Monday, 31 July 2006

Waving Goodbye To A Thousand Flies, The Novel By John Leonard Spencer

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YES folks , he's gone forever. FINI.

Although Future posts will contain info of interest gleaned from current events occurring within Australia,I am also posting the website address of my favorite Sydney news paper,where you will access news reports in more detail than I can provide, except when a more personal opinion may be another option.

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Monday, 24 July 2006


There are genuine grounds to believe that the best place to become ill in New South Wales Australia is inside the prison system.
The Sydney Daily Telegraph my favorite newspaper delivered daily to my door reveals , taxpayers are funding a gold plated health service catering for every inmate sniffle and ache.
Most of this info is backed up from personal contact with the inmates by a family friend who is employed within the prison welfare system, with whom I am in personal contact.
It appears there is one nurse for every 20 inmates, its kid gloves all the way.
If you have a droopy dick, fiddle your tax - go to jail and get it straightened out.
Erection dysfunction, hormone treatments, ingrown toenails and circumcision ops by (Dr Finklestein- maybe) these were among 250 elective surgery procedures funded over the past two years.
Meanwhile ordinary citizens face long waits for their elective procedures. Last year, for example, more than half wanting hip replacements, had to wait more than nine months.
The well salaried Justice health chief exec Dr Richard Mathews (Dick Hard) Say's " Prisoners should not be punished with poor health care.
But most ordinary citizens face out of pocket medical costs to see GPS and specialists, and to access prescriptions. Prisoners do not.
And how many inmates before being locked up would have bothered seeing a doctor over ailments like ingrown toenails or erectile dysfunction? Very few.
There is no case for prisoners getting better health services than the rest of our community.
Even the slightest evidence of this is offensive.
The latest revelations about what is going on in N S W jails come shortly after recent reports of a serial rapist getting his sperm frozen and backpacker killer Ivan Milat having privileges such as a Television and toaster oven. After a public and a personal condemnation of these personal prisoners privileges, the privileges were removed. But dear oh dear, the prisoners became very upset over the new restrictions and cried 'Foul' and guess what, yeah your absobloodylutely right, they are probably back in front of the telly munching toasted sandwiches watching porno movies with their newly repaired penis in the other hand.
there are worrying signs the the NSW Govt is losing touch with what the public expects on law and order.

Thursday, 20 July 2006


According to the department of foriegn affars, up to 25,000 Australians of Lebanese descent who hold Lebanese passports as well as Australian passports , live permanently or semi permanently in Lebanon.
The latest Middle East crises has flushed out a new class of duel nationality super snivelers who believe mere possession of an Australian passport guarantees them security in their 'Other Homeland'.
At citizen ceremonies these Lebanese migrants are informed they have the same rights and privileges as any other Australians(Which technically is a blatent lie told by successive Australian Govts) I refer to the medical gold card not available to British Vets who fought in the defence of Australia, myself being one)
These Aussies of Lebanese descent also have discovered the flaw in their citizenship status.
However, while this bunch of insufferable ingrates whinge and whine because of their present misfortune ; being stranded in Lebanon during the recent flare up of hostillities, it leaves me with little sympathy for them.
In most cases these duel Aus/Leb cits have for all intents and purposes left Australia for good and returned to their roots(their homeland) after securing their aged social security pension- superannuation and other retirement funds. so to live among their own kind but with a higher status and income, very clever you might say, and no skin off the Australian Govts nose, until now, when all they want is to be aussies once more, (Until the shooting stops)
I say leave these freeloading whingeing assholes in the rat holes the chose to live in after they discarded Australia as their new home, or at the least make them pay for their rescue and the privilege of becoming an aussie once more. Vest Daily gaggle.

Monday, 17 July 2006


Many are the blogs that have collapsed in a state of confusion, due to the muddle fuddling agitation created by Mr Fartmouth Saby Dasouza, sewer operative and gutter cleaner from Mumbai(Bombay)India.
Saby, Who at present has 38 blog sites in India catering mainly for the minds of Deviates, Perverts, pedophiles and misc other Bumholes who glorify and wallow in filth, has plagued my blogsite for the past five months. Although I have low tolerance for downright filth, some of saby's (Nice guy comments) were allowed to remain.
Recently two blogsite owners have contacted me, after having changed the identification of their sites, all due to this Saby person, I shall consider such a drastic move to be an option should Saby the blog terrorist continue to harass.

