Sporting Mathematics are different.

The problem I have is rather daunting, you see I do understand how to find the Square root of minus fifteen but am failing miserably trying dammed hard to fathom out the mystical equations of cricket calculus. If you are an American please leave the room as this problem may damage your brain beyond repair, others having knowledge of the ever changing mystics within the laws of cricket may pursue this question at the risk of going bonkers,but you must forgive me if I confuse you. The present five One Day cricket internationals currently being played in England - between England and Australia. have one game left to be played on Tuesday July 10. Three previous games have been won by the old enemy England also one was abandoned because of rain. The bookies give Australia little hope of winning the final game, it being a dead rubber so to speak. So in the final analysis it means that England have won the Competition convincingly three games to nil, or one if Australia pull their finger out and show something other than being a spent force. Now what confuses these facts is a statement from the Int/Cricket Board saying that, "Australia will stay at the top of the international ODI's Competition status despite receiving a complete thrashing from England. Doesn't make sense, does it? or maybe there is an established ruling in the Australian world of cricket that someone must have cheated for Aussies to lose, I believe the 'Its not fair for us to lose syndrome' started when Kim Hughes lost a series and cried for days after and P M Bob Hawke went on a bender for a week or so. Ah well who gives a shit anyhow, its the game that counts not the result. " Who said That" OK then you can stuff your ball where ever it fits, I'm taking my bat home. Back soon....Aussie Vest?


WALLY. said…
Wot a aussie Vest, Huh?
Vest said…
Yes Wally I am.
Been an Ozzie nearly twice as long as you, and longer than fifty per cent of Aus nationals.
BTW.I always win when the Oz/Pom tests are played'. Also briefly visited Oz 1944-46, Brit Royal Navy.
General. Barmy Army. said…
Rampant England crush Australia
England beat Australia by seven wickets to seal their 10th one-day win in a row and complete a 4-0 series victory. but no doubt the aussies still believe they are the best simply because they are fairly thick between the ears.
Vest said…
General (nuisance) Barmy Army: few of your Wooden Top mob would pass an IQ test.

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