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Weather Again, 'C'Tax. And Legless.Eccleslastical Nutter. + Thugby League.

Several days of fine weather with warm Midday sunshine, a few cool nights with early morning dew. being able to sit and ponder in the garden - a blessing. Most of the regular bird visitors now take me for granted, watching me hand feed the magpie family has made the large black crow family less cautious,  a peck from their huge beaks could cause concern. It seems the Clan major birthday period has arrived, From 48 known blood Rello's worldwide, fifteen in fact are Cancerians, which would include my parents, my wife two sons and myself. It is enough to say that the rugby league season gives me the chance to speed up the reading of my fav/newspaper by avoiding the last ten or more pages, the last inner page reported the introduction of female refs in the game; most would be built like brick dunnies  and be  of Maori, Tongan or Samoan ancestry 250poud (18 stone)Amazons. or baby boomers plus.YUK!! The carbon tax fiasco continues.When the carbon tax is implemented, what can we as

Another beautiful day plus a multitude of congrats pour in for 58th Anniversary..and Misc.

Same as yesterday ;  just beautiful to sit in a sunny sheltered area besieged by birds of multi species, I wonder if their hunger fuelled devotion to me would change if they were aware we ate chicken roast for dinn dinns. Thank you Rosemary for your beautiful card and Large Bottle of Bailey's, Which no doubt Rosemary will enjoy later in the day. Her single card on the shelf is devoid of company. BTW we have about 20 grown family members in the land of OZ  average first union time about 5 years not even a seven year itch, so navigating  a stretch of 58 years would seem effectively impossible - probably frightening too. I suppose it depends on the luck of the draw, I was lucky second time around, wouldn't swap her for Quids.oxoxox. "The Best is yet to be".......Vest..... back soon.

Beaut Day, Couldn't wish for better. Plus civil war.

Up early this Sunday morning at 8-30, It had been a bit chilly getting into the PJ's earlier at 1 am; the starlit sky and full moon contributed to a frosty winters night, a peek through the bedroom curtains after a hurried trip to the dunny revealed a beautiful cloudless blue sky. We had returned late last night from our club where nearest and dearest and I found the music (The Shuffle Boys)much more to our liking than the normal serve of 'Bang Clang Tripe', on this occasion we tripped the light fantastic or similar although, not quite as good as in the past, after a few minutes my back ached and my legs turned to jelly. Back home at midnight we turned  on the TV to a pre recorded program 'Heart Beat' where one of the plots included a funny or pathetic re enactment of a 1600's English Civil war skirmish, re Olly Cromwell's New Model Army. Quite coincidentally but not intentional was the fact the program was shown on the 18th June 2011 the Anniversary of th

Why I shall not post Grimy police and political stories in the future, + fine weather

A letter to friends and relatives. Fine weather at last  after about 20 cm of rain over the past week. This applies to the local district where I live, out back NSW is still cleaning up after flooding, there will be fewer drought  complaints for a while. Haven't heard much from rello's in blighty recently, must be bucket and spade time. despite the cricket being washed out again. Tonight Macfarlanes lantern will have waxed to its fullest.TSHS will be gadding around the skyline on her broomstick and being Saturday local grog filled  loonies will be out in force. The best  petrol discounter 20cents per liter is still the Cat house in Sydney I mentioned recently, the best supermarket discount only 4cents per liter. Only the wicked benefit Listening to the radio and Television also absorbing page after page of dodgy goings on by our peers, masters and leaders in the faith industry, you will be better served by getting it first hand and with more detail; by clicking on to the

North Korea has nuke

| |   SEOUL - North Korea has probably succeeded in miniaturizing a nuclear device, South Korea's defense minister said on Monday, an advance that would in theory allow the hermit state to place an atomic warhead on a rocket. Regional powers have for years tried -- with a mix of aid offers and punitive sanctions -- in vain to stop Pyongyang pressing ahead with a nuclear weapons program it argues is a necessary defense against a hostile United States and South Korea with which it still has no peace treaty to formally end the 1950-53 Korean War. Kim Kwan-jin offered no evidence to back his assertion but said the North had had enough time for such a development. "It has been quite a while, enough time for them to have succeeded in miniaturization," he told a parliamentary defense committee. If true, it would mark a key advance in the North's drive to develop a functioning nuclear weapon though that threat appears to be potential rather

Frozen British Pensions. A change from global warming.

