Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Final Letter to Wyong Council.NSW Australia

From: Les Bowyer To: wsc@wyong.nsw.gov.au Sent: Wednesday, June 27, 2012 3:19 PM Subject: Abuse of Council property. I would like to draw to your attention to the unkempt state of the road verge adjoining the property known as 11 Kewalo Avenue, Budgewoi. Since the visit of a Council Ranger a few weeks ago relating to another matter which was resolved, namely the parking of vehicles on the nature strip thereby blocking access to pedestrians etc. My registered trailer was parked on the nature strip for the purpose of preventing the nice gentleman at no 13 from destroying our frontage as he has done to his by using our frontage as an exit from his property (Nature strip). It has taken the person at Number 13 at least two weeks beyond the visit of said Ranger to get used to the Idea of not parking on the Said nature strip. Said neighbour parks his Ivan M type Vehicle actually in the water course, the passenger side wheels facing north and one metre from the bitumen edge. This in effect has left our frontage at Number 11 in a sorry state. I leveled the mess out last week but the nice person from number 13 has performed again. It seems on leaving for his employment in the early hours, he wheelies around in a tight circle which also involves the cutting up the verge of the property across the road in addition to his rampage. On Monday 25 June we placed two bins strategically across our section thereby making the neighbour park in front of his property the bins were removed today. Hopefully he will find this more convenient. *****However, the mess remains and will remain until someone other than myself comes to sort it out. The reason for this being, the maintenance of the grassed area cannot be carried out properly, and as a result the grass can grow as high as you want it to grow as I shall avoid any further maintenance period. Anyhow it is the Council's property and we have no use for it. Should you wish to contact me please telephone 43908894 between 0830 and 1200 for an appointment to discuss this matter at my address. Yours Sincerely, Leslie I Bowyer. 11 Kewalo avenue , Budgewoi NSW .......AKA, Vest Daily Gaggle.com.....Could make an interesting post what say you, have a thoughtful day. BTW: this mess if left unattended. will make an ideal Mosquito breeding ground. PS: Are all other vehicles in our street exempt from these Council orders. ----- Original Message ----- From: Les Bowyer To: WSC@wyong.nsw.gov.au Sent: Friday, July 06, 2012 3:06 PM Subject: Fw: Abuse of Council property. Dear Public Servant. This message relates to previous message attached. It would seem little or nothing has transpired regarding any action taken in respect of my previous message. Unfortunately we the occupants of 11 Kewalo Ave, do on some pretence or other leave the premises for varied activities relating to the general course of living, so it can be safely assumed the possibility of an incoming phone call from Council may have been inadvertently missed; possibly. However, due to several days of the previous week having someone in attendance to receive incoming calls the likelihood is that this has not happened. The present situation sees the Mr Wonderful next door at No 13 continue to park his Ivan M type truck in the slush and mud of the Ditch / Waterway which would more than likely be a parking offence also one of defacing public property- Please reply by phone or email your intentions soonest. please also re- re read ***** in previous in previous message. Thank you Leslie J Bowyer. 11, Kewalo Ave, Budgewoi. BTW, I am 86 years of age and my wife 78 yesterday, we are too frail to carry out major earthworks and unable to dig or repair council ditches on a voluntary basis, anyhow, I don't have a shovel. Quote, 'Give me a firm place to stand and I will move the earth. ..Archimedes. Letter sent Tuesday July 31.2012. To Whom it may concern @wyong council offices. G-day if you are human or ZING ZING tiddly ding if you are a mechanical device. Once More I am contacting you with further advice on the continuing saga of the frontage at 11 Kewalo as above,NOTHING WHATSOEVER HAS BEEN CONDUCTED BY YOUR ORGANIZATION TO RECTIFY THIS UNPLEASANT SITUATION. The present state of the frontage is one of chaos ; which has been created by Mr. xxxxx next door at number 13. Three days ago I took my aged and frail body Aged 86 with garden tools and leveled off the area being it had dried out a little, the day following (Sunday) 29 inst. As the grass(lawn?) was dry I was able to eventually use the mower in between stoppages for heart murmurs and revitalizing drinks of water.during that time Mr. xxxx's truck was parked in the ditch, thus preventing me from even trying to trim any foliage his truck was covering. shortly after he left and on his return he knowingly parked illegally between our wheelie bin and the nature strip, his truck sloped at an acute angle. This was in my opinion and that of the Policeman we called upon as totally unnecessary as his driveway - capacity for two cars was at the time available to accommodate his truck. This morning Mr xxxx had left at 0700approx, but he had parked over night despite police orders not to; on said area in contention, leaving it in as much sickening mess as before. At this point in time I am requesting that some one from your organization; preferably large and muscular, call upon said miscreant at 13 Kewalo and deal with this problem effectively and with permanence in mind or and, with a 'Or else' option. Would you please try to contact me soonest in order to discuss this matter further if such is necessary. Tomorrow will not be a suitable time due to much of tomorrow I shall be slightly fuzzy , this being due to my being in hospital in Gosford having an operation on my inner parts, then should I escape death I shall be celebrating my prodigal son's birthday on Thursday 2nd Aug. Please contact me soonest before Xmas if possible or before the grass in the ditch will be three feet tall. AVAGDAY Leslie j Bowyer.----- Original Message ----- To desire and strive to be of some service to the world, to aim at doing something which shall increase the happiness and welfare of mankind - this is a choice which is possible for all of us and surely is a good haven to sail for. Vest Daily Gaggle .com ..... Back soon ? Hopefully!!!.

