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Barcelona Bullfigting Ban. Plus "Viva El Toro Revisited.

We have had a beautiful sunny day here on the Central Coast of NSW, No bull ! yesterday noon temp was 12 deg Cel lower than today and tiddling down. Barcelona Bullfighting Ban Wednesday July 28, 2010 The regional parliament in Barcelona has passed into law a resolution to ban bullfighting in Catalonia. The result of the vote was 68 in favor of the ban, 55 against and nine absentions. A few hundred less bulls will die in the region because of the ruling, but what were the real motives behind the ban? The move comes after years of opposition in the region, where the animal rights case has been mixed in with Catalan nationalism as the region attempts to distance itself from the rest of Spain. The separatists have used the emotive case of bullfighting to get international attention for the 'plight' of the 'repressed' Catalan nation. Anti-bullfighting campaigns in Catalonia are always accompanied by Catalan flags. So what has been the result of the ban? Has the anim

Call to BAN The Burqa Plus Chilly again

After two  mild sunny winter days, today it returned to a stiff southerly from Antarctica and cloudy with drizzle, however, it is expected to become sunny later!! and the near Cel 0 deg temps to continue overnight. This would be the ideal time to wear a Burqa, provided is was worn in the confines of your residence. A LIBERAL senator has called for a ban on burqas after a man was robbed at gunpoint by another man wearing one. Cory Bernardi, Tony Abbott's Parliamentary Secretary, says Australia should forbid people wearing the garment, which is worn by women in some Islamic traditions for the purpose of hiding a female's body when out in public. The burqa covers a person completely, apart from a slit for eyes. Mr Bernardi denied his call is an attack on religious freedoms, insisting that allowing the garment to be worn made Australia a "less inclusive" society. On Saturday, Belgium became the first European country to ban clothes or veils that cover the face,

British author Alan Shadrake arrested in Singapore over death penalty book.Plus water Problems

   How can the Govt of Singapore be regarded as democratic if it squirms under scrutiny, Has the law concerning freedom of speech and particularly criticism of government been abolished in this Commonwealth Country?  British author Alan Shadrake arrested in Singapore over his death penalty book . ............................................................................................................................................................. . .SINGAPORE police arrested a British author yesterday, a day after he launched a book alleging double standards in the city-state's use of the death penalty. Alan Shadrake, who wrote the book Once a Jolly Hangman: Singapore Justice on the Dock, was detained on charges including criminal defamation and contempt of court, police said in a statement. "Police confirm that they have arrested British national Alan Shadrake. He is being investigated for alleged offences of criminal defamation and other offences," it said.

P/S Your Saviour Cometh in the guise of the Unknown Relative.

Help is on hand for our P/S. A so far unknown benefactor and relative has suggested that  a combined effort be made  by all senior adult relatives Presumably In Laws as well to equally contribute to funds in order to rehabilitate P/S. The anon message reads. Vest did you enjoy your birthday while out there somewhere your P/S as you call him is in dire need of help.Why not club together and fund his rehabilitation-that wouldn't be too difficult. Ok sport , I am suggesting that you quote a monetary figure for each of thirty possible contributors then let me know who will cough up and those who refuse. If you acquire 25 loonies prepared to part with a suggested amount of their hard earned I will double my amount of dosh for the kitty. However, one vital factor is unclear and that is "Who the sodding hell are you". If you cannot divulge your identity its the end of the matter. In any case the  problem to be addressed satisfactorily would require more than one handout and 

Dragging the Chain.

Mon July 14 Hi everyone. Haven't been posting recently, other domestic issues have taken priority also health issues. Although generally I feel fine and I am getting about quite well, Its these Doctors who keep finding faults in my system, although the area above the shoulders is in near peak condition..  I have an appointment With the Anesthetist this Thurs prior to my Op on  (When it suits them at 24Hrs notice) plus a circulation test on the 28th. The weather Monday one might consider to be normal for the time of the year, dry overcast a warmer wind from the North (yes North)and some sunshine, recently temperatures fell to 0.8 deg overnight (local) the coldest on record .Aborigines are telling us its the coldest since the dream times, crafty lot our fellow Ozzie's - they only do a rain dance when they get a high tech weather forecast. Today, Bastille day is my eldest G/daughters birthday, I believe her name is Kylie ? but will she remember my 4th 21st this Friday. Nah!.