Recently I have been deluged with email messages from the bible belt in the U S A, plus a few comments deriding the opinion of others regarding their stand on Godliness, whether they were into it or otherwise.
In the washup it seems clear to me that the opinion( Mostly unqualified)becomes tainted, for example, When sordid wording is tolerated from the associates of a family oriented person and self confessed addict of the scriptures. This same person expounds the belief that using drugs with the consent of a parent who is also a user and quite frequently; so it seems, is quite acceptable by the creed of perfectionism. However, In the next breath of this holier than thou philistinic person, we have a tongue lashing brimstone and fire message from the anti alcohol brigade. How can this person or persons of this ilk be taken seriously.
A situation occured when a third party prompted a person to remove the comment of another person, who also declared it unsuitable due to the persons low writing skills, also adding a remark designed to offend, this I found to be abominable.

A persons Style is the perfection of his or her point of view, it is what they are, not how they express themselves.


Heh, one of these days, I'll do my pro-alcohol post.

People who live over 110 years almost always drink on a daily basis. Alcohol thins the blood, and the majority of people in your country and mine still die of heart trouble.
Anonymous said…
Super post mate, made a lot of sense -and I knew where you were getting the shit from, bible punchers are a law unto them self.
Wheres tasmania, and did you write that book on your site if so how much? IOH gotta work soon. zed
Vest said…
Zed ,No siht on this blog please mate I don't encourage it, although it slips through occasionally.
TASMANIA: lies about 200 miles due south of Melbourne, Victoria, OZ.
Check it out on Google for your free Geography lesson.
BOOK: US$21-95 from the publisher plus postage, Amazon & Barnes & Noble changeable. ISBN1-4120-3384-5
check out
Thanks Zed for calling.
Hey Vest, I'm with you on the arrogance of some. Whatever happened to the idea that everyone is entitled to their own opinions and beliefs, even if they don't match everyone else's?
Miranda said…
People certainly have the right to believe what they choose. They do not have the right to keep others from arguing with that belief or from ridiculing it. No one's
silencing anyone physically here.
No rights are being violated. It's just a clash of opinions. And that's healthy.

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