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Australians were more likely to be victims of crime than any other developed country. More alarmingly criminals were also resorting to holding up people in the streets. A similar armed robbery spree occurred last Sept. The latest report from the Bureau of crime statistics reveals that of all robberies without a weapon , only 13 percent were solved within 90 days. For robberies with a firearm, the figure was 9.3 per cent.


I slept fairly well last night, but kept thinking of that pretty thing in the office. Yes she is very pretty and it is my Rosemary's idea that what I do in the office is my own affair and I don't have to interfere in her; formerly our; subliminal bliss. Yes she is very pretty, looking at her at this very moment I see her quivering in anticipation; waiting for that rapturous moment when her beautiful coverings are removed to reveal the sweet scent of her unlaid body and she is deflowered by some unscrupulous snoring person. It was my wife Rosemary who decided my office needed more utilisation due to its commodious proportions, I now have a pretty look about the office, with a beautiful floral design quilted covered bed stuck there in full view. I can imagine the look of horror when lady visitors arrive at the office, I may test it out on a sporty younger female friend, like, "First door on the right, make yourself comfy, i'll be with you shortly.

PORT ARTHUR 'KILLER' Like a ZOMBIE Say's his Mother

Port Arthur Killer, Martin Bryant 39, Australia's worst mass murderer has become an overweight ZOMBIE, states the mother of this creature that killed without cause, 35 innocent people and seriously injured many others in a shooting rampage on April 28 1996. This ex gun toting ogre appears to be losing his marbles and refuses to talk to his mother, doctor or inmates where he is incarcerated in Hobarts prison hospital in Tasmania. If you do not recall this frightful event happening nearly ten years ago, it can be regurgitated by clicking onto Google, simply (Martin Bryant Port Arthur)lots of info available. It was on Feb 1 this year while on vacation in Tasmania that I visited Port Arthur, where the remains of one of the first penal settlements in Australia is located. Port Arthur is a great drawcard for tourists visiting Tasmania, 'I wonder why'.


The Gungho Gun Toting Loonies are having a field day. Seattle: A Gunman killed six young revellers at a 'Zombie Party' in a Seattle house yesterday and then shot himself in the head when confronted by police as he left the house, officials said. This is an extract from the Sydney Daily Telegraph (my favourite newspaper). This sort of happening would go un-noticed in the 'Good o'l US of A Tabloids, it would be far too common to raise public interest, if one failed to read about it; there would be a similar killing soon to follow within hours. However for Ozstrayer readers there is a full page to feast on. A local OZ shooter states that because 60% of murders in 2003-04 were bashings and stabbings, Knives are more dangerous than guns.(That is a load of codswallop). Perhaps the more logical interpretation is because most murders are not premeditated, the perpetrators simply had used what they had available, and because they were hard to get, guns were used less frequently

The Daily Gaggle is one year old.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you who have contributed with your comments. Ours is the age of substitutes; instead of language, we have jargon; instead of principles, slogans and perversions; and,instead of genuine ideas, Bright ideas. However your input is always welcome, and may I politely ask that you keep the smut to the minimum.


Rosemary purchased the usual tourist presents, Tea Towels, Caps and silly Fridge Magnets, all with differing motifs with reference to Tasmania, the traditional coming back from holiday presento for the relos, (all made in China). Apart from giving useful informative literature, I had the novel Idea of bringing back some real Tasmanian rock, not the seaside holiday rock candy with the name of the tourist town etched all the way through the stick of rock, but real unusually shaped smooth rocks, some of these weighing nearly a lb or 500 gr. the rocks were collected from near the shore; thirty in all, to say the least these would be the genuine article, these were placed in our car for the journey home to Sydney- 23.5 hours 1100 kilometers-680miles on the 23,000 ton ship 'Spirit of Tasmania 3'. We thoroughly enjoyed our vacation and travelled about 900 kls and stayed overnight in eight different towns, some of the roads were bad and some barely 25ft wide for eachway traffic. We hav


NOT QUITE SETTLED IN, A FEW ODD JOBS TO DO. The next door neighbours are very quiet (aged) but are friendly. This house is totally fenced, after a bit of work the house now looks a bit more friendly, we have more space, no dog poo, no noisy rude brats and so far very few mosquitoes. the garden has a huge shed 12x36 ft, several small trees, including a lime, lemon, Frangipani, Magnolia. a gardener I am not; But we now have flowers. We have finaly found homes for our goods and chattles and our huge garage is soon to become housing for the cars, a trailer load of stuff was sent to a local charity, now that we have room to move Rosemary will be attending more car boot(trunk, USA)sales. I have sent by mail; several packages with info about Tasmania, only one left, the first person to E mail me their postal address outside of Australia will receive it free of charge. Some good news, during the past eight weeks I have lost Seven Kilos- 15 LBS in ancient terms. this has mainly resulted from me