LATEST IN FROZEN PENSIONS Will Australian businesswoman support frozen pensions campaign? Thérèse Rein, one of Australia's most successful businesswomen, is likely to be the next prominent figure to be asked by frozen pensioner lobbyists to champion their cause. 05 May 2011 Australian PM told to use royal wedding to unfreeze her parents' pensions Prime minister Julia Gillard has been asked to broach the plight of frozen expat pensioners with David Cameron during her visit to the royal wedding on behalf of the British Pensions in Australia (BPiA) organisation, of which her Welsh emigre parents are members. 29 Apr 2011 Weakness of sterling could force older expats back to UK Over half of expat Britons aged over 55 are sending money back to the UK, fuelling speculation that a growing number of people are planning to give up on life abroad. 15 Apr 2011 Budget has failed frozen-out pensioners, says expat As debate over the 2011 Budget continues, a key figure in

Reply to Anonymous Abdul Towel head from W U Bloggers Cairo

Image Reply to Anonymous Abdul Towel head from W U Bloggers Cairo Posted: 12 Jun 2011 09:53 PM PDT . Well bully for you, if you fear the scriptures, and the Koran and your rabbi's or mullahs, and respect for lying priests who are nothing but wankers( Or should be!!)most are sodomite's or bum bandits. If you wish to live or die by your archaic dis proven laws; so be it, however,don't force them down other people's throats. Missionaries Kate & Sidney were put in the pot by the natives, Chief say "Make good Steak & Kidney pie". The only good they ever did was to feed the hungry and oppressed BTW, Why don't you try to discover how Atheists or in my case Infidels, give good values to their progeny. Values differ between the host of religious denominations, that is why there is so much conflict when one sect pits its wits against other sects, lies battling lies. Common courtesy is the required median. a set of


URGENT BLOOD DONOR APPEAL.. AUSTRALIANS ARE BEING ASKED TO GIVE BLOOD URGENTLY Tonight  due to the long weekend. drunken loonies will be creating havoc on the roads and for the emergency staff in your local hospital. Warnings have little effect on these people who wind up killing themselves and others due to their thoughtlessness. BLOOD SUPPLIES. There is only one more days supply left. The Australian Red Cross Blood Service yesterday said blood supplies had plummeted to dangerously low levels, nationally the supply stands at nearly two days. The sad thing is only 3% of Australians had given blood in the past year. So come on you guys , Those pretty Dracula's are waiting , all they need each time you go is about half an armful. This message also goes out to the people of all Nations. If you can find time to sit around the home for no useful purpose or at a loose end, get up and get down to your local blood bank. " Don't know where it is " look in the telephone

A sort of stalemate not a lot happening. except for...........feeling lucky!!

Just finished brekky; the sun is out  no clouds - could be warmer today after the crisp and cold winds coming in across the Tasman from the South, later  it should be nice in the garden sheltered from the wind.  the nervous crow who visits our garden came within three feet of me to be fed, still hand feeding three visiting magpies; one magpie perched briefly on my hand; it's the first and last time ( claws like needles). We have had three lotto wins in the past three weeks-about time - but not  a sit on your ass for life amount, I am becoming greedy now because really i am quite satisfied with my lot both present and the er future?. 1210 pm back from the garden, Received a strange email from my fav newspaper, reads.... 10/06/2011 Dear Mrs Sharma, Subscriber number: 197028 As a loyal reader, The Daily Telegraph and The Sunday Telegraph are giving you even more value for the price of your subscription. Your subscription to The Dai

Pleasing weather plus a disgusting fish recipe.and a Boxing Bludger.

       IT is not raining or blowing and the sun is out and the clouds have gone, simply put, a very pleasant day. It really makes one feel good. The not too pretty check out chick asked the question," Whats the weather like outside"? Although it was raining the other day I replied " Beautiful sunshine; just like you  sweety Absolutely gorgeous". Made her day....."Be kind to someone today'" Whole Morwong barbecued in banana leaves. Sounds disgusting 'dunnit' yuk...Like Rats stewed in a dunny can..  A recipe discovered in my Fav newspaper today. Morwong alias Gemfish strangely enough is usually pleasant eating although way behind most other edible fish mainly the more expensive fish like salmon and barramundi. Fish should taste like fish, not like a mashed toilet roll disguised with miscellaneous herbs and spices and barbecued, such as chopped red onion, garlic, ginger, coriander root, chillies,, turmeric, cumin, coconut cream,salt and li