Parents will be asked to answer a mini census about their families in a sweeping crackdown on violent and disruptive students.
Its a shame that the Cane hanging on the blackboard easel has disappeared , then most of these problems would be avoided.
However, It seems from next year it will be compulsory for all parents to reveal if their child has been suspended, expelled or involved in violent incidents.
Failure to answer these sinister and intrusive questions on violence , not telling the the complete truth or giving false information, will prevent the child from being enrolled.
What the forms ask parents.
What is your highest year of primary or secondary school completed? YES
What is the highest university qualification achieved? DUNNO
What is your occupation? MYOB
Does the Parent or Carer speak other than English at home? SOMETIMES
Has the enrolling student any history of violence? DUNNO
Are you aware of any incidents that involved the the student
outside of school hours? BOYS WILL BE BOYS.

What a lot of mamby pamby. what is the world coming to.

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Bridget Jones said…
LOVE these answers, Vest.

Wonder what they'd do if you swore on them?
Anonymous said…
seig heil-seig heil, good replies.
Vest said…
Other, do you have a name or some other identity?
Anonymous said…
I will email my identity to you.
You will then realize the reason for me being anonymous.
Vest said…
Ok have it your way, OTHER it shall be, people from all walks of life are bloggers, dont expect any special dispensations of privilege.
And yes I am biased to the left, and also a non-can-goist.
Thank you for the e-mail and your enquiry.

Why is it that people will not adhere to the comment thread?
Anonymous said…
M8jMRt write more, thanks.

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