"GIVE HIM AN OSCAR" Yell the soccer loonies

The World cup of Soccer-football is near its climax, the attention generated by the World cup held every four years; divides the period between the Olympics, but the nations heading the Olympic finalists are rarely seen as finalists in the soccer world cup.
Italy are now in the final, after beating Australia through a dodgy penalty decision, France is also in the final after an equally controversial penalty against Portugal.
Some soccer players are so grippingly histrionic as they fall to the ground with seemingly fatal injuries to the ankle or knee they make the death scene from Camille look like Julie Andrews singing The Lonely Goat Herder in The Sound of Music.
Lawyers sitting in the grandstands seem so convinced the players are on their death bed after taking a slight knock, rush to the well paid player with a last will and testament to be signed.
Eventually the stricken player rises to his feet thanking his particular God for a miraculous recovery from an injury which would have defied the healing powers of the water at Lourdes. It could be described as an eclectic mix of the tragedy of Pagliacci, the heartbreak of Madam butterfly and the comedy of Der Rosen Kavallier.
The player who was the so called transgressor gets his marching orders off the field, making it so much easier for his team to lose the game.
What we really need though,is that statuesque blonde Amazon who carries a spear and wears a viking helmet with a big horn either side. Seeing her coming at you, her bodice straining with the power of her voice and the helmet aimed straight at your backside, would get these frail little petals of Soccer players on their feet in a blink.
Now that OZTRAYER has been eliminated from this fiasco, the tabloids are back to the never ending boring load of crap about the never ending stories of THUGBY (Rugby League)today we had six pages of this codswallop, the list of genuine injuries would make you wince, several mindless 250 LB hulking players end up in wheelchairs as Quadriplegic's every year. In my early years I regarded sport as a fun thing, now it is more like war ,minus the shooting.


Anonymous said…
hi vesty..i'm still at the same job and liking it as im still going out with the bosses daughter i have a sleep out in his back garden and i should have money to get a car in twelfe months if i get my licence back..gordonis still with that nice woman abit older than him but hasgot her own house...I dont play rugby as im not tough like them geezers built like brick dunnies, have a nice birthday next week crikey you must be the oldest aussie blogger
Jim said…
but the nations heading the Olympic finalists are rarely seen as finalists in the soccer world cup.

olympics is banned to professional sportsmen
Jim said…
PORTUGAL was the better team
Ronaldo looks gorgeous

he is prettier than Michele
Jim said…
oldest aussie blogger
not true ZED

he is the SICKest
Anonymous said…
Saby .. you the guy with the micky mouse face.. vest is myold mate at least he can talk and spell better than you.. if he is the sick guy among 21 Million people you must be the sickest among 2000 Million Indians.. I hear you have 8 days more and then its the cremo for you cant wait tohear of your demise mrB arives bombay tuesday..
I like the word demise ..my sharon told me to use it.. she is boot i ful.. i luv sharon.
Vest said…
Saby: Not all professional sports people are banned, do a little research on this subject. I would like to hear more from others on this matter.
Saby: All of us fall into the 'idiot frame' from time to time, however,our brief visits compare little to your permanent residency.
Vest said…
I can hardly wait for the peace and goodwill of Christmas.
Michele said…
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Anonymous said…
Hi there Mr Vest, and may I presume you to be AKA JLS.
I have been reading your novel on the train to work and back, no Dan Brown but he did not have your unique experiences to record.
It gives me much pleasure to tell you that in the wantoness of my mind I assumed the identities of both Emily and Emma, as a result my dear Hubby the past three nights has been mystified by all the fuss that I have made of him. BTW I quite liked the segment about Caroline, but I am too young to be into the Toy Boy thing.thats all except, xxx. LY. Hilary.
Michele said…
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Anonymous said…
michelle-- let me tell you that zed is not saby-- as he lived four houses down the road from us in station road Rockdale a part of sydney australia-- we went to the same schols from 6yrs old--he wanted to be called zed instead of zac(zachariah)as he said a zac was the name for sixpence and blokes dogs--I hope zed gets agood laugh from this-- see ya--gordon
Michele said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Vest said…
Confusion Confusion the Order of the day, then again how can it be good order.
Michelle: It is doubtful that Zed would be another alias of Stabyu the Elephant Boy. Searching back I find Zed first appeared on my site in November 05 whereas Saby the Bombay gutter cleaner is relatively new to my scenario; 12 weeks.
When will you be getting the wheels turning on your Blogsite?
Anonymous said…
hi Mr vest, Ive been away to the Ski slopes of jindabine and perisher up the snowies. feels like the tropics here in budgewoi. the temp in our garden lst night at midnight was 6dg cel.Hey!! I have to tell you I really really had the oooh most romantic time. catch up with you soon Kate XOXOX
Vest said…
Zed and Gordon: Please E mail me and leave your email addresses and work place telephone numbers.
Vest said…
I have received confirmation from Zed'S employer via an Email & tel No.
Zed is employed as a tyre (tire) fitter and garage hand I have been told, at a business on the Parramatta Rd Ashfield a suburb of Sydney Australia.
No contact with Gordon , Whom I have been reliably told by Zed and his employer works a night shift in a bakery at Newtown also a suburb of Sydney and I shall phone the bakery right now.
Gordons boss has confirmed that he is working there right now, and Gordon was surprised by my call.