Saturday, 28 July 2012

Contiued from previous post.

I was close to home when I saw the Coal delivery man open our front gate. I watched as the big lurcher dog from the mill mounted one of Auntie Parker's Scots Terriers in the flower bed. Auntie flapped her arm yelling "Someone do something"., The Coal man promptly dropped his sack of coal and grabbed then squeezed the lurcher's testicles. The poor dog, his his coitus interrupted,let out an unearthly howl and shot off down the road his back legs hobbling in a three legged sprint. My adopted uncle Robert was a queer old cove. he lived in a large three storey house by the river cherwell in Oxford with a man servant?. Though his sexual preferences may have been questionable, his meanness certainly wasn't. Uncle Bob rarely bought a newspaper, always choosing the library for such information, and always rode a bicycle twelve miles to visit us. The day he turned up late hot and flustered with a puncture I was sent to the Post Office to buy a puncture repair kit that cost me six pennies, a rather large sum for a nine year old. Uncle Bob the mean old sod failed to reimburse me, I then complained to Auntie Parker about my financial loss. she then stated it was God's punishment for fibbing to farmer Frankman about his bull. I then retaliated by informing Auntie that while she was entertaining Farmer Turner with tea and biscuits in our lounge room with the window curtains drawn, up the road Dickey Moores and Curly Hicks were pointing out to the village copper where I was supposedly nicking farmer turners Mangold wurzels. while Auntie knew Farmer turner said I could take as many as I wanted on that day he called on you. I then told Auntie that, two days later when you told me you were going to the village hall, the policeman saw your bicycle at turners farmhouse, later the policeman told me everything had been sorted out and I was clean. Soon after Auntie gave me a hug and big kiss and told me not to mention what I knew to anyone, Then she gave me the six pennies Uncle Bob owed me. All for now Back soon Vest.

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Have you ever been naughty like me ? .I'll bet you have.

