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ARE YOU UNFAMILIAR WITH BLOGGING and wish to comment as a non blogger.

Each blogsite has its own set of rules which are usually simple to follow. On my blog they are even simpler, 'ANYONE' may comment providing words of an obscene nature are not used, if so you will be more than likely deleted. To comment simply click on to comments at the bottom of each post, you may use your name, Pseudo name, or be Anonymous. Call soon . VEST.


I am not an unforgiving person just for the sake of some past comments which raised the ire and left me stumbling for a retalliatory reply, you win some and in most cases lose more. I have recently spoken to an English gent who six months ago stirred the bucket on a well subscribed USA Blog Site, his clash of opinions resulted in his being excommunicated big time to say the least. Recently he; according to the rules of blog play in Uncle Samland, Had the temerity to post a comment so as to say "Hello septics I am still in circulation; do you remember me", it seems they did. A few caustic remarks and a drop dead pal deletion by the blog owner, whom I consider most times to be a forthright person; sent him on his way. Verily it doth seem, the rant of the hypocrite may have been hard to swallow, but his cant of criticism has left the blog owner in torment.I sometimes wonder who won that war of words . The English gent in question (an actor of sorts , among other attributes) has

' ROSEMARY' FOR REMEMBRANCE, This traditional herb is worn by Australian veterans on Anzac day

Its that time of the year again when Hubby tosses away his old shirt and jeans image, cleans his shoes brushes down his best bib and tucker namely his black Blazer and conventional strides, pins on his collection of campaign medals- one in a high order bracket, to spend most of what is known in Australia as "ANZAC DAY" Which is for those living elsewhere the major war commemmoration day in Australia which coincides with the gallipoli landing in Turkey April 25 1915 WW1. Anzac day draws in all other known conflicts involving Australians, and of course British Commonwealth ex service veterans too, which includes hubbies dear friends and former shipmates he served with up to 63 years ago, there are only a handful left but hubby is in constant touch with them all and meets with them several times a year as well as the occasional final farewell. Hubby served on the 40,000 ton Brit Battle Ship (HMS KING GEORGE V Which had a hand in sinking the BISMARK) in various parts of the globe


I am not too sure, possibly one is as important as the other. I have been criticized by some for having more outgoing comment than that incoming, not exactly true in the sense of the word, as more incoming comments would be posted if it were not for the deletion proccess condemning the use of unseemly language. But I feel in my case , it is more important and rewarding for me to listen to what other people have to say, which means you are in a constant state of learning, Isn't it more fun to read what other people have written than read your own writing which is pointless as you already know the content, although I suppose it would be selfish not share your opinions and little secrets. In the past 12 months I have widened my horizens, and have learned how to praise and put down in a more sophisticated manner, I have not lost the knack of keeping cool in the face of adversity, and I am proud to say each and everyone I have met Blogging I have a deep respect for. "CARRY ON

Water water every where but not in New South Wales Australia

This post is mainly for the benefit of non Australians who dwell over yonder pond on the Nth American continent. It would seem that many of you people are distressed about the quality of your water, that which is delivered to you via the house hold tap(faucet). In that case your service reservoirs should cleanup their act, and yourselves employ the use of domestic water filters for final consumption and boil it for a further safe guard. The only area of this State which does not have water restrictions starts from aprox 25 miles north from where I live, the remainder of us have been living with water restrictions for about 3 years, All of the Dam levels are down to between 18 to 35 per cent capcity due to lack of rainfall, although it did rain quite hard yesterday. The quality of our water supply is good if you dont mind the occasional whiff of clorine and you are a dental freak who enjoys Aluminium Tailings(Fluoride). Watering cans only allowed on certain days, NO hosing of lawns or


The State Government of New South Wales Australia are at it again, recently they were imploring overseas nurses to take up vacant positions in our state hospitals at a healthier salary than our locals. Now the State Govt is to Import Dentists (Tooth Butchers) to fill the gaps in this open wide industry. Will these imported Dentists be known as; persons of foriegn extraction, and will this injection of foriegn tooth maulers have our local dentists looking down in the mouth, maybe both groups will amalgamate? Who Caries ?


NSW Roads Minister Eric Roozendaal has a habit of using this sort of language, meaning name calling and referring to members of the opposition as 'Dick Heads', these frequent gaffes of his within parliament have now overflowed to the street, causing great embarrassment to the Premier Mr Iemma, or should we say Dilemma. Mr doozy Roozendaal was caught illegally using a bus only lane so avoiding gridlocked traffic , while other motorists sweated in lengthy queues. His ministerial car driven by a minder was caught on camera skipping past peak hour traffic on Old South Head road in Sydney which will cost the driver of his car $225 .00 and 3 demerit points( 12 demerit pts in one year, you say adios to your licence). Mr Dickhead Roozendaal recently approved of a government slogan after the roads authority installed cameras in these bus and transit lanes "DONT GET BUSTED IN A BUS LANE". Now to help things improve, our wise State Govt will now strangle the traffic flow even


A young guy told this story to his girlfriend. On the top shelf of the kitchen stood the cookie jar with its lid off. One female and two male mice saw this and jumped in for a feed. The lady of the house who was leaving for a few days seeing she had not replaced the lid, did so, Which trapped the mice. The female mouse began to worry, "How can we get out say's she". "Dont worry darling" say's one of the male mice, "Y ou sleep with me tonight and I'll tell you in the morning". The female mouse woke to find her lover gone (the dirty rat) and the other mouse grinning. " Whats so funny" say's she, " How did he get out". "Sleep with me tonight and I will get you out in the morning" Say's the 2nd male mouse. "Oh all right" say's she. The next morning she woke to find she alone occupied the cookie jar, she was furious , but after a while she looked around the cookie jar and discovered how her love


Generally the Muslims are poorer being they have larger families than the Christians, and have fewer prospects of employment. They have not assimilated in the same way as the Greeks and Italians have, Christian Lebanese have done so and are spread over a wide area, unlike their Muslim brothers who choose to cluster in a tight group, so as to protect their religious values. Lebanese Muslim men tend to have lower levels of education, relatively high levels of unemployment and a high tendency not to be in paid work. The unemployment figure for the first and second generation was 15 percent and 12 percent respectively, these figures are slightly more than twice the national average, although there has been a marked improvement, they are still not doing very well. It would seem that employers are reluctant to employ persons who bring their religeon and traditions to the work place and in doing so disrupt the the smooth running of the business with demands of privileges not afforded to othe