Michelle this solves the problem.
Vest said…
What a cufuffle its been today, had early visitors then we had lunch for six slept two hours dinner for eight (earlier than usual)Took my beautiful gr/ daughters to the club won 88 dollars on keno , two bots of wine and a large leg of Pork( blessed by the Rabbi)Played UNO with the G/Ds and nearest and dearest, seen off two 750ml bots of bubbly, discovered Zed and Gordon are not saby. i suppose it has been an odd day but not unpleasant, however my head is nodding and my eyes are blinking so see you all tomorrow hopefully . luvs ya all.
Michele said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Vest said…
Michelle: you are a difficult person to convince, regarding the identity of both Zed and Gordon.
This morning I phoned a Friend in Strathfield a suburb of Sydney Aus who runs a courier business, a courier will call at both home of Gordon and business address of Zed, very briefly for a further identity check. this BTW is costing me $16-50. the result should not take too long.
Michelle: I am also aware that there are others out there using dead end sites besides Z and G.
Vest said…
Michelle: It is confirmed that Zed and Gordon are not Saby aliases.
Jim said…
is Michele a blonde?
she sure is dumb though
Jim said…
Heyyyyyy Vest
did u watch the finals ?

did u see Zindane butt the italian player on the chest ?
and the ball was nowhere near

dis Zindane is MAD
i never seen him smile

or freak out when he scores
he and Mich are made for each other
Jim said…
and Vest
i wish u wud visit www.keshigirl.blogspot.com

another Michele
she quit blogging for a while
because of me

fragile egos
Michele said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Vest said…
And so the the saga of; are Zed and Gordon Saby aliases; continues wearily on.
So apart from making statuatory declarations before the supreme court or appearing on live television with messrs Zed & Gordon; tyre(Tire)fiter and Baker in that order, I have summoned them to attend my Octogenarian birthday bash this coming Sat July 15-16 for further proof that these living legends are not miscreant Saby aliases.
Michelle: nice person that you are and regular favored visitor to my site, it is my sad duty to inform you despite our seemingly amicable disposition that the dreaded female affliction of dogmatism has invaded your way of thinking, thus causing myself a fair amount of time wasting plus the expense of a courier and noshup for an extra four freeloaders at my B/day bash this Sat coming. plus because of all this rigmarole I am deeply hurt and shall now scurry off to hide and sob tears of joy in the hope nothing more can or will be said. Have a nice day x.
Anonymous said…
thank you mr vest for your invite to your 80th birthday do on sat, can you book us in for two couples in a local motel please we dont have your local directory, Sharon and zed (zac) Williams and Gordon and lucy- not sure of there other name, thanks
Jim said…
i will be there VEST
i admire your balls

will i get to see dem?
Jim said…
Heyyyy VEST
Mich just hit me and ran away
ao i am posting my response here
forgive me

your intelligence wing is messed up

u guys tot SADDAM had WMD
your intelligence guys cudnt see TWIN TOWERS coming

a guy flew his twin engined plane onto White House lawns

u guys hoisted the USA flag on the moon

the flag was blowing in the wind
but an Indian guy pointed out dat the moon has no air
Jim said…
.. i luv sharon too

