Saturday, 28 October 2006


I should have realised from the start that Blogging was not going to be easy in Nth America. However, it has been a period of learning on how the people in the twilight zone spend their lives; those who sport a similar language but dissimilar habits and in most cases entirely differing opinions. By treading carefully initially and doing a lot of 'Yessing'(A new word) I was able to relax until the time I was in agreement with an English blogger D H G who had been kicked to death by anti Europeans, it was then I felt my first stab wound.
Soon to follow was the gun debate in which I was the only detractor to the gun lovers in this lopsided stoush. Former friends were now becoming antagonists bar one or two which kept me hanging on, then came the inquisition, someone began probing the blogs with nasty innuendo, and by using several aliases from a site in India, was able to infiltrate into several sites, for which I collected the blame.
Nevertheless the dung clung and from then on I was blatantly put down by Madame Hobnail from Minnesota and her foul mouthed pig pen of bacon loving loonies. It was time to go, I had Left my mark indelibly in The Land of the Free.
This will be my last posting on the matter.
To former Associates I have this to say.
Sadie the cleaning lady, the pot smoking religious freak and anti alcoholist. Your sprogs are ugly and you are frightfully boring.

Monnicar, Whining Whinging hobnail disciple, G S.

Squirrel, Just another nutter traveling with the loonie band wagon.

Smeee hee god bless those who sail with you. G S 2

Laura the Borer. Hi fatso- Miss Lard 1996-2006. remove the pork from your fork. u r already Stuffed.

N D: What a shame, after all those unsolicited love and (((Hugs))) messages you sent me you turned out to be other than what you really are, just a nit picking maladjusted pill popping 'No Hoper'

Oh Please drop dead Diana, The ugly grey haired ghost, late comer, had to shove her porcine snout in to quote on matters she; in her own admittance she had no knowledge of. This deranged nutter is currently at logger heads with her land lord who is being accused of sniffing her underwear, that's right. The size 48 red flanneled bloomers with the cast iron gussets, similar to hobnails, which are grey
to match the foliage.
Old Hobnail: The redneck moaning Minnie from Minnesota, who allows her child to troll the porno blogs in order to purchase used blow up dolls. What a super Goof you turned out to be.

Sophocles once said. It is Silence that makes a woman beautiful. And when asked if he would teach his daughters a foreign language replied "One tongue is sufficient for a woman". so would you all very kindly. Slink away to your hole's in the ground

Sunday, 22 October 2006


To the sweet old Gun Toting Biddy Who lives in a shoe box, or is it a large Mars Bar with windows? out in Sticksville, the Minne ha ha State in Uncle Samland.

In reply to your witch hunting and bone pointing, I have this to say , finally I hope.
If you have an open door(Anon facility) People will use it to their advantage.
It is similar to the democratic principles on voting where anonimity is sacred. it is a priviledge that gives people the right to healthy criticism.
On rare occasions this facility has been, not inasmuch removed but monitered in order to filter any incoming obscene and unwarranted language.
However, I have accepted the fact there are people in this world who will disagree with my personal opinion, this in its self can be rewarding, more often than not. I have occasionally mentioned to callers that, the over use of swear words will cause deletions but also in the spirit of the game I have allowed close to the bone criticism of my self. which I have found traveling around is rarely approved of on other blogs.
This situation will sometimes breed major apposing opinion issues.
About a year ago a gun debate arose on an American blogsite, where I had made frequent calls previously. Unfortunately I dared to point out my reasons for more gun control, Quoting incidents where lax laws world wide were allowing normal people who in a induced fit of rage brought about by some particular upset in their lives, to resort to aimlessly slaughter innocent people while mentally distraught.
Suddenly I was pilloried by a host of people I thought were normaly adjusted. Political, professional, Religious pot smoking creeps and a plethera of Hill Billy Rednecks, I knew at that point I was mixing it with a bunch of self centered dogmatic and unswerving people in the blog world.
From then until today, much bickering and grovelling among blogsites has been the order of the day, like you kiss my ass and you may comment on any silly unimportant drivel you wish to providing its approved sometimes by a inane blog administrator.
I dared to question one particular Ignominous Gun Toting Hobnail booted toolbox carting female Redneck, who hailed from sticksville minnesota, on the Gun issue, from that point on her coolness in my direction has not wavered, with a barrage of kick ass replies from this purveyer of four letter expletives.
The "SAVE BABE" info which was sent out( optional to open) depicting cruelty in the world wide slaughter house industry was followed by a cynical apposing bacon fest by a person unsympathetic to the cause, the wordsmith bacon lover was informed that even I was not adverse to the taste of crackling, which unfortunately is the destiny of most porkers, the humane angle failed to penetrate the noddles of the bacon scoffers, many were the comments made on this important issue which ended in being deleted by the baconites.
These blogsites were now blocking the order of fair play.
Mind you I should have seen the writing on the wall earlier, when 90% of the male comment on hobnails blog was coming from myself. Why had at least a dozen male regular bloggers flown the coop, the answer could be they were bored to death of the back stabbing gormless input by a few Germaine Greer type Middle aged bimbo's; who had lost the plot and their partners and were wallowing in a slush of self pity while explaining their addiction to prescription drugs and not getting off of their fat asses but relying on others to provide support.
Then came the constant drivel of commentary on the building of a blessed garage, yes, every farting nut and bolt and hair on the paintbrushes were involved in this agonising saga, a steady nauseating progress report from the DIY crack pots on how to build a farting garage.
Little wonder people were cringing when trying to make polite reply comments.
There are some very nice people in the blog world and heap of gutless morons too, those who derive pleasure from guns and waving the big stick to administer pain to others, But cry "Foul" when the compliment is returned.
When serving in the British navy for nearly twenty five years I acquired a substantial glossary of unmentionable words, but I never found it necessary to incorporate them in every day language.
As for Guns, It is a known fact that, People and Guns are perfectly safe until you forget they are dangerous.

