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Cheesed off, because Coon isn't in tune anymore.

(Sydney) Activist is hunting for cheese. An anti-racism campaigner will take his fight to Coon cheese after winning a nine-year battle to erase the word ‘‘ nigger’’ from a sports ground yesterday. Queensland Sports Minister Judy Spence said the Toowoomba Sports Ground Trust had agreed the word would not be used ‘‘ anywhere’’ on the grounds after the E.S. ‘‘ Nigger’’ Brown Stand — named after an international rugby player — was demolished. The fight to remove the name has been fought almost single handedly by Aboriginal academic Stephen Hagan, who took his battle as far as the UN. Mr Hagan said he would now focus his effort on fighting Dairy Farmers’ Coon cheese. ‘‘ Dairy Farmers said it was named after Edward Coon, who revolutionised the speeding process of making cheese,’’ he said. ‘‘ But I’ve questioned the authenticity of that story.’’ Mr Hagan claims the cheese used to have a black wraparound and was named ‘‘ Coon’’ as a joke. ‘‘ I want Dairy Farmers to show me the evidence of Edwa

"Oh No !!". Not another Do Gooder Know all

Andy Rooney (Caucasian) DOB Jan 1919, Colourful Radio personality. Good for him!!! I'm surprised CBS let him get away with this, even though he's right. in places. Like I shall do a bit of picking, You too are invited to do likewise. Right on, Andy Rooney! Andy Rooney said on '60 Minutes' In the USA a few weeks back: I don't think being a minority makes you a victim of anything except numbers. The only things I can think of that are truly discriminatory are things like the United Negro College Fund, Jet Magazine, Aboriginal Legal Service, Black Entertainment Television, and Miss Black America. Try to have things like the United Caucasian College Fund, Cloud Magazine, White Entertainment Television, or Miss White America and see what happens...Jesse Jackson or Tony Mundane will be knocking down your door. Vest Say's. Now that seems to right for me, including Tony Mundane* mis-spelt* but fits. Now this is where he gets up my nose. Andy Rooney Say's. Guns do no

Warning-- Young Men out shopping .'Beware of friendly old ladies'

Fred a kindly 30 year old living alone was in a supermarket when he was approached by a sweet old lady who exclaimed I can hardly believe it that you are the spitting image of my recently departed son. Fred said, "Well that is unusual" She replied "Would you please call me Mother when ever you see me in future" "Sure" say,s Fred,"Any time if it keeps you happy" Going through the checkout the old lady told every one Fred was her son and waved to Fred as she left the supermarket. Fred then blew a kiss and said "Bye bye Mother". Fred then asked at the checkout "Why is my bill over fifty dollars, I only have three cheap items", The checkout chick replied "Your mother said, you her son would be paying her bill". SUCKER.

We Are What We Eat. A change in diet can reverse former problems.

Having been nurtured on anything that resembled food, mostly that which would be either fattening, unpalatable or poisonous to the system, I feel blessed having the choice of food that is now available in the society in which I now live. This is where the post was hijacked by blogger I have just lost an hours work thanks to blogger, I have tried to retrieve it nothing happened, auto saving gone wrong, trying to recap what one has written previously is nigh impossible. No I haven't smashed the place up in anger, screamed or kicked the dog, I am just more than slightly 'Cheesed off'. I shall resume hoping I'll pick up the threads. Saving as I go. Back into the early 1930s The average person knew little about nutrition, if I am wrong and my parents and foster parents are looking down from above in wonder, my statement is not intended to be hurtful. However, my ideal breakfast now in its simplest form would read 'Banquet' compared to the offerings I had as a toddler


OUR Three fostered Moggies left by #5 son for us to provide for and dig up our plants in the garden, are a fussy lot. The night before last their food was ignored, so last night we left them scraps on a dish in the garden; which was also ignored by the cats but not the early bird seeking the early worm. As a result, two Pigeons and possibly three Mynah birds and a unidentifiable wee marsupial thingy fell in conflict with these feline killers. No Rats or Mice delivered to the door, otherwise someone may have given the following recipes a bit of a go, as a dummy run so to speak; should we fall on hard times. Well!! one never knows. Rat & Mice Recipes For Hard Times? Rat And Mouse Recipe Mice aren't that bad. Especially not with chillies and tortillas! It's all how you look at them. When the big crash0 hits, you're going to drool for any extra mice running around your house. RECIPE FOR "Enchiladas El Mouse-o EN EL HOUSE-O" 6 corn tortillas 6 mice parboiled, strip

What Goes Around Comes Around. Ghosts of the Past Again.

