Tuesday, 31 May 2011

The 'Tall Poppy Syndrome" Strikes again. Plus more rain.

News papers are awash with vastly differing opinions regarding the Carbon Tax levy.

Rest assured this dilemma will not be resolved overnight or even in the foreseeable future.

Super star  Cate Blanchett and Michael Caton are being continually berated by the press and opinion from readers.
Surveying the opinion on a for and against vote the jury would have  had Cate and Michael 'Topped at Dawn' today'.
Journo's will have a field day with this carbon tax thingy. although very few will venture forth during the inclement weather continuing to harass New South Wales In general. Right now the rain is lashing down with high winds in concert with trees  rattling the walls and windows. The semi rural road drainage system; consisting of an 18 inch pipe under the driveway conveys rain water along a grassed covered curved course which at this moment could be likened to Chalgrove brook.
Nearest and dearest and I have made the decision not to venture forth today under any circumstances.

England have won the first Cricket Test Match against Sri Lanka (Ceylon in older times).
Sri Lanka 400 all out and 82 all out. England 496 for 4 wks dec. winning by an innings and 14 runs.
Americans need not bother to fathom out the cricket info. It is mainly for the Australian public who will not read this result until tomorrows papers hit the stands.
Or you could do as I do and have the Daily Telegraph Australia's most widely read newspaper; delivered daily to your door. If  you are aged and poorish it saves you money and leg power.

I am still waiting for more comments from my Aus and UK rello's, BTW I know who is looking and reading. Anyhow have a bright and sunny day(please return the favour).

Back Soon....Vest.....Remember 'No person has the right to rain on your dreams". 

Monday, 30 May 2011

Global warming on hold. Plus Long snout celeb Say's "Pay up".

    No sign of global warming this chilly morn. Popping out of bed to make nearest and dearests morning cuppa, I beat a hasty retreat  and donned socks and slippers after treading the  tiled kitchen floor.
Yes it looks and feels like a miserable day - similar to the past three days - tiddling non stop rain, we even have worms coming into the garage to escape the wet.

Persons on lower incomes are up in arms  with regard to the Fed Govt's proposed carbon tax of around $500-00 per year per household.
Millionaire Hollywood celeb Cate Blanchett, the actress with the big Smeller, who dwells in a $10 million country hovel at 'Hunters Hill' a Sydney suburb, is raking in more from the Fed Govt to add to her estimated $53 million.
 Blanchett  stars with actor Michael Caton in the  Govt advertisement advocating this new tax.
Like most celebs she and he are out of touch with the lower levels of living and too preoccupied
with their own gaudy swill bucket.
It would seem  $53 million would give you a whole pile of latitude to care for so many things.

To accomplish great things, we must not only act on them, but also dream; not only plan, but also believe.

Vest.......Back soon.

P S, thank you Nigel for your E mail.

Thursday, 26 May 2011

Especially for U/K and Australian Family members.

