Friday, 30 July 2010

Barcelona Bullfigting Ban. Plus "Viva El Toro Revisited.

We have had a beautiful sunny day here on the Central Coast of NSW, No bull ! yesterday noon temp was 12 deg Cel lower than today and tiddling down.

Barcelona Bullfighting Ban

Wednesday July 28, 2010

The regional parliament in Barcelona has passed into law a resolution to ban bullfighting in Catalonia. The result of the vote was 68 in favor of the ban, 55 against and nine absentions. A few hundred less bulls will die in the region because of the ruling, but what were the real motives behind the ban?
The move comes after years of opposition in the region, where the animal rights case has been mixed in with Catalan nationalism as the region attempts to distance itself from the rest of Spain. The separatists have used the emotive case of bullfighting to get international attention for the 'plight' of the 'repressed' Catalan nation. Anti-bullfighting campaigns in Catalonia are always accompanied by Catalan flags.
So what has been the result of the ban? Has the animal rights situation in the region improved? A little. These bulls will no longer die in each year in bullfights, but many others will continue to suffer in the similar bous al carrer ('bulls in the street') and, indeed, in the many substandard abattoirs in the region.

So what's the difference between the bous al carrer and bullfighting? The former is 'Catalan', the latter is 'Spanish'; the former won't make the front pages of newspapers around the world, the latter will.
Catalonia is a region where its anachronistic independence struggle (illogical and irrelevant in a border-free Europe) blurs the boundaries between political causes to such an extent that it is difficult to see exactly what Catalans stand for, apart from less taxes going to Madrid. Catalonia is a region where the communist party has a hammer and sickle on top of a Catalan flag (that is to say, a nationalist/communist oxymoron, which even a high-school politics student will know is contradictory). Rebellion for the sake of rebellion: coherent political stances are optional.

Of course, it's not just the Catalans that use nationalism in the bullfighting debate. Spanish nationalists support bullfighting not out of a Hemmingway-esque love of the practice, but because it is 'Spanish' to be in favor of it. In fact, the two sides are so similar in their arguments and behaviour, why don't they just share a nation and stop arguing about it?

Vest's  memories from 1950 aboard The Aircraft Carrier HMS Indomitable.

In the spring of 1951, the ship visited Gibraltar, as well as Menton,

Golf Juan, Cannes, Nice, in the south of France.
A friend and I went on acar trip with a wealthy Frenchman. We all got sloshed in a bar and the
French bloke had his Mercedes stolen.

When berthing alongside the jetty in Gibraltar, HMS Indomitable went up the stern of the Battleship HMS Vanguard, hitting the starboard side aft and nearly demolishing the Admirals day cabin. What a mess!
Our Captain was very worried. I guess that is the price of responsibility.
Going ashore in Gibraltar and seeing Barbary apes sitting on the walls outside the dockyard masturbating in public was quite amusing. On the other hand, the conventional entertainment was super. The Spanish
Flamenco dancers were great, but must not touch or else.’

The bullfights in La Linea were the best entertainment, especially if you happened to be a cruel, insensitive bastard.
Dressed in civilian clothes and with visas, we crossed into Spain. After getting stuck into the
Spanish brandy at five shillings a bottle, we were soon chanting “"Viva El Toro"‘long live the bull which infuriated the local Spaniards.

A friend who had consumed far too much of the local poison had been grabbed by a member of fascist General Franco's police, whom I spoke to explaining, I would take him back over the border.
This resulted in me being arrested. I being as calm as was possible was led with the
other guy to the cells, prompted by a 9mm Luger pistol.
The smell of horse manure and bad cigars wafting around never left us, I can conjure up that smell even today.
As both of us had been inoculated against all known diseases, we drank the water offered; however, we didn't eat the food. The big Bombay runners preferred the filth on the walls to the food we were expected to eat.
It is strange how some stiff upper lip people behave when they emerge from their incarceration in stinking foreign prisons, after living in squalor and having their guts kicked in daily.
Oh, they were frightfully decent chappies, but didn't  understand us. The words we used in their lingo were always the wrong words.
The press states

"How nice"  they are hugging and shaking the hands of their former jailors, el bastardos Manuel and Carlos. Photographs of the released smiling prisoners make the national newspapers.

Our release from La Linea prison was less dignified. We held our trousers up with sisal string, as the Spanish prison officials had kept our belts, money, and wristwatches. We then passed through the border post.