the difference is
she loves me.
Vest said…
Sharon: I shall be too busy today as I have to drive to and from Newcastle up the coast to return our two beautiful G/daughters, However, here are three local motel numbers, ring in the order written for closeness.
02-43909336, 02-43909100, 02-43588108.
It would be fun if both Michelle and Saby hopped on a plane and booked in too.
Michele said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said…
I'm back in town and will be there on sat you old bastard for your 80th hope you like the speech I am preparing, and I also have a great Idea how to get rid of the elephant boy, gotta go real tired see ya sat.
Michele said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Vest said…
Michele: Izzy dave alias David Bennet has been a friend for about eighteen years and lives in Castle Hill, NSW Aus. He has been commenting on this site for ten months.
Sharon I have never met but will on Sat, She has booked in with Zed at the Budgewoi Inn, Hotel/Motel,in Ocean st, Budgewoi, tel, 02-43909336(check it out)

I don't think they were on that train in INDIA.
Michele said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Vest said…
Michele: I shall not succumb to the Saby virus.
I being a forthright person have bent over backwards in several attempts to clear the fuzz and confusion relating to the mystery six hitter from India. Did you do a check at the motel on your computer? or do you require a bucket of blood, or DNA, pictures, toe nail clippings etc and final confirmation from the almighty? if so; it would have to end there, and should you continue to have that 'Banging ones Head on the wall' Syndrome, there is only the Devil himself to consult.
Vest said…
Michels, I am David Aaron Bennet, or IZZY DAVE born Bulgaria june 3 38, went to palestine 1947Now Israel from may 1948 oct. lived Haifa israel, came to australia 1973,friend of vest, an ex enemy.
A better mate ive never had.
Jim said…
Heyyyy David Aaron Bennet

me and michele will be in Austrayalay on the 15 th

book a single room wid a double bed
she will be celebrating her bday too this month

she may not come willingly
but i intend to hijack the plane she is travelling in
and divert it to Austrayala

u can bet yr hairy ass
we will be there
Vest said…
Dave(izzy) thank you for your kind remarks,hope you arrived home safe. Dave must have posted his comment here while I talked to his daughter who called late to take him home.

Previous comment from vest should read IZZY DAVE not vest.

I am aware that a bit of ribaldry and imbibing occurred last night the empty J D bottle also the J W got more than a nudge, must clean up before nearest and dearest arrives home from visiting relo's in Newcastle.
See you Sat my 80th.
Jim said…
hryyyyyyyy IZZY DAVE

u r confusing the dumb blonde

and me
Jim said…
, , Michele must be tearing her hair out by now

dont want to torment the dumb blonde no more
, ,

dis is me Michele
Vest said…
This post has produced a hotch potch of contentious issues, a fair amount of back stabbing and a noticable lack of response to The elephant boy's inane chatter and gobbledegook, I believe its the only answer.

I suppose I had better announce the winner of the (Soccer-Assoc Football) World Cup, ITALY.
Only The elephant boy commented.
Keshi said…
Man with the highest IQ has deleted my comments now? Oh how superior.

Vest Im sorry if I said anything to upset u that u went to the extent of deleting my comments. But I hope u realise that Keshi isnt Saby. Saby is a friend of mine for years. I agree he's a pain in the butt, liver and wutnots :) but that's real life too - there r all sorts of ppl...learn to get along with them...live and let live in true Aussie spirit. After all life's too short to be u.

Good luck mate!
Vest said…
No sane person has to live with the likes of saby who you hold in high esteem, saby is nothing more than a filth monger and deviate and a person you could put among the ranks of the likes of Hitler, Mussolini, Tojo, Saddam Hussein, Idi Amin. If in your sick mind you would be willing to live and love with such people to whom persons like my self put their lives on the line to eradicate in the past, I am afraid your airy fairy flowers in your hair wisdom and advice to me has been a waste of time.
Whatever your so called good intentions are, I seriously think that you dear lady are pointing yourself in the wrong direction.
As for true Aussie spirit, Well thats a Myth which surfaces only when you have through your own stupidity have landed in the poo pile, the rest of the time free spirited Aussis are kept busy chopping down tall poppies, and Englishmen like my self are suffocating Sabies.
Vest said…
Keshie. BTW good luck to you too.

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