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A Merry Christmas "Everyone"

I have not been well over the past few weeks, in and out of hospitals and doctors appointments never-ending  I shall endeavour to get back on track in the new year. Weather patterns are crazy at the moment. 46 c here yesterday at noon but this morning a chilly 17 c. wearing a woolly at the moment and it is 24 c.  It will be a very quiet Christmas for my elder son and me, although we will be visiting my dear lady wife  Rosemary on Xmas eve, a few tears no doubt. Ginger our old Tom puss had to be put down; Cancer, Chris has his ashes in a box in his office. Minney our female puss is into mouse hunting at the moment, there seems to be a tribe of mice dwelling under the covered decking, burying tiny mice has become a morning chore. in the evenings while watching the television, Minney will perch on the arm of the sofa without fail to look into my eyes meows meaning I love you, nice daddy.- most of my conversation in this house is with the cat, who is sitting near my feet looking up whil

An interesting rerun.

Cor blimey, What a night ! Got back to our castle from the club Via my mates house about 2am, much goings-on - still a bit of  swearing and people necking in the shrubbery, the bang clang music still blaring due to the neighbours being away places distant, I slept in the gardener's cottage(Shed) til 0800, was wakened by the visiting family of magpies tucking into several piles of vomit amid the cans bottles a broken glass reminiscent of a Barry Dog's Head Barby and general piss up. The local handyman had been summoned to clean up the chaos and had just returned from the local park after depositing the last three drunks from our back garden. Previously invitations had been sent to people with an option to bring a friend and their own grog and for those who were poor, a selection of the cheapest plonk was available from the family cellar. Several half-cooked steaks on the Barby being attacked by ants were cut up and fed to a couple of large crows, one of whom had flown off

jewish Christmas

Jewish Christmas. One of my regular callers Frank Cooke from Barnados U/K has sent this to me, being I am very busy Frank can take care of any mud slinging from the Faith Industry followers. JEWISH CHRISTMAS As a teacher, Ms. Jones, was very curious about how each of her students celebrated Christmas. She called on young Patrick Murphy. "Tell me Patrick what do you do at Christmas Time?", she asked. Patrick addressed the class, "Well Ms. Jones, my twelve brothers and sisters and I go to midnight Mass and we sing hymns, then we come home very late and we put mince pies by the back door and hang up our stockings. Then all excited we go to bed and wait for Father Christmas to come with all our toys". "Very nice Patrick", she said. "Now, Jimmy what do you do at Christmas?" "Well, Ms. Jones, my sister and I also go to Church with Mum And Dad and we sing carols and we get home ever so late. We put cookies and milk by the chimney and we hang