As we approached our border post, my jail mate (who I forgot to mention was from Belfast) turned and gesticulated to our former hosts, using a lot of filthy expletives in broken English and pidgin Spanish. This caused our former hosts to laugh their heads off, so Paddy dropped his strides and showed them his backside and called them a nation of bum bandits.

When we arrived at our border post, the Gibraltar police were all laughing. It was then explained to Paddy that his peculiar dialogue had been pretty good except when he had said, “'We are",”when he meant to say, "You are."”

Two days later, an explanation and my good behaviour convinced our CO that I was blameless.

Friday tomorrow, All of you have a lovely weekend. Vest.

Remember "Viva El Toro".

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Call to BAN The Burqa Plus Chilly again

After two  mild sunny winter days, today it returned to a stiff southerly from Antarctica and cloudy with drizzle, however, it is expected to become sunny later!! and the near Cel 0 deg temps to continue overnight.
This would be the ideal time to wear a Burqa, provided is was worn in the confines of your residence.

A LIBERAL senator has called for a ban on burqas after a man was robbed at gunpoint by another man wearing one.

Cory Bernardi, Tony Abbott's Parliamentary Secretary, says Australia should forbid people wearing the garment, which is worn by women in some Islamic traditions for the purpose of hiding a female's body when out in public.

The burqa covers a person completely, apart from a slit for eyes.

Mr Bernardi denied his call is an attack on religious freedoms, insisting that allowing the garment to be worn made Australia a "less inclusive" society.

On Saturday, Belgium became the first European country to ban clothes or veils that cover the face, with France expected to follow suit later this month amid fierce public debate.

NSW police say a gunman wearing a full black burqa and sunglasses got away with a bag of cash following an armed robbery in a Sydney car park.
Should wearing a burqa be banned in Australia?
The 35-year-old victim identified his assailant as male after he was threatened with a pistol and told to hand over cash.
The victim, who was working as a distributor of cash to jewellery businesses, had withdrawn a large amount of cash from a shopping centre in Miranda, in Sydney's south, at about 5pm yesterday.
While making the withdrawal, he noticed two men who appeared to be following him around the shopping centre.
He returned to his vehicle in the car park when one of the men approached him and told him his tyre was going flat.
The man became suspicious and drove away to change his tyre in a nearby street before driving to a shopping centre in Hurstville.
There, he was approached by a man wearing a full black burqa and sunglasses and told to hand over the cash, police said today.
Police are now searching for two men who may be able to assist their inquires.

The men are aged about 20 to 25, of Mediterranean or Middle Eastern appearance and about 170cm tall.
One was wearing a white cap, blue t-shirt and blue faded jeans and the other was unshaven and wearing a blue cap, a grey t-shirt with black writing on it, blue jeans and dark coloured sunglasses.

Anyone with information about the robbery is asked to call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

Liberal Senator Cory Bernadi wants to follow France and ban the Burqa, calling it "the most public symbol of fundamentalist Islam".
In an Internet blog, the South Australian Senator said some supporters of fundamentalist Islam wanted to impose sharia law here.
It beggars belief that civil rights{Burqa supporters} don't recognise they are defending a political agenda that has the cessation of civil rights as its ultimate goal.
................................................................................................................................................................ .
Western women wearing clothing inappropriate to the local customs of Some Muslim Countries, would be hauled off to gaol quickly and severe penalties imposed, such as caning or even being stoned to death. Vest.

Monday, 19 July 2010

British author Alan Shadrake arrested in Singapore over death penalty book.Plus water Problems

How can the Govt of Singapore be regarded as democratic if it squirms under scrutiny, Has the law concerning freedom of speech and particularly criticism of government been abolished in this Commonwealth Country?
 British author Alan Shadrake arrested in Singapore over his death penalty book .
............................................................................................................................................................. .
.SINGAPORE police arrested a British author yesterday, a day after he launched a book alleging double standards in the city-state's use of the death penalty.

Alan Shadrake, who wrote the book Once a Jolly Hangman: Singapore Justice on the Dock, was detained on charges including criminal defamation and contempt of court, police said in a statement.
"Police confirm that they have arrested British national Alan Shadrake. He is being investigated for alleged offences of criminal defamation and other offences," it said.

