NEETS.. Not in Education Employment or Training..
      They are an army of young Australians "unwilling to work" spends the day sleeping, watching TV or playing computer games,
      Two young ladies from Mount Druitt renowned for it's high Bludger population are Ashleigh 21,and Amy 17 ( Not to be confused with the silly AMY From Swansea who pesters my blog) but two work shy layabouts who would rather spend their time chilling at 'Maccas or driving their ancient car off road for fun rather than seek employment. Ashleigh told the TELEGRAPH she would never get a job." I don't want to work all of my life and just die"
      There are more than 100,000 of these  types of young persons capable of employment and using the Social services loopholes to eke out a comfortable living which suits their bone idle lifestyle.
      Read the full story in today's Sydney Daily Telegraph. My favourite newspaper delivered daily to my door.
                                       A message for the young and lazy

       I am old and retired, I employ a gardener,  to cut the grass and a cleaner to do all of the house once  every two weeks, But I do all the shopping , Planning, Tidying up the house and Bathrooms preparing and cooking all meals and  all the kitchen chores in between cleaner visits, I also attend to the washing and bathing of my wife- plus dressing her and generally am at her beck and call. I have to spend time talking to her comforting her , which mostly falls on deaf ears. there are times when my Wife is resting I am able to write or read the paper and watch TV in the evenings where in most cases she falls asleep. I get two six hour breaks when my wife goes out for the day Mons & Frids in care which is not cheap.
      I finished my schooling at 15 and was lucky - most  kids then it was 13.   I started my first Job at 15yrs of age and was pensioned by my employer when I was 40, and they have been paying me a pension for FIFTY years, because I was worth it.  I also had  five other forms of employment improving my status each time until ceasing self paid employment at 70.
     Yes , I find time to be lazy, it is very rewarding even if only brief.
Vest ..... Back soon Snore zzzzzzzz..


There are people who rort every system. I suspect this group is not as prevalent as the Telegraph would have you believe.
River said…
The name NEETS is new, but the jobless kids with no intention of ever working is not.
There's been talk now and again of governments reducing pensions for future generations; for those who have built up substantial superannuation payments they'll survive, (maybe just barely), but those who have never worked and saved, like these youngsters, will find old age very very hard.
Vest said…
Ashleigh and Amy. Or any of your friends if you are reading this, there are some of us who have worked our butts off most of our lives and even in retirement like my self are paying taxes so you two ungrateful work shy little tarts can indulge yourselves.
What you really need is a good spanking with your daddies slipper, "Whack".
Or I suppose you could take the easy way out and work in the oldest profession until you become discarded on the slag heap.
Vest said…
E,C. I can quite believe what you are saying, I agree the press have a tendency to exaggerate their figures, however, even a 50% reduction would be more than enough to become a worry, thank you for calling.
Vest said…
River. I agree with you on the issues of retirement , those without super or other paid in pension funds will suffer when they become aged. particularly my No 5 Son.
My wife and I have multiple funds, I, four and she 3 sources of secure income. Thank you for calling.

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