Sunday, 29 January 2012

Your brain versus the Internet.

     Having lived a full and  well traveled life prior to newscasts and the Internet taking over my brain several years back in the typewriter years, I had the option of referring to my journals for past cloudy info or my noddle which I sometimes used for confirmation. Birthdays important events and places I had visited at the time of important happenings in our world, provided me with answers otherwise would have been forgotten forever.
Although the Internet has not taken over my brain in its entirety being most of my marbles are functioning loud and clear, the lack of hands on travel and general gadding about has me reliant on mostly second hand Info to peck at. My trip to Tassie and travelling to Europe a couple of times in a metamorphic trance to revisit old friends and  rello's and recollecting my long  past indelible childhood have been rewarding to me personally but did not impact on my mind as memories of some of the worlds extreme events have done.
Apart from looking from the bedroom window to see what is happening outside, it is the telly or my PC from which I collect the news and important issues of the day except for that passed from several mouths along our street before reaching us(send reinforcements we are going to advance, becomes send three and fourpence we are going to a dance).
The Internet is fast becoming our main source of memory instead of using our own brains.
our minds are adapting so that we are experts at knowing where to find information - even though  we don't remember what it is. When we want to know something we use the Internet as an external memory just as computers use an hard drive.
We are so reliant on our smart phones and laptops that we go into withdrawal when we can't find something immediately, and having our Internet connection severed is growing more and more like losing a friend'
We no longer have  to spend time and money to find the things we  want. We can google a friend, find articles on line or find a celebrity whose name is on the tip of your tongue.
Our little magical  box has become a primary form of external or trans active memory  where our memories are stored. I sometimes wonder should the satellite's Fail and with the Internet on the blink how we would communicate with old systems down and in disrepair, and no one able to send or read Morse code. A worrying time between beleaguered nations waiting for the first nuclear bomb to explode. A few Nuts have predicted 2112 to be the finale of the human race, how would you rate this info. Call me selfish if you so wish, but my time for turning the lights off has been  kept in check for some time. but how would you feel if you knew yours was imminent.

I hope you had an enjoyable weekend. Now get back to work and do something useful for mankind.

Its really a wonder that I haven't dropped all my Ideals, because they seem so absurd and impossible to carry out. yet I keep them, because in spite of everything I still believe that people are really good at heart.
Back soon..... Vest.

Monday, 23 January 2012

Slick marketing Con job . The $10-00 off a leg of lamb. Full page advert for Woolworths,The fresh food people.

For those resident in the USA and U/K the OZ Woolworth stores have no connection with F W Woolworth.where you are.
Yes a full page advert in the DailyTelegraph both Sunday And Monday, providing a coupon which the slick woolies marketeers would give you ten dollars off the price of any fresh leg of lamb from their butchery departments in the Sydney regions.
For those people with oodles of loose change  with little shopping acumen, you will be confused and remark so what, however those with fewer shekels  for food with which to fill the tummies of their  hungry tribe will question this and bring the slide rules and abacus into play.
Note the average price for a leg of lamb family size meaning enough for six grown ups with some left over for supper also the dog and the cat, would last week cost $24-00 for a smaller leg at $ 12-00 per Kilo. These smaller legs have had slices removed from the thick end  which the butcher flogs at $16 -00 a kilo.
On arrival at the Woolworth's store, I noticed that of the dozen or so Legs of  Lamb on display, were not  that of lower income size and they were not moving. The reason being the price per kilo had been jacked up by $2-00 per kilo for starters and there were none under the 3,5 kilo weight . the prices varied between $46-00 to $50-00 plus.  So even with the ten dollars off coupon most families would balk at the offer, but in reality if you had a family of twelve or were running an orphanage you would have saved four bucks on one costing $50 bucks.
However Woolies boosted their patronage so I was told; but not on my account. Woolworth's purchase a large percentage of their home brand veggies overseas IE Frozen mixed veggies from China of all shitty places. and for those with common sense and an eye for value and real freshness, you will find that the fresh veggie shops  flogging wholesome produce equal to or better than the so called Woolworth's the fresh food people,  are  charging 25% less.
 But there will always be the 'Pay Day' loonies With the 'Give the cat another canary syndrome' shopping at Woolies and feeding their children on bread and dripping later in the week.