As from today July 17 06, All comments from Saby and his Known aliases and backers will be deleted regardless of contents

Thursday, 13 July 2006


Although it is relatively warm when compared to winter in some parts of the Northern Hemisphere, Like Alaska, Siberia and Minnesota in the USA, we still find that it is the rapid rise and fall in temperature which creates the misery of the winter head colds, influenza and the constant sniffles and watery eyes. The ave temp here on the Cent/Coast 5 cel- 21 cel midday, colder when we have winds from the South.
We all know them, every workplace has at least one, some have more-the office martyr.
The person although as sick as a dog, insists on coming to work and making life hell for everyone who has the misfortune to be there with them that day.
These people sniff, wheeze, cough and splutter their way through the day, moaning about how ill they are but how much a good example they are for coming in to work.
They leave a trail of infectious germs on every thing they touch, which in turn their colleagues are exposed to.
You will find them on the Bus or on the train Spreading infection to other travelers.
To all those who think they are "soldiering on", stop being a hero and a asshole, no one appreciates your self assumed martyrdom.
You are not a better employee for turning up for work, you are not fully productive when you feel that bad. Nothing at work is so important that it can't wait a day or two and if it is someone else will surely take charge of it.
You will cost your employer more by taking down other workmates and fellow travellers
with the coughs and colds you spread around.
Stay at home rug up and rest in bed with your favorite person or a good book, Its the best and only way to enjoy your predicament, remember catching the flu is a privilege.

Friday, 7 July 2006

"GIVE HIM AN OSCAR" Yell the soccer loonies

The World cup of Soccer-football is near its climax, the attention generated by the World cup held every four years; divides the period between the Olympics, but the nations heading the Olympic finalists are rarely seen as finalists in the soccer world cup.
Italy are now in the final, after beating Australia through a dodgy penalty decision, France is also in the final after an equally controversial penalty against Portugal.
Some soccer players are so grippingly histrionic as they fall to the ground with seemingly fatal injuries to the ankle or knee they make the death scene from Camille look like Julie Andrews singing The Lonely Goat Herder in The Sound of Music.
Lawyers sitting in the grandstands seem so convinced the players are on their death bed after taking a slight knock, rush to the well paid player with a last will and testament to be signed.
Eventually the stricken player rises to his feet thanking his particular God for a miraculous recovery from an injury which would have defied the healing powers of the water at Lourdes. It could be described as an eclectic mix of the tragedy of Pagliacci, the heartbreak of Madam butterfly and the comedy of Der Rosen Kavallier.
The player who was the so called transgressor gets his marching orders off the field, making it so much easier for his team to lose the game.
What we really need though,is that statuesque blonde Amazon who carries a spear and wears a viking helmet with a big horn either side. Seeing her coming at you, her bodice straining with the power of her voice and the helmet aimed straight at your backside, would get these frail little petals of Soccer players on their feet in a blink.
Now that OZTRAYER has been eliminated from this fiasco, the tabloids are back to the never ending boring load of crap about the never ending stories of THUGBY (Rugby League)today we had six pages of this codswallop, the list of genuine injuries would make you wince, several mindless 250 LB hulking players end up in wheelchairs as Quadriplegic's every year. In my early years I regarded sport as a fun thing, now it is more like war ,minus the shooting.

Thursday, 6 July 2006


I am writing on behalf of a most generous loving and beautiful grandmother. Who is constantly thinking of her children and extended family.
"Should I phone them, I haven't heard from them, its their birthday soon" Or "How much should I put in the envelope"
This dear lady received beautiful cards from her living brothers and sisters in the U/K, And flowers and cards from friends in Australia(local).
Her five Sons and partners and eleven grand and great grand children, the recipients of her annual Xmas and birthday generosity also her constant thoughtfulness, who all reside within an hours drive, have not responded with a single birthday card on July 5, this nice lady's 72nd birthday, yet she and her husband have made three long journeys to visit them for christenings and birthdays. Despite of this she has not complained and is constantly making excuses for their incompetence, but I know deep down to say the least this dear lady was not amused.
Her husband who is penning this gripe on her behalf will be having his 8oth on July 16th, he knows something is in the wind. and is preparing for any possibility. most family gatherings garner friction.
The sequel will be posted in about ten days from now.

Written and posted by Vest. That Old Guys alter ego.

Vest Has Left the Building

To advise that Vest (Les Bowyer) passed away this morning. Regards, Chris (Son).