Coming to'The end of the lollipop', and 'Life after blogging'.

After a series of health probes check ups diagnostic searches and other gratifying statements indicating I should retain my Christmas card list for at least one more occasion the trepidation of extinction gives way to a feeling of exhilaration instead of looking into winding up  and getting things into order prior to an expected date of departure.
It has been suggested I retire from blogging;  get off my ass and think more in terms of doing something more useful for myself and others around me. but what I ask, I believe I have just about done most things a lot of people haven't done , what more do you want?
There are hundreds of bloggers who I have called on and  have retired since my late arrival on the blogging scene seven years ago, leaving only the stalwarts to plod on to face up to the opposition of the devious antics of Face book and the likes of  other intrusive numbskull's.
Logging off could be the best way to face up to life. One quick way to cheer up may be to delete your Face book account. It seems that the more people use the popular social  networking website, the more they believe that others are much happier. Trouble is all this click and flick stuff isn't nurturing me or the people I care about. My forever  skimming, dipping and exercising  in decreasing intervals, half listening while engaging in my sedentary bloggers lifestyle leaves me craving for smiles made with real mouth muscles, not emoticons. I yearn for the stillness of nature, to sit by myself in the garden minus industrial noise and witness the quiet of nature, tear ducts flowing while sitting long enough to feel that something good is happening.
Although I am now well into the (900s Posts that is, my goal is to achieve the one thousand mark. so regardless  I shall continue until it is time for me to smell the flowers.

Have a happiness filled weekend.

BTW , Methusela  lived for 969 years equal to 969 divided by 13 IE lunar months ( years in days of yore). Vest is aged 1,111 in biblical years.

Vest..... back soon.


Vest said…
Two Irish Catholic lady visitors Origin Belfast we have known for forty years, will be visiting us today, traveling up from Sydney 140Km, and we U/K Cof E protestants.

Don't think that would happen in England too often.
But in Girt by sea IE Orstrayer mate its the multicultural thingy we have to have.

The main common denominator is 'Johnny Walker'.
Lower deck lawyer. said…
To have striven, to have made the effort, to have been true to certain ideals - this alone is worth the struggle. W Penn.

C A. said…
Already deleted my Facebook, many of former contacts little better than the stiffs where I am employed.
Try to hang in there, dont go yet.

What does Girt by sea mean?
jaded jane said…
I like your common denominator.

Yeah, What's Girt?
Electrician said…
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