodgy language, .have  fun. Cor blimey, What a night !        Got back to our castle from the club Via my mates house about 2am, much goings on - still a bit of  swearing and people necking in the shrubbery, the bang clang music still blaring due to the neighbours being away places distant, I slept in the gardener's cottage(Shed) til 0800, was wakened by the visiting family of magpies tucking into several piles of vomit amid the cans bottles a broken glass reminiscent of a Barry Dog's Head Barby and general piss up. The local handyman had been summoned to clean up the chaos and had just returned from the local park after depositing the last three drunks from our back garden. Previously invitations had been sent to people with an option to bring a friend and their own grog and for those wh

Dear Editor.

        Having read recently several articles within your sporting pages  relating to a downturn in spectator attendances at most sporting venues, I feel there must be some skulduggery going on at the entrance turnstiles and people getting in for free by slipping a few less bucks to the ticket sellers and bypassing the electronic counters.          Well sir I am not the least surprised, as this sort of activity has been going on for ages; in particular within my family and vastly extended family whose ingenious methods of gaining entry to sporting activities without interference is legendary.          The gathering of our families at these sporting venues means we can have lunch together and have a chatter and let the young ones let of steam and scream and squawk to their hearts content while sharing sandwiches and meat pies, there are no leftovers our family really enjoy a good feed at most times and rarely anything goes to waste.          Sir, as long as we have people attending 


THEY ARE YOUNG SELFISH BONE IDLE AND HAPPILY JOBLESS'                               NEETS.. Not in Education Employment or Training..       They are an army of young Australians "unwilling to work" spends the day sleeping, watching TV or playing computer games,       Two young ladies from Mount Druitt renowned for it's high Bludger population are Ashleigh 21,and Amy 17 ( Not to be confused with the silly AMY From Swansea who pesters my blog) but two work shy layabouts who would rather spend their time chilling at 'Maccas or driving their ancient car off road for fun rather than seek employment. Ashleigh told the TELEGRAPH she would never get a job." I don't want to work all of my life and just die"       There are more than 100,000 of these  types of young persons capable of employment and using the Social services loopholes to eke out a comfortable living which suits their bone idle lifestyle.       Read the full story in today's Sydney Da

Priests The Main Abusers.

Hardly a day passes without mention of another incident uncovered and probably more which go unreported. The most formidable of the  Faith Industry Christian following the Roman Catholic Church, is rarely short of a sexual scandal concerning not so much Nuns but the Men of the cloth who wallow in the privilege of secret sexual activity between themselves and young children in their care. These people involved could avoid this ghastly activity. should the archaic Church of Rome  allow priests to marry like other normal males. The alternative could be castration which would solve the sex problem completely , also retain a healthy bank of treble singers should the choir boy numbers drop. Poverty, Ignorance and fear of the almighty allow the church to bully their charges into submission. little wonder most of these underprivileged people have few independent thoughts of their own, this is not only in Ireland as will be mentioned but worldwide, Particularly within Hispanic communiti

Words for Wednesday in Capitals

Words for Wednesday. The expression (DARKEST HOUR) can be that of a calamity prior to the dawn of a new era in your life after suffering the raw end of the pineapple in a (KANGAROO COURT) (OR)  those persons who (HAVE FUN) at your expense(AND) then eventually getting the better of them .

Words for Wednesda

 FRANTIC. LEMON. PARASITE. SPINE. PUMMEL. EARLY.              The scene was the Persian Gulf in 1928,. A British Royal Navy Frigate  HMS Nonsuch was on patrol intent on subduing every  (PARASITE) in the drug and Gun running trade in the area.        (EARLY) that morning a Arab Dhow  was sighted and was in full sail trying to avoid capture, This one was not a (LEMON) like the others recently boarded, there were a few who were honest traders but this one was a dead cert..      Having caught up with the Dhow. The order "Away Armed Whaler" was given. The crew of the whaler (Boat) armed with pistols and large cudgels which were  used  to (PUMMEL) any opposition into submission.       In charge of the boat (The Whaler) was Sub Lt, Head-Strong RN, A bumptious  no-all but in truth  foolhardy to say the least.        As the armed Whaler pulled alongside the Dhow a rope ladder was thrown down the side of the Dhow, Whereupon Sub Lt Head - Strong yelled " Follow me men,


This is a re- run of a five year old post which still has some merit. it also contains some words which may offend Cricket Lovely Cricket. Plus a bit of uncomplimentary Stirring. Cricket lovely Cricket has nothing to do with the 1950 song created by the West Indies team when they thrashed England for the first time, Remember the last line of the song? "Those two very good friends of mine Ramadin and Valentine. In Sonny Ramadin and Alf Valentine's days  cricket was the gentleman's game, sadly it has degenerated due to the fast moving society of today and newcomers to the game bending the multitude of rules & and regs for them to suit their nefarious activities.  Dodgy umpiring was the first to go when the ICC decided  neutral umpires would replace the local  umpires. The sub Continent teams,particularly Pakistan were prone to skulduggery, Example being Javed Miandad only getting out LBW twice In Ten years play within Pakistan but twenty fol

Wednesday's Words for Friday.

CROCUS. FOUNT. SHAWL. TORCH. KNIFE. NARRATIVE.  This is my story.       It was a cool but very wet Spring evening, .Although  someone had mentioned the appearance of the first (CROCUS), there was little time to stop and look for this beautiful spring flower as she made a dash for the door of her house in the pouring rain -  skidding in the wet grass her cell phone lost the grip of her hand .and  went flying into the (FOUNT). It was not a time to stop and search , but later she appeared when the rain had ceased wearing a (SHAWL) and carrying a(TORCH) Searching for and soon finding her now useless cell phone her foul (NARRATIVE) one could cut with a (KNIFE) lessening the anguish of her loss. "Swear now,! for in heaven it will not be allowed." Vest... Back soon.

For Cricket lovers only

     It would seem that the Sydney Daily Telegraph  Sports writers have either been asleep or are bemoaning the fact that the Sri Lankans have handed out a good thrashing to the Aus  ball whackers in all forms of the game, yes by the team who recently were walloped by the poms or Englishmen if you wish to be polite.      To add to this misery, the England one day cricket team have in the past two days established  another record by surpassing the previous scores of Aus and Sth Africa played on a short boundary pitch. a while back plus beating the individual score to add to their triumph with seven of their players not needing to bat in this debacle Previous Individual score  168 now 171. previous Aus score 434,  Sth Africa 438. England now 444 with only 3 wkts down  on a pitch with longer boundaries. There has been no mention of this info today and most likely if it is mentioned would have similar exposure as the hiding in the 1938 test at the oval in Surrey when  the England team b