If you are a nice person reading this , HAVE A NICE DAY. IF NOT, HAVE A NICE DAY TOO.

Anonymous comment welcome. BTW My spell check is not working.

Sunday, 15 October 2006

We Survived on 40 Litres of Water Per Day, Living in Hong Kong 1963-4

My family lived at 17 Bremer House, Wong-nei chong rd, Opposite Hong Kong Happy valley race course, Navy Married Quarters.
The water supply was a problem for everyone. It was turned on for four hours every three days . when we would fill the bath and every imaginable container and each of us take a shower.
On alternate days we had to wash down and rinse off with a bowl of water.
Other less fortunate consumers topped up with canister's at street standpipes or used well water. Shek Pic Reservoir on Lantau Island, with its 5,000 Million Gallons was the largest water containment site. The average usage per person (Including Industrial use) was Nine Gallons per day or 40 litres. Additional water was collected by tankers at the lowest salinity point in the Pearl River in Communist China. Fortunately the the water problem has been resolved in Hong Kong. This was done by reclaiming part of the coastline sea area, and creating a huge Dam.
Something similar could be constructed on the Central Coast, Where 90% of our rainfall ends up in the sea anyway.
A project of this magnitude would provide ongoing employment long into the future.
This Project could be funded mainly by the Federal Govt from funds extracted from a few wasteful foreign aid programs.

BTW I hope this knowledge helps you appreciate your generous water allowance of Forty Gallons or One hundred and fifty litres per day.

John Leonard Spencer.

Thursday, 12 October 2006


At midday today I noticed the Ants in the garden had gone to earth, now those little creatures are aware of the warning signs, when a droplet of water on the concrete turns to steam they are long gone.
A HEATWAVE will sweep the state during the next three days, With temperatures soaring above 35 CEL Sydney NSW OZ will experience a min of 33CEL today.
In our garden today; in the beautiful beachside resort of Budgewoi, noted for its indulgent pleasure loving population, the temp had reached 42 Cel, no wonder the ants shoved off smartly.
A Total Fire Ban has been imposed for the whole of New South Wales.
A single hot day is not unusual but to get three days of extremely hot temps is a bit out of the ordinary, it would have probably only happened a few times on record.

Water Restrictions Effective from October 1 2006.
NO outdoor water use if using town water- including topping up of Pools, watering gardens, washing vehicles,washing pathways.
Vehicle windows can be washed with a bucket and cloth.
Everyone who is connected to town water must try to keep their water use to less than 150 litres (40 U/S galls) per day.

This may mean taking shorter showers, reusing your greywater,washing clothes full load only. minimise toilet flushing, there are many ways to save here, ask your local council for tips.

