I am writing on behalf of a most generous loving and beautiful grandmother. Who is constantly thinking of her children and extended family.
"Should I phone them, I haven't heard from them, its their birthday soon" Or "How much should I put in the envelope"
This dear lady received beautiful cards from her living brothers and sisters in the U/K, And flowers and cards from friends in Australia(local).
Her five Sons and partners and eleven grand and great grand children, the recipients of her annual Xmas and birthday generosity also her constant thoughtfulness, who all reside within an hours drive, have not responded with a single birthday card on July 5, this nice lady's 72nd birthday, yet she and her husband have made three long journeys to visit them for christenings and birthdays. Despite of this she has not complained and is constantly making excuses for their incompetence, but I know deep down to say the least this dear lady was not amused.
Her husband who is penning this gripe on her behalf will be having his 8oth on July 16th, he knows something is in the wind. and is preparing for any possibility. most family gatherings garner friction.
The sequel will be posted in about ten days from now.

Written and posted by Vest. That Old Guys alter ego.


tshsmom said…
Happy belated birthday Rose!!
I'm the same way. I make sure that everybody's birthday and holiday is special, but I have to constantly remind my daughter when her family's birthdays, anniversaries, Father's and Mother's Day are. I even bought her a calendar and wrote in all the special days, and she still forgets MY birthday.
I KNOW we raised them better than that Vest!
Jim said…
Happy belated birthday Rose!!

err, who is ROSE ?
Aww, Happy Belated Birthday, Rose. And Happy Early Birthday to Vest!!! Hmm... I've had my fill lately of excuses made for family's behavior. Don't even get me started... Grrr!!

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