Wishing you all good health and wealth - you know all that stuff that leads up to the other stuff that is intended to keep onside with loved ones, you know - the gushing blarney and so forth.
Well now you know I still love you all: more or less as I am loved too, I'll leave it there and get on with the next letter filler the inevitable weather forecast or better still what is actually occurring in our neck of the woods..... Its pissing with rain; also cold and windy... has been all this week... similar to the week before last but unlike the warm sunny weather in between. Oh and a quick reminder for those who email me stating the warm winds are southerlies, In Strayer Mate they come from Antarctica; the South, We are upside down, and in more ways than one.
Tim if you are reading this...Barney the Huge Black and  white Tom Mog still visits. Barney travels half a mile to us and is guaranteed a feed. And thinking black and white we have a family of magpies who  visit daily and allow me to hand feed them too. Magpies from my observations have a zero tolerance to the lice infected Indian Mynah birds which are increasing their numbers in OZ, Classified as a pest and fair game for a pot shot; and despite my anti gun thingy, I thought an air rifle would clean up a few. I was knocked back as I wasn't licenced, Must do a course to qualify. Despite my Qualifications as a QA1 in the RN, and having taught others; particularly at the small arms school at Tipnor, Portsmouth  Rifle range.
I trapped a Mynah bird under wire netting recently .then when dead tied it to a tree branch to scare off others, but a large crow came and flew off with it.
'Lunch'......Back again, The sun was peeking out and the rain had stopped as I looked out of the bedroom window - saw a pair of S D A's approaching, they bypassed the house with the two shopping carts on the lawn er grass- the one with rusting bike and water filled helmet alive with mosquito  larvae, then the S D A's remembering me  hurried past  our house and called in next door. It is now drizzling again.I am sitting here with slippers socks track pants and three upper layers next to a small heater, definitely not a bronzed Aussie day, Rosemary is ogling the box catching up with East enders and the E Ba Gums on Coronation street..It is too wet for gardening or fishing but is just about right for a siesta under the doona(Duvet) shortly.
I would  like  to  thank those relatives who visit my blog occasionally and particularly those who find time to comment There are no restrictions on who can comment but be British and keep it clean. And a reminder to Our Gr/ Children who are too busy, will  find Grandpa  will be  skint  on  future  birthdays.
There is uncertainty regarding a trip to the u/k this year as it is doubtful if Chis would go. A trip to Hong Kong may be in the offing if so then beloved and I would do the last leg to u/k and Chris would return to Strayer.
That's all for now,  stay well...........Back soon........Vest.

Remember to live in such a way that you would not be ashamed to sell your talking parrot to the town gossip.

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Stop Whineing, Water tastes much better.

To my Friends who enjoy a glass of wine!!!!
This is really true ???????.
Drink more wine and less water for your health

A glass of wine

To my F
RIENDS who enjoy a glass of wine..
And those who don't and are always

seen with a bottle of water in their hand.

As Ben Franklin said:

In wine there is wisdom,
In beer there is freedom,
In water there is bacteria.

In a number of carefully controlled trials,

Scientists have demonstrated that if we drink

1 litre of water each day,

At the end of the year we would have absorbed

More than 1 kilo of Escherichia coli, (E. Coli) - bacteria
Found in faeces.

In other words, we are consuming 1 kilo of poop.


We do NOT run that risk when drinking wine & beer

(or tequila, rum, whiskey or other liquor)

Because alcohol has to go through a purification process

Of boiling, filtering and/or fermenting.

Water = Poop,
Wine = Health

Therefore, it's better to drink wine and talk stupid,
Than to drink water and be full of $hit
There is no need to thank me for this valuable information:

I'm doing it as a public service
Vest Say's.
Unlike Third world Countries, Australia in particular has so called healthier Tap Water meaning that which is supplied by local water companies which apply stringent conditions regarding its purity before it Arrives on the domestic Scene.
Water supplied in bottles from retail outlets and the ultra pure water supplied to hospitals and pharmaceutical shops, (Filtered And Distilled) is safe in most cases.
Here is an economical and healthy tip; and the one which I follow regularly, by using tap water supplied by local authorities.
The simplest system to obtain pure drinking and cooking water, would be to purchase (Two) filter jugs from your Supermarket.
Fill the first filter with Cold tap water, then after filtering boil the water in an electric jug, then after the water is cooled pour the Cold filtered and Boiled water in the second filter jug and finally pour that water into a strong clear plastic or glass container with screw seal lid, then refrigerate.
Then after Two or three weeks of use, discard the first filter and use the previous second filter as its replacement, then use a new filter as the second filter.
This system works well, I have used it for many years, and that water you drink will be the best you will ever taste, plus your bodily systems will love you for ever, Especially if you drink up to Two liters a day as Vest does, 500 mls in the morning first thing Your liver will certainly thank you.The more you drink the better for you.
Costing: For a Family of Two round fifty cents per day. Initial Cost
And while you are thinking healthy, why not give up that  nasty habit of drinking Coffee , but worst of all Smoking
Have a healthy day, back soon,........ Vest.