We MUST prevent our dam levels from falling below 10 percent.

REBATES are available:
$200.00 for a new water efficient washing machine.
Or up to $1,000.00 for a rainwater Tank.
For more details about rebates on other water saving devices contact;

Gosford Council on 4325 8222 Or Wyong Council on 4350 5555.

ANY breaches of these restrictions can result in a $200.00 fine for an individual and a $2,200.00 fine for a corporation.

Wednesday, 11 October 2006


Parents will be asked to answer a mini census about their families in a sweeping crackdown on violent and disruptive students.
Its a shame that the Cane hanging on the blackboard easel has disappeared , then most of these problems would be avoided.
However, It seems from next year it will be compulsory for all parents to reveal if their child has been suspended, expelled or involved in violent incidents.
Failure to answer these sinister and intrusive questions on violence , not telling the the complete truth or giving false information, will prevent the child from being enrolled.
What the forms ask parents.
What is your highest year of primary or secondary school completed? YES
What is the highest university qualification achieved? DUNNO
What is your occupation? MYOB
Does the Parent or Carer speak other than English at home? SOMETIMES
Has the enrolling student any history of violence? DUNNO
Are you aware of any incidents that involved the the student
outside of school hours? BOYS WILL BE BOYS.

What a lot of mamby pamby. what is the world coming to.

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Wednesday, 4 October 2006


I received a letter from Central Coast Health Services yesterday; stating that as soon as the questionaire regarding my previous health history and other related information is returned to them I will be slotted into a waiting list for surgery on my left knee.
I will then be informed several weeks ahead, so to allow any domestic issues to be sorted out before and after the operation.
I shall post the letter back tomorrow, also on arrival at the op/ th, I will tie a notice on my left knee explaining "Not this one the Other" just in case the hospital staff ignore my correction in the letter stating .
" Somehow you have made a mistake, you have indicated the left knee which is not the right knee, the right knee is the right knee not the left knee ".
Perhaps I should wait until the last moment to inform them.

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Monday, 2 October 2006


When you thought your civil rights had already been demolished a Sydney Council has resurrected the corpse for another blow.
It has taken the step to deny non smokers to inhale second hand smoke from their gasping associates.
A large Western Sydney club has built an out door facility for smokers, and the local Council decided that the area could only be used by smokers , the whole smoke and nothing but the smoke, drinking in the area is also forbidden, so having a fag and a beer in each hand is out too.
But even more sinister , is the banning of non smokers from the area.
It is the biggest attack on civil liberties since the Federal Govt banned dead people from having the vote.
Just to prove that stupidity does not end at the West coast of America, the local authorities have forced the club to employ security guards to enforce the order and barricade non-smokers in their air conditioned comfort with only the noise from gaming machines to keep them company.
Of course this enlightened policy has its upside.
Because the outside area shall be used for the exclusive purpose for persons smoking, the security guard will be empowered to force people to light up and stay lit.
Anyone not caught smoking will presumably be fined and excluded from the meat tray raffle.
This is a victory for public health in NSW OZ. Not only that, it is a long over due crackdown on the scourge that is the social smoker, the smug each - way punter who taunts the doomed addicts with his or her transient willpower and freedom to dine at indoor restaurants.
It is a shame that such a policy as making people smoke more actively; also deprives passive smokers of their piece of the action.
Nonetheless, the under-lying genius of the plan should ensure that local Govt in NSW, OZ continues to be accorded the respect it deserves.

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Neither one of my local clubs has a satisfactory remedy for isolating smokers.
In both situations the the smoke hits you as you enter the club; not a lot but enough to convince you that the imaginary line of demarcation is ineffective in preventing the killer haze from entering the clean air zone, although a first in best dressed rule would apply in this situation, like being seated 'Far from the madding Cloud'.
The Major cock up with the rules as they stand at the present time is that you must in both situations enter the smoking zone to use the rest rooms or gaming facilities.
Soon it is hoped that the state of New South Wales will follow the example of our 'Slow talking Neighbours' up north in the state of Queensland, where recently a total ban on smoking in pubs, clubs, restaurants and public areas indoors or outdoors came into effect.

Vest Has Left the Building

To advise that Vest (Les Bowyer) passed away this morning. Regards, Chris (Son).