To the sweet old Gun Toting Biddy Who lives in a shoe box, or is it a large Mars Bar with windows? out in Sticksville, the Minne ha ha State in Uncle Samland.

In reply to your witch hunting and bone pointing, I have this to say , finally I hope.
If you have an open door(Anon facility) People will use it to their advantage.
It is similar to the democratic principles on voting where anonimity is sacred. it is a priviledge that gives people the right to healthy criticism.
On rare occasions this facility has been, not inasmuch removed but monitered in order to filter any incoming obscene and unwarranted language.
However, I have accepted the fact there are people in this world who will disagree with my personal opinion, this in its self can be rewarding, more often than not. I have occasionally mentioned to callers that, the over use of swear words will cause deletions but also in the spirit of the game I have allowed close to the bone criticism of my self. which I have found traveling around is rarely approved of on other blogs.
This situation will sometimes breed major apposing opinion issues.
About a year ago a gun debate arose on an American blogsite, where I had made frequent calls previously. Unfortunately I dared to point out my reasons for more gun control, Quoting incidents where lax laws world wide were allowing normal people who in a induced fit of rage brought about by some particular upset in their lives, to resort to aimlessly slaughter innocent people while mentally distraught.
Suddenly I was pilloried by a host of people I thought were normaly adjusted. Political, professional, Religious pot smoking creeps and a plethera of Hill Billy Rednecks, I knew at that point I was mixing it with a bunch of self centered dogmatic and unswerving people in the blog world.
From then until today, much bickering and grovelling among blogsites has been the order of the day, like you kiss my ass and you may comment on any silly unimportant drivel you wish to providing its approved sometimes by a inane blog administrator.
I dared to question one particular Ignominous Gun Toting Hobnail booted toolbox carting female Redneck, who hailed from sticksville minnesota, on the Gun issue, from that point on her coolness in my direction has not wavered, with a barrage of kick ass replies from this purveyer of four letter expletives.
The "SAVE BABE" info which was sent out( optional to open) depicting cruelty in the world wide slaughter house industry was followed by a cynical apposing bacon fest by a person unsympathetic to the cause, the wordsmith bacon lover was informed that even I was not adverse to the taste of crackling, which unfortunately is the destiny of most porkers, the humane angle failed to penetrate the noddles of the bacon scoffers, many were the comments made on this important issue which ended in being deleted by the baconites.
These blogsites were now blocking the order of fair play.
Mind you I should have seen the writing on the wall earlier, when 90% of the male comment on hobnails blog was coming from myself. Why had at least a dozen male regular bloggers flown the coop, the answer could be they were bored to death of the back stabbing gormless input by a few Germaine Greer type Middle aged bimbo's; who had lost the plot and their partners and were wallowing in a slush of self pity while explaining their addiction to prescription drugs and not getting off of their fat asses but relying on others to provide support.
Then came the constant drivel of commentary on the building of a blessed garage, yes, every farting nut and bolt and hair on the paintbrushes were involved in this agonising saga, a steady nauseating progress report from the DIY crack pots on how to build a farting garage.
Little wonder people were cringing when trying to make polite reply comments.
There are some very nice people in the blog world and heap of gutless morons too, those who derive pleasure from guns and waving the big stick to administer pain to others, But cry "Foul" when the compliment is returned.
When serving in the British navy for nearly twenty five years I acquired a substantial glossary of unmentionable words, but I never found it necessary to incorporate them in every day language.
As for Guns, It is a known fact that, People and Guns are perfectly safe until you forget they are dangerous.

If you are a nice person reading this , HAVE A NICE DAY. IF NOT, HAVE A NICE DAY TOO.

Anonymous comment welcome. BTW My spell check is not working.


Anonymous said…
For sheer bastardry, vest you take the biscuit.

loved this post.
Anonymous said…
I can see where your coming from its a getting it off your chest- may be an overkill. If it made you feel better Im happy for you.

like the meds sector, up my street.
Scot. http://contaminant.greysads.com
Anonymous said…
Gordon and me apologise for asking about the shed in the garden...not the right time and you sounded pissed off...zeds boss was ok about it wasn't he? as I havent heard any thing...just got latest phone from telstra... will ring soon as i finish this. Sharon.
Vest said…
Sharon: I received commission on that phone, I will send it, as you need it more than me, Son Chris and I have similar phones, thanks for ringing.
Vest said…
Ok then this is it. Pin your ears back for the Quote of the day.
From Stickville Minnesota, Madame Hobnail- Nail whacker had this to say:
"I deleted the comments that I found insulting and left the others I liked 'Up', in the true spirit of Freedom of Speech".

Seig heil ?
Anonymous said…
Hah ha cool.

An excerpt from MEIN KAMPF perhaps.
Anonymous said…
How do i get to the other blogg that you mentiom
Anonymous said…
Vest daily gaggle.
Thank you for your support in our fight against this cruel trade.In your letter above you stated it was a woman who showed little regard for the well being of animals, I refer to the Bacon episode, how could she? its awful.
Please allow me to leave this information, and thank you for your kindness.
Please understand I am not an official of the organisation, simply a supporter like yourself.
Anonymous said…
hi vestie whats this all about, it didnt sink in too well-ill read it slower,good to see you walking better luvs ya kate xxx.
Vest said…
Lower deck lawyer. Could be I suppose but I think it was in an Eva Braun Cook book, " Why does Sauerkraut make me fart from my mouth"

ANON: Google TSHSMOM and follow the signs, make sure you wear your ear defenders, take a bucket of nails for trading plus some colored beads, they aways like them.

