A Study of my web stats indicates only about 2% of visitors commented on the previous posts relating to the Gold Card. Not interested, only for oldies and we will never get it attitude possibly by oldies, too proud are you? what a shame, well a lot of you will boot the bucket earlier than you anticipate due to your complacency,and the Govt will double dip due to your earlier departure, the futility of it all will bring gleeful joy to the yellow toothed Uber Rodents in Canberra.

At last I received a letter from De-anne Kelly MP Minister of Veteran Affairs; via my Federal MP Jill Hall; thanks Jill for your efforts to help,you have done your best for us. but it is a losing fight for the aged British Vets, the numbers of those in dire need would be around the lower hundreds.
I shall not consider myself as one of those unfortunates, I being only 80 and only suffering from asbestos related pleurosy.
Mind you our Fed Govt is doing a great job and has managed to spend about $65 million bucks from the several billion surplus on more important ventures like:$12 million to upgrade and expand Aus war memorials, another $11million to build Anzac Hall, $7million for refurbishing of some war memorials, and to encourage 'Pride in Aus Military History' another $15million, other small cosmetic issues add up to around $12.5million.
In addition; we have an outpouring of funds to various countries supposedly in need, who in turn would stab you in the back if the need arose, for example our neighbour Indonesia has been deluged with millions of our hard earned bucks, to enable them to combat bird flu, while us OZZIES have not the faintest hope of getting the vaccine for ourselves.
Meanwhile 'Billy Bunter' aka Foriegn Minister Alex Downer; our famous fat draft dodging hero and chicken hawke wimp is overseas wringing his podgy hands; attempting to appease the Singapore Govt PM; to not hang a Viet born Aussie convicted of serious drug offences. most people are certain the guy will swing within a few days, getting off 'aint gonna happen' as this would set a precedent and seriously stuff up the Singapore Govts draconian drug laws.
Australia has at least three major drug dramas unfolding within Indonesia at the present time, with the possibility of a dozen Australian guys having their guts blown apart by machine gun fire if found guilty; there is little chance of them going free.wanna bet.

It all boils down to one thing , the Feds are spending millions in tax payers money; preferably on the deceased rather than a small minority among the living.
These proposed memorials will again depict names of the glorious past heroes in order of rank and importance; followed in goldleaf bold letters by the incongruous names of the the minister or ministers who performed the act of unveiling, usually a high ranking(Does that mean smelly) politician. There is a plethora of these BUSH arse licking non combatant draft dodging fat cat chicken hawke wimps in Canberra, who can provide hidden back up clauses in the Fed Legislation to prevent non true blue ozzies from pushing the beer swilling golden ozzies Snouts from the benefits trough.
So you sinister ministers in Canberra, yours is a triumph of stupidity and arrogance over commonsense and dignity and at this moment in time I shall present to each a credibility award, that of, 13%lower than that of a Backyard Car Sales Person.
The sooner politicians the world over have their brains replaced with Cauliflowers and religeous orders are abolished globally, we will be then be controlled by the truth and love we all need; instead of the present lies distortions and greed.

De-anne Kelly Minister for Veteran Affairs. So sweet of you to eventually reply.
I am aware of your slogan 'Putting people of Dawson first' doesn't that include you yourself, surely a state based MP would fix that problem, leaving you more time to get stuck into you cushy Canberra pidgeon hole. BTW fancy you of all people having
a branch head with the name of Ian Kelly, surely not two Relo's with similar names.
Enjoy your Idyllic life down on the farm-- until the yellow hordes consume our country, I hope you take notice that a fith column of thousands are here already ( mostly in your state) preparing for the final assault. I would also like to inform you due to that drop of Vitriol at the end of your letter you will not be receiving a xmas card from me in the future, and it please's me to know That I am not of your Banana bending ilk Biologically or by species.
As for the Wretched Medallion which was returned to me uninscribed, by express post, thereby wasting another $7-50 of taxpayer dosh, it has been finaly laid to rest as like the gold card, ignominously slung to the bottom of my sock(sox) Drawer.
Feel free to comment, VEST DAILY GAGGLE>