Really naughty I mean, before achieving adulthood. Now This will get most of you thinking, particularly before the cane and spanking was abolished by the do gooders. "What did I get that good hiding for when I was ten or, or was I only eight" Or if you were a new age "Spare the rod and spoil the child brat" and was grounded for something which caused offence such as stabbing the next door neighbours cat, and pissing in the family swimming pool, or better off kids joy riding and crashing dads Merc. Now remember you must only have recall of the silly stupid things you did as a juvenile not the current crimes you are presently engaged in, so be cautious, the jails are already filled to capacity, and most Aussie are fearful of incarceration with hard labour; particularly hard labour. So please be careful as I do not have enough funds to bail you out. My first petty indiscretion was a double act with a friend (Not that) Reg and I gathered stinging nettles in the school break and opened the flaps to the dunny buckets at the rear of the girls toilets and stung their bums, ours did too later when we were caught.Yep, buckets in the thirties. My second awful deed I remember was in collaboration with another Boy (Not that. what are your minds turning over). The school Bully in our dormitory at WNTS College was Ginger Williams and had to be sorted out. It was decided by all in the dorm the matter was to be expedited at 9 Pm at 'Lights out'. Ginger had a habit of going for a pee prior to said lights out however, on his return everyone feigned sleep and ignored his cries "Who pissed in my bed" Ginger was in serious strife the following morning from the fat old bag matron who really whacked into ginger. Ginger was never the same after that incident. I have a couple more which I can mention but later maybe. Lets see if 'You' can come up with something real naughty. Here is the final one for today. Dicky Moores dyed the tail of my aunt's pure white cat; black, (black lead paint) this was in retaliation at the time of a school holiday in 1935, my friends Roger and Andrew and I, were riding our bikes near a black shed in a large fenced in paddock, when we saw this very large bull through the cracks of the fence, at the time it seemed prudent not to annoy this huge creature. However, Roger climbed on top of the fence and swung a large Brussels sprout stem with frozen dirt on the end right bang into the bulls testimonials. the bull charged the fence and was seen cantering off in the distant fields, Mr Franklin the farmer caught the bull later, On the morning the coalman arrived I was returning home with six pennies in my sock after having a bath at Franklins farm where I had mucked out a stable for Mr Franklin, who questioned me about his bull. I told Mr Franklin I had a good idea it was Dicky Moores and his mate Curly Hicks a gypsy bloke(They had recently wrongly reported me for nicking farmer Turners Mangold wurzels).Mr Franklin said that Roger Woods had told him the same thing. I was pleased Mr Franklin believed my story. To be continued....soon.... Vest BTW the sequel to this saga will contain adult themes.

Saturday, 21 July 2012

Will the "New Germans" in Unclesamland repeal their antiquainted Gun Laws.

Anyone who agrees to the inane USA law " The right to bear arms, unconditionally, is off their Hill billy rocker. The law is so lackadaisical, that any unhinged bonehead in America and there are plenty of them - can acquire a weapon to wreak havoc on whom they please at their slightest whim. Fifty wounded souls and twelve indiscriminately put to death by a lunatic American Gun loony in a movie theatre at Denver Colorado. this was a new approach to mass murder inspired by the screening of a film(Movie) The Dark Knight Rises, a person (Male) carrying an assortment of weapons copying the antics of a character from the Movie. Colorado is not the only 'Horse Opera' gun slinging state of the union to allow this gun freedom. the widespread use of weapons as a first choice to settle disputes is rampant within the whole rotten core of the USA. An excerpt from my memoirs follows. While at Charleston, South Carolina,USA. I was sent ashore as the Ship's Limey representative with the US Navy shore patrol. During a discussion, an American officer asked me why I pronounced the rank of Lieutenant as Leftenant and not Lootenant. "Both spell Lieutenant" I replied, "However, our pronunciation does not infer they live in lavatories. Later we attended a domestic dispute at a trailer park that housed U/S Navy married personnel. When we arrived, a very angry person with a shotgun fired at us, shattering the wind shield of our truck. The driver then backed off and the police were called. When I arrived back on board my ship , I was asked, "How did things go?" I replied, "It was a very quiet evening according to the Yanks. God Bless America and all who sail in Her. Back soon VEST.

Saturday, 14 July 2012

The mating game

In 1983 my Mother passed away on July 19, Mother terminated two days prior to her 86TH birthday. Frighteningly enough today I have reached that same pinnacle my 86Th birthday being on Monday July 16 but as yet have not become deceased. Hopefully I shall continue to create a new longevity record being the patriarch of my family and including my siblings who have already become extinct. Being a cancerian who has already defeated Cancer in 1992, I am now on the verge of beating another one, but I really feel OK. Beside my mother and myself, my father was also a cancerian and so is my Wife and two of our five sons one whose first wife was of exact identical age also their daughter was a cancerian and there are more; in fact 38% of my known relatives are Cancerians. Two of my sons squeaked past and become LEO's So it would seem that in the main, Autumn or Fall would be the mating season for most of us. this would not be true being that some were hatched in the U/K some in Australia also in Singapore and even one made in Hong Kong. The family is Caucasian, Anglo Saxon type Bits - to get the picture straight. straight in the saddle nothing off centre. Maybe the first atom bomb test anniversary July 16 1945 and the Apollo 11 moon thingy lift off July 16 1969 BST had some quirky influence, but not Mohammad's flight from Mecca to Medina 16-7-622, The cancellation of M's flight would have been a blessing in disguise. Back soon... Remember when you get to the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on. Vest.