"Alan Shadrake has also been served with an application by the Attorney-General for an order of committal for contempt of court," the statement added.
It said that the arrest was made "pursuant to a police report that was lodged" by regulator Media Development Authority.
Shadrake's arrest came a day after the launch of his book, which contained an interview with Darshan Singh, the long-time chief executioner at Singapore's Changi Prison, who has since retired

The book also features interviews with local human rights activists, lawyers and former police officers on various cases involving capital punishment in the city-state, which carries out the death penalty by hanging.
In Singapore, the death penalty is mandatory for murder, treason and drug trafficking, among other crimes.
Despite criticism from human rights activists, Singapore officials have maintained that the death penalty has been a key factor in keeping a low crime rate in the island-state, one of Asia's safest countries.
Shadrake, who wrote articles for London's Daily Telegraph and other newspapers, said after the book's Singapore launch on Saturday that he had expected trouble, but felt that the authorities were not going to take action.

"If they do anything, it'll just draw more attention to it all, and they have no defence," he said.
Defamation carries a sentence of two years' imprisonment or a fine or both.

................................................................................................................................................................ .
I recall when with the RN in Singapore when  a partial self Govt ruled the Civil affairs in Singapore when their gaming laws effected even our nightly bingo sessions, this was in the early-mid fifties. I would get a lot of feedback from my friend Abdul Karim Bin Anang from the survey dept in Johore Bahru across the causeway from Singapore, when the bullying of Malaya started by Singapore and its PM Lee Kwan Yew.
At the outset of the demolition of the Federation of Malay States, Lee in Singapore and Tunku Abdul Rahman in The New Malaysia argued like fishwives over the multitude of problems forced upon them due to the divided countries equally multitude of differences, the prime factor. Race and Religion.
It seemed in my eyes the poorer cousin was destined to be Malaysia. And not being prompted by any foresight from  myself thinking, of one large political lever, which I observed in my frequent travels between the RN Base in Sembawang and Lorong one Jalan Storey, Johore Baru, the residence of my family and myself.
It, meaning the two 54 diameter water pipe lines from Malaysia Across the causeway to Singapore were shut down when differences of opinion became strained and Malaysia  sought a better solution to whatever the problem was.
For decades, Singapore has relied on importation from Malaysia to supply half of the water consumption in Singapore. As of 2009, imported water had been reduced to 40% of total consumption. However the two water agreements that supply Singapore this water are due to expire by 2011 and 2061 respectively and the two countries are engaged in a dispute regarding the price of water. Without a current resolution, the government of Singapore decided to increase self-sufficiency in its water supply.

Are you living on the Central coast NSW in Australia with water restrictions and complaining? My wife and three children managed on nine galls or 45 liters of water per day each when living in Hong Kong in the sixties.

Our local forecast is for rain tomorrow, the tears of joy for those in need..
Ask yourself always: how can this be done better?
Have a great week , Vest.

Have my favourite paper The Daily Telegraph delivered to your door daily, Ask your news agent for details. Vest.

Oh BTW: would you exchange the present arrangement of under policed lax littering laws, allowing the general rubbish,ciggy ends, condoms, bottles and wrappers to line our city and suburban streets and the drug and alcohol related offences plus other miscellaneous criminal activities to run rampant , instead of none of the afore mentioned and a dodgy Singaporean - flexible civil rights agenda to live with.
I suppose if you are a squeaky clean and 'Yes' person also slightly deaf and blind you would be able to live with  these impositions, however, an overseas  trip  to garbage land now and then would be a great way to break the shackles of restriction. but then again if you were born into what you have to put up with you would less likely be affected, just a thought. Vest.

Saturday, 17 July 2010

P/S Your Saviour Cometh in the guise of the Unknown Relative.

Help is on hand for our P/S. A so far unknown benefactor and relative has suggested that  a combined effort be made  by all senior adult relatives Presumably In Laws as well to equally contribute to funds in order to rehabilitate P/S.
The anon message reads. Vest did you enjoy your birthday while out there somewhere your P/S as you call him is in dire need of help.Why not club together and fund his rehabilitation-that wouldn't be too difficult.

Ok sport , I am suggesting that you quote a monetary figure for each of thirty possible contributors then let me know who will cough up and those who refuse. If you acquire 25 loonies prepared to part with a suggested amount of their hard earned I will double my amount of dosh for the kitty. However, one vital factor is unclear and that is "Who the sodding hell are you". If you cannot divulge your identity its the end of the matter. In any case the  problem to be addressed satisfactorily would require more than one handout and  resolving P/S's ongoing Dilemma would be akin to the never ending painting of the harbour bridge.
Call me with your proper identity.