tshsmom said…
Man, you're gov't sounds like ours. Money wasting jerks! Our gov'ts need to get some poor folks in office. WE could show them how to trim the fat and balance a budget!
Anonymous said…
Send for John Leonard Spencer -the writer, that person would sure fit the shoes of a foriegn affairs diplomat-he having had more foriegn affairs than anyone I can recall- I enjoyed immensely the thrill of the fantasy of being both Emma & Emily in his delicious sexy novel- who is this guy-did he ever button his flies- Emma calls him her mr Hornblower and he is my mr everready-- hope its ok using this comment thread, juicy Kate
Vest said…
Hi Kate. What a warm exciting and sexually uninhibited georgeous lady you portray' I am certain if J L S ever met you in the flesh so to speak, it would give rise to yet another explicitly exciting chapter to be included in the novel you have mentioned.
Actually I feel it is high time I embarked on to something a trifle more exciting than gold cards, maybe sexy gold earings reflecting the sunlight on the long dark hair of Emma. Email me Kate for any info you may require re J L Spencer. vest daily gaggle.xoxox ooh ooh yummy.
Anonymous said…
Associates of mine who schooled with wee little john P M, tell me that his nickname was piddling winnie. after he pissed his strides in fear behind the penny farthing shed, this is probably why he never signs using his middle name Winston
Anonymous said…
hey vesty..when you get Kates email address pass it to me.. cheers.
Vest said…
Hi dave, its 35c here right now and I'm off to have a cool shower after that a cool beer, I suggest you do the same, thoughts of spring eh dave.only with her expressed wish will I disclose her contact details, if and when I get them.
HCaldwell said…
Just thought I would say that I enjoy reading your blog. As an English language challenged Yank, I must admit that I greatly admire your rants. You have a way of calling an a**hole an a**hole that I am in awe of. Nicely done.
Anonymous said…
Hey vesty, Im taping a movie on Foxtel from 12noon today, as I have to go out. called 'THE MEDALLION', I'm told it shows our PM wee John pee pants in Drag with a fricking great gong dangling down over his wee little donger, call ya later.
Vest said…
Dave whatever you are drinking I'll have some too, I received glares from the grandkids when I turned their movie off only to see The Medallion credits at 1320, Its on again on Foxtel 2+ at 1400(2pm) but I am inclined to disbelieve your comment as frivolous, at this point in time.
Vest said…
Hi dave,I took a quick dekko at that movie, a H/K based chonk dragon film, do you really like that crap, and as I guessed you were jesting again.
Anonymous said…
Hey vesty , sorry my hilarity got out of hand.
Minister for Veteran Affairs De-anne Margaret Kelly has a teenage son Ian and her departmental head is also a middle aged Ian Kelly, her husband is named Roger.
Stinks of either cronyism or nepotism.
Reminds me of the movie and TV industry 95% non gentile.
for example our neighbour Indonesia has been deluged with millions of our hard earned bucks, to enable them to combat bird flu, while us OZZIES have not the faintest hope of getting the vaccine for ourselves.

Nice to see that our gov't is not the only gov't that loves to waste money "over there" while neglecting its own citizens in need over here.

Our gov't is doing the same thing with AIDS. We spend $15 billion for helping Africa with its AIDS problems, but if someone in America gets AIDS, they're s*** out of luck, unless they have lots of money.
Anonymous said…
hey vest. Just read some of your Gold Card Blog, bloody shameful but you are not alone there. A lot of Australian service men are missing out the card.

If you say active service in Australia but not overseas you are not eligible, Clerks who went to Canada get one, but Aircrew (Like my uncle) who flew in Australia and on coastal patrols over the Torres Straits; are not eligible!!!!!

It is a complete farce.

My neighbor was with a RAAF squadron stationed in Hiroshima just after the war, they ate the local food and drank the local water and swam in the river. American and British boffins would turn up and take samples of the area and blood samples from them,while kitted out in anti radiation kits, while they were only wearing shorts and shirts. He is one of the last survivors and has had cancer many years now.

No compensation no gold card because he was only occupation forces not active service, no health care support because he cannot prove the Cancer is Radiation related.

I watch these fat bastards line their pockets with our money and pin medals and honors on themselves and think#@^*(*&$##@!@!!!!!! anyway that is my rant for the day. cheers doug, we will probably meet in a salt mine one day.
Vest said…
Doug. I was referring to in the main, British Navy men after destroying the Jap oil Supplies in what is now known, as Indonesia, who moved their bases to Australia, the huge number of ships of the British Pacific Fleet were working out of Sydney and eastern Australian ports with some RAN ships on loan to them from the Brits also a large number of Aussies served on the British ships, those Aussies got the gold card, for months on end our ships were in contact with the enemy.
when the war ended I was just nineteen and had been in the R Navy nearly four years.
My main concern is for those really in need of medical attention, not so much myself as I am able to get around despite being a young Octogenerian with asbestos related pleurosy, the problem is being a minority and widely spread; our votes are not terribly important, to the well heeled draft dodging fat cats in Canberra. nice to hear from you Doug, have a nice day. vest.
Vest said…
I would like to thank all of you who have commented on my recent posts, my friends in the USA tshsmom the Zombie Slayer my more regular visitors, my new visitor, HC and all of you nice people whom I have had no reason to delete your comments, you all have my complete gratitude, (even you FLUTEY), taking a few days off, see you soon.
Anonymous said…
Hello you lovely man, miss you please come back soon---see ya---xx

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