Wednesday, 9 November 2005


A Study of my web stats indicates only about 2% of visitors commented on the previous posts relating to the Gold Card. Not interested, only for oldies and we will never get it attitude possibly by oldies, too proud are you? what a shame, well a lot of you will boot the bucket earlier than you anticipate due to your complacency,and the Govt will double dip due to your earlier departure, the futility of it all will bring gleeful joy to the yellow toothed Uber Rodents in Canberra.

At last I received a letter from De-anne Kelly MP Minister of Veteran Affairs; via my Federal MP Jill Hall; thanks Jill for your efforts to help,you have done your best for us. but it is a losing fight for the aged British Vets, the numbers of those in dire need would be around the lower hundreds.
I shall not consider myself as one of those unfortunates, I being only 80 and only suffering from asbestos related pleurosy.
Mind you our Fed Govt is doing a great job and has managed to spend about $65 million bucks from the several billion surplus on more important ventures like:$12 million to upgrade and expand Aus war memorials, another $11million to build Anzac Hall, $7million for refurbishing of some war memorials, and to encourage 'Pride in Aus Military History' another $15million, other small cosmetic issues add up to around $12.5million.
In addition; we have an outpouring of funds to various countries supposedly in need, who in turn would stab you in the back if the need arose, for example our neighbour Indonesia has been deluged with millions of our hard earned bucks, to enable them to combat bird flu, while us OZZIES have not the faintest hope of getting the vaccine for ourselves.
Meanwhile 'Billy Bunter' aka Foriegn Minister Alex Downer; our famous fat draft dodging hero and chicken hawke wimp is overseas wringing his podgy hands; attempting to appease the Singapore Govt PM; to not hang a Viet born Aussie convicted of serious drug offences. most people are certain the guy will swing within a few days, getting off 'aint gonna happen' as this would set a precedent and seriously stuff up the Singapore Govts draconian drug laws.
Australia has at least three major drug dramas unfolding within Indonesia at the present time, with the possibility of a dozen Australian guys having their guts blown apart by machine gun fire if found guilty; there is little chance of them going free.wanna bet.

It all boils down to one thing , the Feds are spending millions in tax payers money; preferably on the deceased rather than a small minority among the living.
These proposed memorials will again depict names of the glorious past heroes in order of rank and importance; followed in goldleaf bold letters by the incongruous names of the the minister or ministers who performed the act of unveiling, usually a high ranking(Does that mean smelly) politician. There is a plethora of these BUSH arse licking non combatant draft dodging fat cat chicken hawke wimps in Canberra, who can provide hidden back up clauses in the Fed Legislation to prevent non true blue ozzies from pushing the beer swilling golden ozzies Snouts from the benefits trough.
So you sinister ministers in Canberra, yours is a triumph of stupidity and arrogance over commonsense and dignity and at this moment in time I shall present to each a credibility award, that of, 13%lower than that of a Backyard Car Sales Person.
The sooner politicians the world over have their brains replaced with Cauliflowers and religeous orders are abolished globally, we will be then be controlled by the truth and love we all need; instead of the present lies distortions and greed.

De-anne Kelly Minister for Veteran Affairs. So sweet of you to eventually reply.
I am aware of your slogan 'Putting people of Dawson first' doesn't that include you yourself, surely a state based MP would fix that problem, leaving you more time to get stuck into you cushy Canberra pidgeon hole. BTW fancy you of all people having
a branch head with the name of Ian Kelly, surely not two Relo's with similar names.
Enjoy your Idyllic life down on the farm-- until the yellow hordes consume our country, I hope you take notice that a fith column of thousands are here already ( mostly in your state) preparing for the final assault. I would also like to inform you due to that drop of Vitriol at the end of your letter you will not be receiving a xmas card from me in the future, and it please's me to know That I am not of your Banana bending ilk Biologically or by species.
As for the Wretched Medallion which was returned to me uninscribed, by express post, thereby wasting another $7-50 of taxpayer dosh, it has been finaly laid to rest as like the gold card, ignominously slung to the bottom of my sock(sox) Drawer.
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Vest Has Left the Building

To advise that Vest (Les Bowyer) passed away this morning. Regards, Chris (Son).