Back from the U S A

Yes its true , I have been poking my nose in other peoples domestic politics, and as a result have been given more than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick.
One lesson I have learned is that some of the archaic laws of Americas founding fathers are still in obeyance, they are the gospel of Saints Adams & Adams,Franklin,Jefferson and Madison, to wit The Gun law Manifesto.
Thank you nice Americans I have been chatting with. It is with all sincerity, I hope that, such privileges will NEVER be afforded to the citizens of my adopted Country Australia.
But to be fair, I must say that, the vast majority of the Bloggers I have come in contact with are none other than people like you and me, with similar problems and expectations, I recall hearing an American tourist stating "Sydney must be in the twilight zone".
Nevertheless I have enjoyed the experience and hopefully "I shall return".
'who said that???


Always a pleasure to have you drop by Vest, whether I agree with you or not. You have wisdom and experience on me, and I'll never say I have all the answers. I just have ideas that need refining.

For the better or worse, America has a strong Constitutional history. We're trying to make it work. So far, so good. But of course, with plenty of bumps in the road.

Your two countries have been wonderful allies with us for the past a hundred years and looking forward to another hundred years of us being allies. Don't worry, we've long forgiven you for burning down our Capital. ;)
Anonymous said…
those yanks of old were off the blocks couldnt tell a sossidge from a fish... most yanks are todays frigging fascists like germany was... all want to rule the world... havent even gone metric yet... a bunch of guntoting wankers, and herb al faggot says all the men have tiny pee things
Anonymous said…
The american people are always quoting some frigging amendment as if when they take the law in their own hands they can get away with some horrible crime, a few out spoken views by some long dead founding fathers can hardly be gospel these days, although great men mainly by there own admissions Jefferson Madison Franklin and the Adamses were just political Buffoons like all men, we need more women leaders, Ive been told men think of hairy clam every two minutes, we have the power to control, vote for your female politition
Anonymous said…
the right to bear arms means go off your nut and you can kill-so i suggest if U must carry a concealed weapon other than your trouser snake- you must have it stuffed up your butt out of sight, for some of us amerigoes- the grossly fat over fed types this would be a doddle- others I would gladly assist- so if yor gonna have a gun YU must shove it up your bum.
Anonymous said…
Here Kitty Kitty Kitty...we would vote for women; however, it is difficult to do since we keep them barefoot, pregnant, and in the kitchen...where they belong...and when they are not pregnant...we're trying to knock them up every two minutes... after that they exercise their Constitutional right to keep their mouths shut while they clean my automatic weapons. Gordon, What American man needs to convert to the metric system when we each carry around our own God given 12 in ruler? Hey...I have an idea...why don't you guys stay "down under" in that penal colony of yours and leave the killing to the good ol' USA!
Vest said…
Good morning Ozzie Porker, or should I say Anonymous Buffoon(SB)?
The only reason I am not deleting you is to prove to the world that the Fascist dictatorship you hail from is chock full of diseases like yourself, I get messages from turds like you every day. Fortunately I also receive messages of hope and goodwill from people Worldwide whom I have come to respect, these people are aware that people of your ilk rarely last the distance and are put down like rabid dogs or they self destruct. my advice for you is that you should have a new brain installed. (D).
(D) means you will be deleted next time you call, regardless.
BTW, more like 12 centimeters, your tiny little weeny weeny.
Vest say's it has taken ten weeks for me to comment on this post, I may have some more gun toting info in the pipeline soon.
Anonymous said…
Mwah...seal it with a kiss a old Vest old boy?
Vest said…
7.62. Thanks for your sicko message, I actually instructed young recruits on the Fabrique Nationale Belgian 7.62 rifle in 1955 it had been adopted by NATO.
For the best part of my Naval carreer using and maintaining weapons of all sizes, does not necessarily make me an advocate of private gun ownership, I believe ZED had the answer to this. ownership rule. Have a nice day.

(D) deletion rule applies.
Anonymous said…
ozzie porker with the 12mm long dickie doodle-- shove your tongue and yer gun up yer bum-- garbage head

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