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We are moving, But only a short distance.

In recent months my wife and I have had our Idyllic lifestyle downgraded, To a 'We must move soon situation'. A lottery winning goof has moved in next door with umpteen kids from former relationships, two mangy dogs who poo in our garden plus a perpetually whining pregnant (wife?). Our other neighbors disregard any of our requests for them to remove dog poo from our property, this and other small irritating problems has prompted our moving to our new address two minutes walk away, a great position, two minutes to shops doctor dentist service station and of course the club and grog shop, our new shack is the largest in the avenue, 4bds 2bths rumpus lndr dble gar. Most of the packing will be finished before we return from holidaying in Tasmania and we move from here on Feb 8, I hope to be back on line by Feb 10, bye for now see you soon.


The Australian Prime Ministers brother Stan Howard, will be prosecuted for chopping down dozens of endangered trees. Stan Howard who owns two adjoining properties in Bowral in the Southern Highlands, faces a jail term or a hefty fine if found guilty of knowingly giving the chop to the threatened species on his Aus$6.2 million property. The caretaker of the property Rohan Corby was visited by a local Ranger after a tipoff, who discovered about 60 trees had been destroyed. Stan Howard it seems was dobbed in by a woman neighbour who had waited years for permission to cut down a small number of trees on her property she regarded a fire risk. Rohan Corby stated that the work carried out by a contractor was to lessen fire and snake risk and control the Rabbit population. Stan Howard told the ranger he thought the contractor knew that the work was legally carried out. 'This is not the case said the ranger' and the Australian Prime Minister's elder sibling was prosecuted and faces


Recently I have been deluged with email messages from the bible belt in the U S A, plus a few comments deriding the opinion of others regarding their stand on Godliness, whether they were into it or otherwise. In the washup it seems clear to me that the opinion( Mostly unqualified)becomes tainted, for example, When sordid wording is tolerated from the associates of a family oriented person and self confessed addict of the scriptures. This same person expounds the belief that using drugs with the consent of a parent who is also a user and quite frequently; so it seems, is quite acceptable by the creed of perfectionism. However, In the next breath of this holier than thou philistinic person, we have a tongue lashing brimstone and fire message from the anti alcohol brigade. How can this person or persons of this ilk be taken seriously. A situation occured when a third party prompted a person to remove the comment of another person, who also declared it unsuitable due to the persons low w

LADY BLOGGER WITH THE HOTS Saught Hot Property Revenge

An angry ex wife and her lover robbed 25 houses that were open for inspection to get even with her real estate ex hubby, Helen M 30 plus claims her bitter break up spurred her on to have revenge on realter Andrew J by nicking $110,000 bucks worth of Jewellery and loot from homes for sale in affluent suburbs, she told the judge she hated realtors as they were ripoff artists. It appears she left her Hubby for her internet blogging boy friend and partner in crime, an American who she told; her 10 year marriage was abusive and her hubby needed to be taught a lesson. Her ex explained that his ex wife Helen had an addiction to the internet and particularly to men on the Net and her American lover, Chris F 39, whom she met on line now faces deportation after pleading guilty to multiple fraud and theft charges. The now engaged couples lawyer told the court there was no motive of financial hardship. The court heard the thefts were carefully planned with Helen M using her knowledge of computers

Back from the U S A

Yes its true , I have been poking my nose in other peoples domestic politics, and as a result have been given more than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick. One lesson I have learned is that some of the archaic laws of Americas founding fathers are still in obeyance, they are the gospel of Saints Adams & Adams,Franklin,Jefferson and Madison, to wit The Gun law Manifesto. Thank you nice Americans I have been chatting with. It is with all sincerity, I hope that, such privileges will NEVER be afforded to the citizens of my adopted Country Australia. But to be fair, I must say that, the vast majority of the Bloggers I have come in contact with are none other than people like you and me, with similar problems and expectations, I recall hearing an American tourist stating "Sydney must be in the twilight zone". Nevertheless I have enjoyed the experience and hopefully "I shall return". 'who said that???


It is sometimes noticed that the comment thread at the beginning of a post is some what unclear at the end or bears little relativity to the post and it is sometimes meaningless. Have you ever been the recipient of a verbal message which has been passed along to you by several people? more than likely you might say. So here is an opportunity to relate any strange message you may have received in the past. Here is one to get you started. A Frontline Senior Officer say's to soldier, "Pass this message verbally through the trenches to Head Quarters" "Send Reinforcements, We are going to Advance". Finally the message is received at Head Quarters,and to the astonishment of the General it read, SEND THREE SHILLINGS AND FOURPENCE WE ARE GOING TO A DANCE. Sounds Frightfully British, What say you old chappie?