The Sydney Telegraph gets it wrong Again.

     For some time  the Sydney Daily Telegraph has published many stupid faux pas ; not just misprints but misleading cock ups which beggar belief.
     Yesterday we had  a classic, not just one mistake but on several parts of its history write up, the British warship  the battle cruiser HMS Hood was referred to as HMAS  Hood.. To mention it several times is pretty stupid, and one might ask 'Who edits this stuff?- probably one of their  bonehead Thugby league sports writers whom of which use 25% of the paper  for their pics of ugly tattooed gaping overweight mutton heads, their nonsensical write ups bore most people to tears.
Going back many years A ship which I had served in was often given the header HMAS when it should be HMS.
     We had Channel Seven A few months back running this story about twenty or so Aus and foreign  Warships visiting Sydney Harbour these were repeatedly described as battle ships by bone heads at Channel Seven and together with a statement that it was the largest fleet to assemble here in a hundred years (WRONG) the Brit Pacific Fleet  consisted of hundreds of ships during 1944-46.
       Australia Expects ETC that every convict will do his duty, Hmm!   I suppose if they published the story about Lord Nelson  being born in Parramatta and commanded the HMAS Dubbo at the battle of  broken hill in 17 91 , it would go unnoticed
     Must not forget this because I  read the Monetary news whenever I  am able and I find it very distressing to read when on occasions the wrong figures are printed in the exchange rate columns, This has happened far too often  and for people like myself who rely on a return on foreign income in part it can be frightening when you see the Euro and Pom pound reversing their figures.
     It was quite chilly last night, however, on waking at 5,30  for a trip to the loo I noticed it had become warmer, on rising at ten thirty I asked er in doors "must have rained last night eh . Her reply was "yes it did ; how did you know"  " dunno ! I just know.".
Vest...Back soon.
     Cease trying to work everything out with your minds. It will get you nowhere. Live by intuition and let your whole life be Revelation.

BTW. All Naval ships are classified as Warships, and each class of Boat, Submarine or Ship has its own particular type  For example,  Battleship, Battle Cruiser, Aircraft Carrier, Cruiser., Destroyer, Frigate,  Mine sweeper,   The list goes on  but you get the picture. Unless you work for Channel Seven or the Sydney Daily Telegraph.


Elephant's Child. said…
The Telegraph OFTEN gets it wrong. And rarely admits it.
River said…
I'm one of the many who don't have a clue about what any type of ship is called, so I wouldn't have noticed anything wrong. Then again, I don't read the Telegraph either, I barely read our Adelaide weekend papers, mostly skimming headlines and doing the crossword puzzle.
I don't know anything about exchange rates either, all I know is the Aussie dollar isn't worth very much in America. Since I don't travel overseas, that's okay with me. If I did travel, I'd learn fast enough.
Vest said…
Thank EC and river for your comments.

Most of my time during the days when the wife is away for the day on Mons and Weds is spent catching up on every thing missed on other days when my life becomes a muddle of half finished chores and interuptions. Boating fishing and clubbing are now in the past light gardening and reading plus preparing meals and some light housework and in the evenings the Television and a local shop day and approx each ten days the big shopping which can be arduous with er indoors tagging along to confuse the day, however it is another escape from the house and usually it becomes a blessing to return and put my feet up. this all relates to becoming older every day but clinging to the perch and treating ones bodywith the good oil so to speak and without abuse is keeping me going until I finaly "Conk out".

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