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Dodgey umpiring lets the Aus "bludgerigars" off the hook.

The first Cricket test match in England has erupted into a farce, Pro Australian Umpires have allowed the bludging Aussies to cajole their nefarious way out of what was seeming to become a catastrophe. All dusted and done, when the Strayan number eleven waved his bat for a mis- timed shot and was stumped on Two; it was as plain as a pike staff this skinny looking tail ender got 'Stumped good and proper;  the only problem was the third umpire adjudicating who - long past his use/by date made a stupendous cock up due to his preferred blindness at the time and unable to see that the batsman's heel was raised and not over the line when one bail was clearly shown flying high, What a wanker, even Australians in the commentary box was certain he was 'Out'. Only blind Freddie's would see otherwise. However good luck to the number 11 who nearly scored a ton, while  while being stumped and dropped twice on the way, Only three days of rain will negate this dodgy game. Ah we