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FOXTEL Joins the other INFO Loonies

     Foxtel should join up with the Channel Seven and the Sydney Telegraph misinformation loonies.( Read former posts to catch up)      For the past three days , wacky brain dead Ghouls at Foxtel TV have blasted us with the misinfo that the second cricket test match England V Sri Lanka is being played at Leeds in Yorkshire, when in fact it is being played at Chester- Le Street Durham. I am wondering how many times they need to be informed to simply 'get it right'.      Recently I have been able to post more frequently  this is due to  My wife Rosemary popping out for the day on Mons & Weds and having a cleaning lady  for two hours on a Monday morning, plus the gardener monthly, All I am left with is a Big F/Ntly shop and the local shopping and doctor visits, preparing meals  and keeping things Shipshape.      The indoor temp on the  sunny Central Coast of NSW facing the Pacific is 15 deg Cel A slightly different temp outside with a wind from the south(Antarctic) creating

The Sydney Telegraph gets it wrong Again.

     For some time  the Sydney Daily Telegraph has published many stupid faux pas ; not just misprints but misleading cock ups which beggar belief.      Yesterday we had  a classic, not just one mistake but on several parts of its history write up, the British warship  the battle cruiser HMS Hood was referred to as HMAS  Hood.. To mention it several times is pretty stupid, and one might ask 'Who edits this stuff?- probably one of their  bonehead Thugby league sports writers whom of which use 25% of the paper  for their pics of ugly tattooed gaping overweight mutton heads, their nonsensical write ups bore most people to tears. Going back many years A ship which I had served in was often given the header HMAS when it should be HMS.      We had Channel Seven A few months back running this story about twenty or so Aus and foreign  Warships visiting Sydney Harbour these were repeatedly described as battle ships by bone heads at Channel Seven and together with a statement that it was

Quietly going about their business and some smoke too.

Doing it quietly is not always the case arriving at that pinnacle of bliss, but there are somethings you just cant change and one of them is that human beings like making babies, so it is nice to know the majority of us are quietly going about the business of keeping the human race going, and it seems those who are leading the charge are women in western Sydney the city's true heartland. Now this is good for the economy and-more importantly-good for brothers and sisters. It's not scandalous or outrageous but behind closed doors across Sydney little miracles are being made every day. Unfortunately some women are making headlines for the wrong reasons, I suppose you might say this a spin off from a former post of mine "Kiss a non smoker and taste the difference"(Archives March 23-05). Most intelligent people who smoke are probably aware that smoking for the first thirty years of your adult life will reduce your life expectancy by up to ten years and also reduce hanky

Loving thy neighbour friend mate or whom you fancy

Lovers Hmm a gorgeous word but a bit too mindful of perfumed bed sheets and wine and MA pills.or  hiding in the wardrobe , or when bent over with a bout of piles when filling in a form at the triage dept or under the bed hiding from the other bloke or husband. But of course English has always let us down when it comes to romance. although one of the most widely spoken languages in our world; but it is either utilitarian or extremely  crass when it comes to matters of the heart or nether regions. Considering the universatility of love and at any point people are searching or wanting it big time, regretting it,celebrating it or raving about it - the various ways to describe relationships but what takes place in them can be sordid and ugly,Girlfriend, Boyfriend ,Soulmates , Suitor, Shag, lust, Hooking up sex , spooning, intercourse, screw , bonk, get laid, penis and vagina- and every other unloving name for our anatomy -are they not awful? The lingo of love sounds like it has been made

A Claytons increase as Brit Quid goes in reverse

     Equiniti (EQ) - Communications Centre, administers payment of all Armed Forces Pensions on behalf of Veterans UK..... Pension Increase...      The govt consider an increase to pensions each year. The decision is based on the Consumer Price Index (CPI) in September of the preceding year. As the CPI was  minus 0.1% as at 30 September 2015 the govt has confirmed there will not be an increase in April 2016. All  AFPS pensions will therefore remain at their 2015 level.      I say it's time  we should  borrow the UK Treasury bureaucrats wisdom  to sort out our OZ fiscal dilemma.  Les UK Vet, Budgewoi.AKA Vest....Back soon The answer is simple: if you want something very badly, you can achieve it. and what we need is more people who specialise in the impossible.

Hoist them high and lower costs.

    So many businesses going off shore, people complaining about job losses, the catalyst being the result of high wages and high demand for items the hoipoloi cannot afford, theft and drugs meaning  higher insurance premiums more coppers on the beat, and to clean up the mess and hide the problem by incarcerating our crims we need prison officers and blood sucking lawyers to add to the general cost of living, there are other factors which unnecessarily jack up our outgoings but those mentioned can serve the purpose for the moment and here is one job export which would clean up the place.and send a few ambulance chasers broke unless they moved off shore to chase the lower paid jobs, (in this case defence lawyers in Singapore and Malaysia with sod all hope of winning drug related cases My suggestion is that, the Australian Govt reach a bipartisan agreement with the Singaporean Or Malaysian Govt or both and have all drug related offences from Australia proven in Australian lower co

Some things have changed for the better over the years.

     Having read today's Sydney Daily Telegraph story on 80 year old broadcaster John Laws (Lawsy) and yet another fall while out dining at one of his favourite eatery's; brings to mind of yesteryear when his Aus$18,000,000 pad at Woolloomooloo in Sydney was a haven for rats and stores and lay-about items from visiting RN ships of the Brit Pacific Fleet back in the tail end of 1944 until the departure after repairs to her steering problems partially fixed,  the famous Flagship of the BPF HMS King George V, finally left Sydney on Sunday Jan 6 1946  from No 6 Woolloomooloo with a band playing ":Land of hope and glory".      KGV arrived back in Portsmouth England on a freezing cold day on March 13 1946 after a 66 day journey      The writer returned to Sydney 25 years later on a migrant ship which made the same journey in 30 Days....Les    89.95 yrs - ex KGV.

Food scraps (Leftovers) to be banned from House hold Garbage collections

  As it is a Miserable wet and windy day It is the Ideal time  to write about Garbage!      Food scraps (Leftovers) to be banned from House hold Garbage collections.  Most councils within NSW Australia have adequate systems for waste removal from households and businesses. The main problem is abuse of the system by uncaring persons with an out of sight out of mind mentality.      The Sydney Daily Telegraph my favourite daily newspaper (Delivered daily to my door) today, reads.New South Wales will follow South Australias example and allow collection centres for cans and bottles, some of these Items will be redeemable and a 5 or 10 cent reward paid; although the Telegraph also mentions that a possible price hike on the original purchase to cover costs as in the Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away.The main purpose for this exercise is to prevent the wholesale littering of our streets by louts. fortunately we  don't have this problem in our neighbourhood.      Ban on