Loving thy neighbour friend mate or whom you fancy

Lovers Hmm a gorgeous word but a bit too mindful of perfumed bed sheets and wine and MA pills.or  hiding in the wardrobe , or when bent over with a bout of piles when filling in a form at the triage dept or under the bed hiding from the other bloke or husband.
But of course English has always let us down when it comes to romance. although one of the most widely spoken languages in our world; but it is either utilitarian or extremely  crass when it comes to matters of the heart or nether regions.
Considering the universatility of love and at any point people are searching or wanting it big time, regretting it,celebrating it or raving about it - the various ways to describe relationships but what takes place in them can be sordid and ugly,Girlfriend, Boyfriend ,Soulmates , Suitor, Shag, lust, Hooking up sex , spooning, intercourse, screw , bonk, get laid, penis and vagina- and every other unloving name for our anatomy -are they not awful?
The lingo of love sounds like it has been made up by a bunch of Nordic lavatory cleaners who dine on boiled fish and seaweed and snack on the bugs they find while scrubbing the rest rooms.
Worse of all should you be a failure of this tragic love thingy; you will be lumbered for life with labels that paint you a loser, deadbeat, divorcee broken family.. Only philanderer which has a flowery ring to it like hydrangea sounds sexy and poetic but hardly any meaning. Most people who deal in words don't have much faith in them, like happy love and honest and strong. there is a preference for sharp words like punk cheap and phoney. considering the available vernacular Shakespeare resorted to simile and other means to liven up the love oratory, " Shall I compare thee to a summers day say's". Bill to which the reply was "yeah mate youll have to cos lust alone will not a summer make but a season of mists and mellow fruitfulness sounds better".Yes  I have done it. a  x rated post without the 'F'word.
 Vest.... back soon.
Spell check gone again.
This is bound to annoy a few prudes.


You left out ciscebo. Which I think has some charm.
R,J,Stokes Honour. said…

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