Thursday, 12 July 2012

Postman post man don't be slow .... be,,

Like the Comet and go man Go. and so the De Havilland comet used in the late fifties to deliver mail also passenger services to the far east from Britain, surpassed most mail services we have today. Example Mail posted at 9am in London was being delivered to the recipient in Singapore 54 hours later. However, two birthday cards sent from NSW down under in Australia posted on the third of July arrived here presumably by 'Horse and cart' yesterday the 11Th of July, a hazardous journey of approx 250 kilometers as the crow flies to The lovely little seaside hamlet of Budgewoi, also in NSW Australia. Email services are becoming slower especially when dealing with the public service sector in NSW Ostrayer. Today a simple yes or no type reply was received by email from our local council offices in Wyong NSW after nineteen days of wandering in the outback wilderness, via the black stump. Back soon.... Vest.

Sunday, 8 July 2012

Sporting Mathematics are different.

The problem I have is rather daunting, you see I do understand how to find the Square root of minus fifteen but am failing miserably trying dammed hard to fathom out the mystical equations of cricket calculus. If you are an American please leave the room as this problem may damage your brain beyond repair, others having knowledge of the ever changing mystics within the laws of cricket may pursue this question at the risk of going bonkers,but you must forgive me if I confuse you. The present five One Day cricket internationals currently being played in England - between England and Australia. have one game left to be played on Tuesday July 10. Three previous games have been won by the old enemy England also one was abandoned because of rain. The bookies give Australia little hope of winning the final game, it being a dead rubber so to speak. So in the final analysis it means that England have won the Competition convincingly three games to nil, or one if Australia pull their finger out and show something other than being a spent force. Now what confuses these facts is a statement from the Int/Cricket Board saying that, "Australia will stay at the top of the international ODI's Competition status despite receiving a complete thrashing from England. Doesn't make sense, does it? or maybe there is an established ruling in the Australian world of cricket that someone must have cheated for Aussies to lose, I believe the 'Its not fair for us to lose syndrome' started when Kim Hughes lost a series and cried for days after and P M Bob Hawke went on a bender for a week or so. Ah well who gives a shit anyhow, its the game that counts not the result. " Who said That" OK then you can stuff your ball where ever it fits, I'm taking my bat home. Back soon....Aussie Vest?

Monday, 2 July 2012

Someone is telling Porkies, so get some pork onyer fork

Page Five today In my fav newspaper is a story by two misinformed journo's which relates to the jump in food prices since the advent of the insidious 'Carbon Tax'. A happy five person family watch while Mama San carves up a huge haunch of Pork in their Chatswood 'North Shore Sydney home'. Surrounding the pic are small windows with price indicators. Don't make laugh, but the facts are seriously wrong, simply because they may relate to a silver tail area where prices are rarely displayed by the local butcher or greeno who usually assess all customer charges according to the cut of their cloth. The Family in the pic who have done a bit of export quality whingeing and moaning are suggesting their Sunday roast is in jeopardy Due to the price rise for pork being in excess of 16 bucks a Kilo. This is enough to choke on your crackling if only it were true and some of the vegetable prices shown are completely out of whack. If you have pots of overflowing dosh and you are buying on impulse - or you never bother with a five minute squizz at what the three main tucker retailers have to offer the public , well you are bound to be seen off and all more fool you. Yesterday er indoors and I had a trot around the market, bought a two litre prestige glass oven proof bowl for five bucks, and for three bucks a ten inch high decor inlaid porcelain jug, I know it could be worth around one hundred to the right buyer. Then at con the green grocer the several varieties of veggies we purchased would cost far less than half that suggested by the journos from the Telegraph. Check this out. Aldi stores. have Boneless rolled leg pork $7-99 a Kilo. pork leg bone in, $4-99, a Kilo. Coles Supermarkets have similar prices, such as Easy carve pork shoulder roast at 7-00 per Kilo. and Lamb leg roast at Ten bucks a Kilo. Also Our local meat purveyors (butchers) have similar more economical offers than those suggested by my fav newspaper delivered daily to my door. Back soon ....Vest... sponsored by Pinky and Perky, Oink. http://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/news/families-feeling-carbon-tax-as-prices-start-to-rise/story-e6freuy9-1226413848663 Copy and google.

Vest Has Left the Building

To advise that Vest (Les Bowyer) passed away this morning. Regards, Chris (Son).