Monday, 16 May 2016

Some things have changed for the better over the years.

     Having read today's Sydney Daily Telegraph story on 80 year old broadcaster John Laws (Lawsy) and yet another fall while out dining at one of his favourite eatery's; brings to mind of yesteryear when his Aus$18,000,000 pad at Woolloomooloo in Sydney was a haven for rats and stores and lay-about items from visiting RN ships of the Brit Pacific Fleet back in the tail end of 1944 until the departure after repairs to her steering problems partially fixed,  the famous Flagship of the BPF HMS King George V, finally left Sydney on Sunday Jan 6 1946  from No 6 Woolloomooloo with a band playing ":Land of hope and glory".
     KGV arrived back in Portsmouth England on a freezing cold day on March 13 1946 after a 66 day journey
     The writer returned to Sydney 25 years later on a migrant ship which made the same journey in 30 Days....Les    89.95 yrs - ex KGV.

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