Waving Goodbye To A Thousand Flies, The Novel By John Leonard Spencer

The 2nd printing is imminent, order now in time for Christmas, available within two weeks, U/K, The USA & Canada, Priced at U/S $21-95 plus shipping, signed copies available only on request(Order from publisher direct) Amazon& other stores charge more. ISBN 1-4120-3384-5

Impelling reading, Sexuality - Brutality and British Humor also Sadness for the weepers.


TOLL-FREE 1-888-232-4444 (Canada & U S). E mail sales@ trafford.com

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Howdo Vest. Thought I'd pop over as yer appeared in me comments. Wasn't sure if it was the string or Bruce Willis variety. Enjoyed the read so we'll say Bruce as yer an Aussie eh?

Who is this Saby character and why can't he spell pimping? Do I really want to know? Probably not...
Vest said…
Thanks four dinners. you are a person of many talents, good to see you making use of them.

Permanently deleted five u know u ingrates, to date, will not provide this sort of info in future.vest
Jim said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Vest said…
Thanks for the info and polite comment mr saby, if you keep this up, soon all will be forgiven.

But the present rules apply in your particular case, persevere with your politeness, have a nice day.
BTW 31 ordered on PP.
Anonymous said…
Whats that about leopards vestie
Anonymous said…
Ah - a fellow book person I see. Cool.
Jim said…
i just briefed FOUR DINNERS on the whole sordid affair

PUGS, and MICHELE and the mistaken ids
Anonymous said…
Gordon: spots you mean?,,,there is hope for S's salvation,,,but one can never tell
Vest said…
Thank you BOTH PUGS and MICHELE for your comments. Unfortunately for you I dont allow comments of that nature here.
your comments deleted,
Anonymous said…
Sorry i got sore at you and now i know i jumped the gun after reading youur letter or post, but you did take the piss out of the USN Admiral!!!!,,,, go well into the day vest, my new limey pal, chow,,,,Amerigo man
Jimmy said…
must read book
but personally I prefer hard core

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