In all the work we do,our most valuable asset can be the attitude of self examination. It is forgivable to make mistakes, but to stand fast behind a wall of self righteousness and make the same mistakes over and over again should not be forgivable.
Nothing can stop the person with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal; nothing on earth can help the person with the wrong mental attitude.

Thanks to all of of you who sent birthday wishes in many forms- cards Emails and phone calls.Love you all.

The best laid plans for yesterday came a cropper. Approx 11am yesterday I was bent over feeding a pigeon( the one with red and green rings I have named portanstarbird as in Starboard green and red for Port).
Getting up I had this horrible pain in my back; right side under my shoulder. Still have it ,will have x ray Monday.
Now I have to unseat myself , "Aaaaarrrgggg!!!.
May the coming week bring you happiness, Back later, Vest.

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Dragging the Chain.

Mon July 14 Hi everyone. Haven't been posting recently, other domestic issues have taken priority also health issues. Although generally I feel fine and I am getting about quite well, Its these Doctors who keep finding faults in my system, although the area above the shoulders is in near peak condition..
 I have an appointment With the Anesthetist this Thurs prior to my Op on  (When it suits them at 24Hrs notice) plus a circulation test on the 28th.

The weather Monday one might consider to be normal for the time of the year, dry overcast a warmer wind from the North (yes North)and some sunshine, recently temperatures fell to 0.8 deg overnight (local) the coldest on record .Aborigines are telling us its the coldest since the dream times,
crafty lot our fellow Ozzie's - they only do a rain dance when they get a high tech weather forecast.

Today, Bastille day is my eldest G/daughters birthday, I believe her name is Kylie ? but will she remember my 4th 21st this Friday. Nah!.  I 'll be popping over to the Masonic club for a few J W's.

Lovely weather today, spent most of it jobbing and sunning in the garden, my left thumb and forefinger have a permanent visitor named 'Arfer Itis' I have learned to accept the ^$(*@#^ pain, would'nt know what to do with my hand if it came good. Then again it would improve access to this keyboard.

Over the weekend we popped down to Nth Richmond NSW For the 40th birthday celebs of Mandy, the partner of our son David. Gone midnight we eventually arrived at the home of our son Andrew, who lives a few k's further, we were eating Kentucky fried and drinks until gone past two Am . Woke about 4am with my mouth seized up, no one wanted breakfast.

Andrew, Samantha and their two children live on a 17.5 Acre property in Grose vale NSW with all mod cons, 4 br, huge living areas, beautiful interior throughout, a former (dated ?) farmhouse.

 Charlotte 4 rides a 50cc m/bike. there are five horses too, one is 'Shadow' Andrew's  Sis-in-law Rebecca's polo pony.
The property goes down the slope to a permanent creek(fishing). it sort of makes Our son Tony's 5acre Beach side place down the coast  look a bit small.

A pigeon arrived about a week back and has taken up residence in our garage, it flys around with other pigeons but remains distant when feeding. I have placed a box to collect the fertilizer where it perches o/night. it has a red ring on its left leg and a green one on its right leg .I have named it 'Portanstarbird.'

The two Anon Rellos who recently gave me some stick over my handling of the Pr/S, and left a trail of their trademarks. Pr/S- his keeping up with the pretence, may suffice to keep you convinced until he drops his guard and the truth is exposed, please let me know when ,then I'll send an epistle of condolence to ease your despair. We  meaning the Pr/S mater and pater , elder sibling and ex betrothed and issue are still being deluged with unwarranted cat calling and major venomous remarks. However, we all can share the luxury of  contentment knowing full well our best efforts to appease Pr/S cannot be bettered, so as far as I am concerned " you can like it or lump it" It would seem any peace accord would be likened to that of one with Herr Shickelgruber himself.

Pr/S: The people who created you as a smalll bundle of joy in the first instance , Will never stop loving you, but we cannot condone your major inadequacies brought about by your self.
Ma and Pa and your family.xx.
Everyone 'Have a peaceful day'  Vest.

Vest Has Left the Building

To advise that Vest (Les Bowyer) passed away this morning. Regards, Chris (Son).