Vest said... It seems little snippets of my memoirs are filtering around the world, this is about the severe punishment meted out at my naval college when I was a youngster. Even using fictitious names for the college and staff it now emerges that the person whose grandfather was the perpetrator has communicated with me and requires more info. The message reads. Ed has left a new comment on your post "A Dire Warning To Would be Drug Traffickers": July:08, archives. --------------- Thank you very much for posting your info about the Naval training school. I think I know which one it really was as my grandfather was the flogger mentioned. I am sorry to find out he was such a nasty character but would love to know more about him please get in touch if you can - my email is (censored) Sunday, 14 September 2008 10:39:00 AM EST. --------------- Replying to your request for further info on Flogger Campbell. The title 'Flogger' was not known to me while I was a student. It s

Shopping for profit

Yesterday I decided or better we; that is er indoors my nearest and dearest and myself to venture forth for some retail therapy and escape from this sedentary life of blogging. We had stacks of time to meander around and compare prices around the super market. left without purchasing anything which had my wife, a black belt in shopping agitated. We then toddled off to the veggie shop owned by a Lebanese Christian bloke whose assistant an aged pommie moron never short of dirty yarn was pissed off when I told him straight that it was time to get this business in order as the quality was degenerating as well as the prices exorbitant. Well armed with a mind full of local rip offs we did a tour of the Aldi Shopping complex in Tuggerah(NSW OZ), Where my wife discovered the secrets of economical shopping where it is estimated a $100-00 cartful cost 25 bucks less than the traditional shopping outlets. The veggie market was again a winner, Broccoli at 99cents a kilo so were BR/sprouts, pink lad

Back home again.

Returned from Huskisson late yesterday from attending our #2sons 3rd wedding. A very lavish affair which was attended by about 300 people on our sons 5 acre W/front property. Everything went to plan apart from the six inches of rain which failed to put a damper on things, adequate cover had been planned beforehand. It was like a huge family reunion, but without any bitching for once. well I'm not saying anything untoward to keep the peace. The reception went on from 330 pm to past midnight when by that time we were full to the gunwales. Our son Christopher drove our car there and back other wise I would have had to wait two days for the breathalyzer to read minus. Well that's about all; it's hardly something a mere male can elaborate on apart from wishing the happy couple the usual condolences and of course the best of luck in the future, and hope they will live happily ever after. Vest.

Future not pretty for 'Ugly Mayor'.More Men available than Women.

What began as a 'beauty disadvantaged story in the outback town of Mount Isa has become bigger and uglier. The sordid story unfolded two weeks ago in the two horse township far out beyond the black stump in rural Queensland Australia. Furious residents are up in arms-protesting to the suggestions of this mining town Mayor John Malony, who has called for unattractive ladies to move to his town which in his view, is over populated by sex deprived miners and it would help to redress the gender imbalance. Fellow female councillors are labeling his suggestions as degrading and disgusting and he should be fired from office. It was suggested at a unofficial gathering that the women town elders would be deprived of their pick of the huge number of available men. Mr Malony the Mayor has stated the situation has blown out of proportion and he was telling it like it is in small towns, and he was a bloke who respected women. He further suggested that if there are five blokes to every girl, we

Sharia law, A Social and Humanitarian Disease. A litany of Sin.

This is a follow on from the previous post, Just another extension of the lunacy and hidden depravities rarely exposed to the outside world of the non Muslim population. There are several Muslim sects throughout the world, some more moderate than the others and usually at loggerheads with each other, Their glossary of archaic laws which defy the laws of commonsense and decency are frequently spelled out to non believers in the form of indescribable acts of bestiality and cruelty not tolerated by the forward thinking - freedom loving population of our world. Following is another instance. ABUJA. An 84-year old man from Nigeria with 86 wives and 170 children has accepted a decree Issued by Islamic authorities that he must divorce 82 of them. A local Emir stated that, Mohamadu Bello Abubakar has agreed to the mass divorce. And not before time say I, this guy must have been in the rackets to be able to provide for such a large family. Probably one of those geezers involved in the dodgy ban

A Two -Headed Baby. Also MP Defends Live Burials. And A Cat with Four Ears.

Two-headed baby under police guard A baby boy born with two heads has been put under police guard in a Bangladesh hospital after a 15,000 strong mob arrived to look at it. The baby, named Kiron, weighed 5.5kg when he was born on Monday morning by caesarean in Keshobpur. Gynaecologist Mohamad Abdul Bari said: "He has one stomach and he is eating normally with his two mouths. He has one genital organ and a full set of limbs. "He was born from one embryo but there was a developmental anomaly." Doctors have been unable to determine whether the baby has one or two sets of vital organs. Due to the large crowds gathering at the hospital to try and see the baby, both the mother, 22, and son have been moved to a larger hospital and the police have been called in. "Around 150,000 people gathered yesterday from different areas. It became tough for us to care for the baby,” Mr Bari added. "We called police to tackle the situation and they are guarding the hospital i