I have the Daily Telegraph delivered daily to my door.

Back soon Vest.

Tues Jan 24. Woolworth's are at it again.

Yesterday the general price for quality rump steak was $9-00 per kilo (see IGA advert issued Monday)
Today Woolworth's have this amazing offer.
Rump Steak minimum buy 2 Kilos. $15-00 off market value beef rump steak at Woolworth's.
Present this coupon to receive $15-00 off when you purchase a pack of Australian beef market value rump steak( minimum 2 kilo pack in a single purchase until wed Jan 25.
I am thinking that based on the I G A price of $9-00 a kilo the customer would be paying $1-50 a kilo or $3-00 for the Min Buy of 2 kilo's. However I'll hazard a guess that the asking price before their discount will be at least $16-50 per kilo.  No info on this yet. having phoned 02-88850000 the head office opening at 0800.
0857: I have discovered the retail price for a 2 kilos pack of rump steak is $18-93per kilo, Wow.
So if  we take off the $15-00 discount from a min buy of $37-86, you will get the message that you are paying $11-43 a kilo,  $2-43 a kilo more than the norm at $9-00 at IGA and other stores.

Just another rip off by the fresh food people, Meaning if its too good to be true it probably isn't.

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Saturday, 21 January 2012

Coming to'The end of the lollipop', and 'Life after blogging'.

After a series of health probes check ups diagnostic searches and other gratifying statements indicating I should retain my Christmas card list for at least one more occasion the trepidation of extinction gives way to a feeling of exhilaration instead of looking into winding up  and getting things into order prior to an expected date of departure.
It has been suggested I retire from blogging;  get off my ass and think more in terms of doing something more useful for myself and others around me. but what I ask, I believe I have just about done most things a lot of people haven't done , what more do you want?
There are hundreds of bloggers who I have called on and  have retired since my late arrival on the blogging scene seven years ago, leaving only the stalwarts to plod on to face up to the opposition of the devious antics of Face book and the likes of  other intrusive numbskull's.
Logging off could be the best way to face up to life. One quick way to cheer up may be to delete your Face book account. It seems that the more people use the popular social  networking website, the more they believe that others are much happier. Trouble is all this click and flick stuff isn't nurturing me or the people I care about. My forever  skimming, dipping and exercising  in decreasing intervals, half listening while engaging in my sedentary bloggers lifestyle leaves me craving for smiles made with real mouth muscles, not emoticons. I yearn for the stillness of nature, to sit by myself in the garden minus industrial noise and witness the quiet of nature, tear ducts flowing while sitting long enough to feel that something good is happening.
Although I am now well into the (900s Posts that is, my goal is to achieve the one thousand mark. so regardless  I shall continue until it is time for me to smell the flowers.

Have a happiness filled weekend.

BTW , Methusela  lived for 969 years equal to 969 divided by 13 IE lunar months ( years in days of yore). Vest is aged 1,111 in biblical years.

Vest..... back soon.

Sunday, 15 January 2012

E BA GUM or hard to believe. MAGABE and Gay Sex Romps. .

HARARE Zimbabwe. Formerly Salisbury Southern Rhodesia. This former prosperous country once  controlled by a minority hard working white farming community, and now constantly raped and pillaged and slowly bleeding to death under the leadership of the Black Fella and complete looney Bob the the despot MUGABE, has another major headache with the news that Bob  Mugabe is a sexual deviate.
President Robert Mugabe had sex with another politician ( One Polly telling another Polly to get f#!*ed is common place) however getting caught on the job and exposing oneself to the community can be career destroying.
A Zimbabwean MP has been held in custody after saying Pres Bob Mugabe had gay sex with another MP, state media reports.
***Mugabe is believed to have said Homosexuals are worse than pigs and dogs.

