The next door neighbours are very quiet (aged) but are friendly.
This house is totally fenced, after a bit of work the house now looks a bit more friendly, we have more space, no dog poo, no noisy rude brats and so far very few mosquitoes. the garden has a huge shed 12x36 ft, several small trees, including a lime, lemon, Frangipani, Magnolia. a gardener I am not; But we now have flowers.
We have finaly found homes for our goods and chattles and our huge garage is soon to become housing for the cars, a trailer load of stuff was sent to a local charity, now that we have room to move Rosemary will be attending more car boot(trunk, USA)sales.
I have sent by mail; several packages with info about Tasmania, only one left, the first person to E mail me their postal address outside of Australia will receive it free of charge.
Some good news, during the past eight weeks I have lost Seven Kilos- 15 LBS in ancient terms. this has mainly resulted from me getting off my backside and moving myself, blogging sure is a good way to put on weight.
The colorful characters Zed, Gordon etc who posted during my absence, would you kindly shove off, if you have to be rude go elswhere.
I shall be visiting other sites soon.
Thank you Ann for the funny emails; great stuff.


tshsmom said…
We call car boot sales, rummage sales here, Vest.
If you miss the dog poo, I can mail you some. I'm all out of bratty kids though. ;)
Vest said…
TSHS. We too have Rummage, Jumble, Garage sales, Flea markets, Trash & Treasure & Fire sales, Barter sales, swap mine for your's sales.
Rent a Handy-Man has been around awhile, now we have 'Hire a Hubby', the mind boggles just thinking of the many misc talents which would be needed to fulfill the task.
tshsmom said…
LOL Vest! My hubby can't keep up with MY demands much less trying to hire out.
Glad to see you back. :-)

Now the fun begins for you two - settling in.
Anonymous said…
inslnf write more, thanks.

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