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Now is the Summer of our Discontent. Gerry Built car imobilises City.

Tomorrow will be the last day of the Australian summer or what was supposed to be. Today where I am in Budgewoi 100 Klms up from Sydney the temp is not likely to get past 25 C with an overcast sky and s/w cooling breeze.Sydney and most other parts of coastal NSW has had it wettest summer in four years and the coolest in 15 years Only one day back in December,where the temperature topped 30C. Further out in the Sydney western suburbs and also cities both to the north and south, have experienced their coolest summer for forty years. And there is no silver lining..... The Bureau of meteorology has forecast rain for the next seven days for Sydney, while other parts of the state are bracing for downpours. Stopping a city generally requires a series of events, each building on the other until gridlock is achieved. Add a solitary stalled car to the equation and, as we have again been reminded, all bets  - and meetings and flights and job interviews are - off. Audi that broke a city. Cli

Charities using the hard sell, A disgusting Practice.

February 19, 2012 CHARITIES that hire professional door-to-door fundraisers to sign donors on to long-term payment plans do not receive one cent of the donation for the first year. Alternatively, you can copy and paste this link into your browser: Have your Daily Telegraph newspaper  delivered to your door daily and be billed monthly.

While we are in 2012, date wise we are running parallel with 1945.

Today Sun Feb 12 will be a hot one similar to that in 1945 when the ship I was serving on arrived for the first time in Sydney. Sun 11, we had partly circumnavigated Australia to reach Sydney  from the now totally destroyed Jap controlled oil industry in Sumatra (Indonesia). The British Pacific fleet had suffered a great deal during these operations, some bad mistakes coupled with  unnecessary death and destruction and the real loss of around forty Aircraft, some crew members rescued from the sea others captured after bailing out in Jap territory  nine in all aged 19-22 beheaded soon after. To our crew Sydney was a heaven , the ice cream van came back several times to cope with the demand of those who hadn't seen such a luxury for over five years.The sailors from the Brit Pacific fleet walked into town across the Sydney domain their white hats covered in flies; this was pre Mortein fly spray years, a parody "With your Easter Bonnet and all the flies upon it" was the (in)

British Military Hospital Singapore. A relic of the past. Plus Moonface.

- Shared using Google Toolbar This is the hospital where in 1954 Rosemary my wife had our first child Christopher on Sept 23. Type in Google,  British Military Hospital Singapore Bert Newton AKA Bobby Breen or Moon face, (Oh not that again) is in the Swish Raffles Priv/ Hosp Singapore receiving gilt edged service. Read comment  Re Singapores valentines day massacre 1942 Feb 14. I hope you don't mind my not coming to grips with loving the Japanese in general. Personally I have more reason to feel this way than the average bloke. Copy and type links in google. Back soon.... Vest.


PART ONE. Part TWO. Part THREE. Part FOUR. Part FIVE. Part SIX. Part SEVEN. Feel free to copy anytime, Very interesting reading..........Enjoy......... Vest.

More opportunity to share your boredom with your boring Facebook pals

The worlds largest boring online social network and generator of  masses of recorded criminal activity, unveiled more than sixty new Apps this week. Face book is adding a bunch of new applications to let users share everything from pics of what they are wearing or not and what  they cooked for lunch. Face book allows users to share the music they are listening to through Apps such as spotify, and the articles they are reading through other news services. Face book is calling it 'Frictionless sharing'. Once signed up you can limit who you share this new activity with through Face book. I am thinking the term 'f'rictionless' could mean 'No orgasmic interaction' Imagination is the eye of the soul ....Vest.........Back soon

Lackadaisical Deed Poll Laws.

Why do we have such easy access for  criminal's to hide their real identities? We are able to change our names so easily in Australia and eventually build a glossary of names to be used for all means of skulduggery, instead of its original purpose like necessary  judicial reasons and protection from former adversaries.. Page 2, Sydney Daily Telegraph Feb 1, shows pic of former business  associates of mine, Bob and Jean Furlong, Whose son was murdered in 2002 by Michael Sorrell, I'll spare you the sordid details ***, however, Michael Sorrell now AKA  Michael Striker a paranoid schizophrenic, is awaiting  possible release from a secure mental institution. I suppose in reality there are many individuals  cavorting around using false  identities., even I have a business AKA and don't most of us have a peculiar blog monica too. BTW,I sold a cleaning business to Bob and Jean back in 1975. My Original  Org is now two separate orgs owned by two relatives, prominent in the Sydn