*** This is not my personal view. However,
Stringing him up by his testimonials might clear the way for a more stable administration.

Any suggestions how to string up our own Silly Gilly Girl ?

Friday, 13 January 2012

So you can't afford to pay the Mortgage this month !!

It is probably because you could not afford  to protect  your payments with sickness insurance. or your fees at the non govt school have arrived, or maybe a vet bill for treating your great Dane and poodle for distemper has arrived on the mat, or the worst scenario the Xmas credit card bill has arrived with the electric bill which had a boost to it on this occasion because of the greedy air-conditioner keeping your freeloading Christmas guests cool, and to top it all  the children -all four have intestinal worms from handling the flea ridden bum licking dogs, which are the cause of most family strife and unnecessary expense than any thing else.
Mans best friend could actually be his worst enemy, with the average bow wow creating 1200 arguments during its average life span of twelve years, that is two serious arguments each week but does not include the minor spats, major upsets include the responsibility of whose  turn it is to walk the dog, or feeding these greedy money gobblers, also their housing which creates holiday problems.
 Most owners argue whether these mobile flea circuses should be allowed access to living areas within the house and slobbering on furnishings and of course not forgetting the mine field of  Bow wos calling cards dotted like cow pats around what was once the flower garden near the the back door now permanently closed to keep the flies out of the house.
Most families argue over the training and humanising of their dogs,  also having shoes and children's toys chewed.
The breaking up of families has been a major case created by dog disputes, lackadaisical attitudes by irresponsible family members over  dog control is the main problem.

TIP: without those two dogs, you can pay off your mortgage much quicker.Your children will be healthier and your time spent with children improved

Vest Say's: The Nobelist dog is the 'Hot Dog', It feeds the hand that bites it.
Have a careful weekend remember today is Friday 13.
And for those careful dog owners, 'Bless you'.
Back soon.

Wednesday, 4 January 2012



My First Career

On 5 January 1942, I went to Shotley Royal Naval Base for a medical

examination, which I passed despite being under the height requirement

of five feet. I was four feet ten and a half inches, six stone six lbs (42.3 kg),

and fifteen years, five months and twenty days old. I was an under-sized,

under-aged piece of .cannon fodder.. The school received a twenty-five

pound Sterling bounty payment upon my delivery to the Royal Navy.

My body was sold for approximately 55p or Aus $1-15 a Kilo or 30 cents

U/S per lb.

My School the 'Watts Naval Training School'  A Branch of Barnardo's, supplied the Royal Navy each

year with approx fifty children aged fifteen years plus. Frequently war news would arrive at the school

 concerning the death of yet another old boy, the list was long but less than the real figures.

After a gruelling train journey to Fleetwood (near Liverpool,) I

embarked in the early morning on the Isle of Man steam packet, .Rushen

Castle.. It took four hours to get to Douglas, the capital and main port on

the Isle of Man. I hadn't been at sea for four years.

Looking piteously at the first-timers berleying on the boisterous Irish

sea, I was reminded of my first experience of sea sickness on a

Portsmouth to Isle Of Wight ferry in 1938; the .Lorna Doone,. a coal

burning paddle steamer that smelled of beer, egg sandwiches, and tarred

rope. I believe it was put to good use evacuating soldiers from Dunkirk

(Dunkerque) France in June 1940.

The Bible in my possession said, .To John Leonard Spencer on the

Feast of the Epiphany, 7 January 1942.. It was signed by the Rev.

Harling. I often wonder if the Rev. Harling ever made it to heaven.

Some of the other entrants who wore sailors gear like mine were from

other navy schools. Some wore civilian clothes. It was Wednesday, 7

January 1942. I was now a boy, 2nd Class RN. The Americans had beaten

me to this war thing by thirty-one days, but I was better prepared than

most for my next encounter with a new type of authority.

January 1942 . HMS St. George . Douglas, Isle of Man.

Vest Has Left the Building

To advise that Vest (Les Bowyer) passed away this morning. Regards, Chris (Son).