P/S Your Saviour Cometh in the guise of the Unknown Relative.

Help is on hand for our P/S. A so far unknown benefactor and relative has suggested that  a combined effort be made  by all senior adult relatives Presumably In Laws as well to equally contribute to funds in order to rehabilitate P/S.
The anon message reads. Vest did you enjoy your birthday while out there somewhere your P/S as you call him is in dire need of help.Why not club together and fund his rehabilitation-that wouldn't be too difficult.

Ok sport , I am suggesting that you quote a monetary figure for each of thirty possible contributors then let me know who will cough up and those who refuse. If you acquire 25 loonies prepared to part with a suggested amount of their hard earned I will double my amount of dosh for the kitty. However, one vital factor is unclear and that is "Who the sodding hell are you". If you cannot divulge your identity its the end of the matter. In any case the  problem to be addressed satisfactorily would require more than one handout and  resolving P/S's ongoing Dilemma would be akin to the never ending painting of the harbour bridge.
Call me with your proper identity.

In all the work we do,our most valuable asset can be the attitude of self examination. It is forgivable to make mistakes, but to stand fast behind a wall of self righteousness and make the same mistakes over and over again should not be forgivable.
Nothing can stop the person with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal; nothing on earth can help the person with the wrong mental attitude.

Thanks to all of of you who sent birthday wishes in many forms- cards Emails and phone calls.Love you all.

The best laid plans for yesterday came a cropper. Approx 11am yesterday I was bent over feeding a pigeon( the one with red and green rings I have named portanstarbird as in Starboard green and red for Port).
Getting up I had this horrible pain in my back; right side under my shoulder. Still have it ,will have x ray Monday.
Now I have to unseat myself , "Aaaaarrrgggg!!!.
May the coming week bring you happiness, Back later, Vest.


Jimmy said…
Hey Buddy
now that u r OLDER and Hopefully WISER too

it is high time u changed your ways

your lang is Shakespearan and Biblical and that is a bad COMBO

u dont say COMETH old boy
either say COME
or cum
Jimmy said…
and u dont tell Rose
I am ARRIVING baby

when u cant hold on much longer
Jimmy said…
and tell your girl Rose
that u r an ADULT now

and for heavens sake
STOP censoring what I rite hon
Jimmy said…
also tell Rose
that a Rose is a 4letter word too

and allow the following words:
Luck, lick, Suck. sick
Duck. Cuck, male hen
Jimmy said…
and weiner and Prick, I mean Wally
and the words the docs use

a pen is, and vase and vagina
and the Hindi words
Ling and Lund and GOAN Fuud
C A. said…
Straight to the point, good post Vest, there is a lot of goodness within you.
Jimmy said…
Dont think I am a gonna die of OLD age or CANCER or ....

dont think I will live to be a 101
if any of u girls here wanna kiss me

Jimmy said…
At least 52 passengers were killed and 89 injured when the speeding Sealdah-bound Uttarbanga Express rammed into the rear of the Vananchal Express pulling out of the Sainthia station in Birbhum district early Monday.

Eastern Railway sources in Kolkata said that 49 passengers of the Vananchal Express were killed when the Uttarbanga Express, which was running at a high speed overshot the signal and ploughed into it.

Among the dead were 39 men, eight women and two babies, the sources said.

Officials feared that the toll could rise as three coaches, two unreserved and a luggage van, of the Vananchal Express, which was running five hours late, were smashed with some of the coaches mounting a foot overbridge.

GRP sources said that 150 passengers were injured. Superintendent of Police Humayun Kabir, however, said that 130 passengers were injured.

The accident occurred at 1:54 am when the New Coochbehar-Sealdah Uttarbanga Express came on the same track and rammed into the Bhagalpur-Ranchi Vananchal Express which was leaving platform number four at Sainthia station, 191 km from Kolkata,Eastern Railway sources said.

The engine of the Uttarbanga Express, which was to stop at the station, telescoped into the rear of the Vananchal Express.

Engine driver M C Dey and assistant driver N K Mandal of the Uttarbanga Express besides the guard of the Vananchal Express A Mukherjee were killed, the sources said.

Dey was found dead in his seat. The engine was switched off after an hour by railwaymen.
Jimmy said…
staying alive is tuff

most of the guys in our building got astro and some had to be hospitalized
We escaped - my ex wife and my 2 pussy cats and my maid girl Sharda

the Municipal water got contaminated with the shit water

we drinking bottled water now
Anonymous said…
Take care of yourself Vesty - to port and starboard. I hope you had a fantastic birthday.
Anonymous said…
Take care of yourself Vest - to port and starboard (and everywhere else). I hope you had a fabulous birthday.
Jimmy said…
Not to worry Aggie dear
your Vesty is hale and hearty
where it counts
Jimmy said…
INDIA has developed a remote sensing chip which I got embedded in his right nut

(all systems below the belt I mean)
Jimmy said…
the rest of him is all Ducked up

his kidneys not working to full capacity

when he drinks beer
he pees some beer too

thats a tip for WALLY
if he wants one on the house

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