Jay: Thank you for your support.

Kate F B: Fortunately you are a beautiful woman, With little need for thought.
Anonymous said…
I am a staffer for a prominent MP who is unlikely to drop to this level of discussion, so ill take up the stick and ask whats your bloody gripe about guns, most arse holes like you havent a clue what end of the gun is the business end. People like you waste other peoples time debating a subject they have little knowledge of, you were shut up by american shooters so it happened so try shutting up now.
Anonymous said…
g'Day. My dads asleep at the moment, he spends too much time and money on charity work despite his poor physical status. so I have taken a looksee into his ancient journals, all seen before,and realize I would not have wished for the more frightening things he had in his first career.To commence getting him off the hook, I have his service medals here all british, in order,39-45 Star,Italy Star, Burma Star, Pacific Star, End of war Medal(1945)Korea Medal,UN medal,Long ser and g/cond medal.and the G S M. Oh, and an American Medal,The Asiatic pacific campaign, gold colour,some mention of kamikases.
Serious burns from gun explosion 1945, minor problems before that like cancer, i'll continue- among first 200 armed bri sailors ashore in Tokyo Aug 45 Nine months with u/s fleet prior to that.
Served as Armed boarding party The Exodus Thing 47-48, !952 in Korea. in charge Of twin 4" 90mm twin Gun Turret and again it seems at the suez crisis same, exp 4.5' guns on HMS Dainty and Scarborough, also on A/Carrier Indomitable. I955-56 was in charge of the munitions Magazine at Tipnor firing range at HMS Excellent the RN gunnery school.as small arms instr says further on ,in 63 he stripped a bren gun had the parts mixed and put them together again-Blindfolded. he has a slightly tattered certificate too for that. he is still asleep so ill send this on its way , hope this will clear the air, my dad is real great person. I have been stirring a bit on the blogs he got upset when called a liar so it looks like the mud is sticking, as for the lobby bloke on about guns i wont bother to answer him. I'm sure his smell will blow away . see ya VJ.
wot no spell check?
Vest said…
#1 son, V Junior or Other, that was called getting yourself of the hook, my hook, ill talk to you civily when you wake,(heard you snoring when taking old furniture downstairs)- regarding blogging on my pc when I am absent. BTW new Furn-arr aprox 1130 today, U R required.
Vest said…
VJ or Other, I have left a message on your new cell(mobile)phone.
A lady called from the Palm ct hotel to my 43 number here, she informed me she was pregnant, er er have a nice day, your daddykins.er er.
Vest said…
Ah so many callers recorded. but few comments,If you are a scared blogger go anonymous, i'll read between the lines. More revelations soon.
Jim said…

u have a lotta words to say
but i dont no wat the fuck u r trying to say

can u say it in one sentence?
if u meet PUGS ask him if he has made any headway with Michele?

he always says my friend Michele
and she says my friend PUGS

i guess they are both neuter (gender)
Jim said…
is anyone reading your book other than your son?
Jim said…
i will buy your book
but i cant promise u i will read it
Vest said…
Saby:(1) Read the morbid goings on on tshsmom's blog, aparently this now totally female lesbian, divorcee aged old and bitter bunch of pill popping whining winnies has given me the boot for having dared speak out and be critical, and are going one to another for sympathy and an excuse to pillory me. More in my next post when I wind it all up.

(2) About 1,450 as well as my son.

(3) Have had no dealings with michele or pugs for about 6 months -a pair of nutters, similar to Some of the aforementioned weird women, yes pugs is gay, michele just a foul mouthed lunatic
and most under the impression I was You or you was I, how can you dispel that untruth?

(4)Scouts honour Saby, Aggie is not one of those mentioned neither are N D and N W or AN....E.these real ladies are off limits, Please and thank you.
(5) Knock off the F words please.

Very tired. been doing charity work with kids today they certainly tire me out, see ya vest
Vest said…
Saby: The book, there is enough info on how to acquire it within these pages, the profit on personal mailings is negligible, more so with freebies if that is what your hinting.
Anonymous said…
been over to septic tank blogs... you have stirred a lot of shite over there there not worth any worry those old slease bags and pill peddlers need a good whipping to put them in there place i reckon. we are sorry about the shed thing... see ya mate... Zed and Sharon
Anonymous said…
sorry i'm late back -yeay man there is strong nastiness in them fat old tarts living in the land of the free - probably all overweight ex hookers now unemployed with herpes
Anonymous said…
sharon & anon, I have done some poking around and listening to vests argument despite possible flaws, i'll put up my hand in favour of vest. Looking back in some of the posts of those U/S women I would give them a credibility status of 4%lower than a backyard car salesman. vest wins hands down when avoiding foul expletives, but an impossible winner against a pack of insensitive blabbering no hopers.

vest back off get back to normlity , have a rest, you won.
Vest said…
Anon, Sharon & LDL: Thank you for your comments.
I hope I shall be able to take a short rest soon and all communication will have to be by email; that is until I re-commence posting.
Anonymous said…
Hope you are well. I've been too busy to blog of late but have been enjoying a read of your book - a few pages per day. Cheers.
Vest said…
Blogging recently has been nothing less than a nightmare, to and from.
Your cheerful words are good for my soul. T F C.
Vest said…


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