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Being a right Tosser Helps

   Winning the Toss when playing cricket is giving you the edge over your opponent some say at least fifty runs on the board. and the present test and one-day matches have proven that 100%... I am not surprised the Indian cricket team has achieved top rankings worldwide compared to the other thirteen international cricketing nations. even giving a 50 pe discount on half its population being dirt poor the remaining population is 45 million larger than the Aus, Eng, Paki, NZ, Sri Lank,.B Desh, S Africa.Scotland, West Indies, Netherlands, Ireland, Afghani, and Zimbabwe 608 million. Indians outnumber Australians by 59 to one. and and the population poor kiwis by250 to one. I am old enough to remember watching the last day of play of the 4th day in a five-day scheduled test between ENG and AUS at the Oval In Surrey played between Aug 20 and 25 inclusive, in 1938 when I was a twelve-year-old boy who paid two shillings to sit on the grass. England won by an innings and 579 runs. BTW th

Too Hot For Words

The Air Con is on full and the temp outside is $42 Cel, laziness and do as little possible the order of the day, I can afford to be lazy and do nothing until this oppressive heat ceases... Back soon hopefully.

Seventy Seven years ago

Seventy-seven years ago I Vest joined the British Royal  Navy. After twenty-four and a half years I retired on an indexed pension for the past Fifty two and a half years.. There were times when my investment was in doubt due to times of conflict. but if  I  were born again, I would never take the gamble but take a safe option. Other than that, Nothing is often a good thing to say, and always a clever thing to say. The saving of man is the holding of his tongue. and a little bit of luck.  Vest Back Soon.

I wonder where words are for this Wednesday, ?. .2-1-19