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While engaged in domestic chores in the back garden, Aug 2, I sliced the webbing between my left forefinger and thumb. The deep cut produced about half an armful of blood and the missus freaked out when she SAW it, however, the missus has recovered from the shock. Incidently, my left hand is expected to be fully recovered within a week from now; when the Doc will remove the needle-work, meanwhile I am typing at 5 wpm on right hand drive. Expressions of sympathy will be warmly welcomed. Vest, Daily Gaggle.

ROAD RAGE: THE SOLUTION. Vest says, STAY COOL, or what is your method for dealing with the problem.

I have recently read a post on 'The Zombie Slayers Blog Spot' which relates to this problem and readers comments suggesting remedies to curb the violence which unfortunately occurs too frequently during road rage situations. Bloggers ; please feel free to comment, any suggestions that may antagonize the problem such as; smash his/her head in with your club lock will be carefully scrutinised and be possibly deleted. Bloggers are reminded, that J L Spencers book 'Waving Goodbye To A Thousand Flies' at US/$21-95 Would make a great Christmas present, or you could be real mean and keep it for yourself. click on the logo or email me for more details,