Saturday, 21 May 2011

Splitting The Human Race. Your choice the Ruling Class. Or an Ugly Morlock.Or should it all end Today.

The Sunny Central Coast of Strayer is having one of those days outdoors which would deny complaints from the worst gripers, of course apart from Umbrella sellers. In fact the past nine days has been more like a Pommy Spring following that previous week of unseasonal chill.
Yesterday's message of doom and gloom (prev post) has been superseded by today's revelation in my Favourite Newspaper that, a Barmy US religious cult says the world will end today.
I am working on the theory that, Eastern OZ is more forward in the time frame so by midnight, 'Kaput', also if you have any last minute shopping or fancy that last minute roll in the hay with your most favoured, "Do it now".  The extreme forecast for May 21 comes from Harold Camping,89 - year old founder of a Christian cult which interprets the Bible numerologically.
His Family radio.com said "God wants us to know that exactly 7,000 years after God destroyed the world with water in Noah's day, he plans to destroy the world forever".
What a lot of Bollocks." Say's Vest ...me that is.
Vest is offering 100 to 1, $10 min bet, that the world won't end today or even tomorrow.''
I can think of a few people who might take me up on that.
Now something interesting.
Splitting The Human Race. Your choice the Ruling Class. Or an Ugly Morlock.
The human race will one day split into two separate species, an attractive, intelligent ruling elite and an underclass of dim-witted, ugly goblin-like creatures. It has already begun
100,000 years into the future, sexual selection could mean that two distinct breeds of human will have developed. The human race will have reached its physical peak by the year 3000. After they reach their peak around the year 3000 humans will begin to regress. These humans will be between 6ft and 7ft tall and they will live up to 120 years.
"Physical features will be driven by indicators of health, youth and fertility that men and women have evolved to look for in potential mates," suggesting that advances in cosmetic surgery and other body modifying techniques will effectively homogenise our appearance.
Men will have symmetrical facial features, deeper voices and bigger penises, That will make a few of you want to live longer.
Women will all have glossy hair, smooth hairless skin, large eyes and pert breasts.
Racial differences will be a thing of the past as interbreeding -( this is not the type of inter breeding among relatives in Tasmania known to produce offspring with twin heads)- produces a single coffee-coloured skin tone. Some people I know have achieved this already.
The future for our descendants isn't all long life, perfect bodies and chiseled features.
While humans will reach their peak in 1000 years' time, 10,000 years later our reliance on technology will have begun to dramatically change our appearance.
Medicine will weaken our immune system and we will begin to appear more child-like.
The future of man will be a story of the good, the bad and the ugly.
While science and technology have the potential to create an ideal habitat for humanity over the next millennium, there is the possibility of a monumental genetic hangover over the subsequent millennia due to an over-reliance on technology reducing our natural capacity to resist disease, or our evolved ability to get along with each other. After that, things could get ugly, with the possible emergence of genetic 'haves' and 'have-nots'. And the workforce a major race of ugly misshapen hunch backed Gnomes
This theory may strike a chord with readers who have read H G Wells' classic novel The Time Machine, in particular his descriptions of the Eloi and the Morlock races.
In the 1895 book, the human race has evolved into two distinct species, the highly intelligent and wealthy Eloi and the frightening, animalistic Morlock who are destined to work underground to keep the Eloi happy. I reckon Wally would make a great Morlock.
It is time to start living the life that you have imagined. Oh and have a great Weekend.
Vest.....Back soon.

Sunday - May - 22. Well it didn't happen and  most people are alive and kicking after that idiotic prediction from a Barmy faith industry follower. Sleep safely in your beds for a few more years until his next second coming or extinction prophecy.

Friday, 20 May 2011

All Doom And Gloom, one more year then "BOOM"

Breaking News From Newsmax.com

Horrific Predictions for 2012...
What Scientists Are Saying…
Palin, Others Slam Corrupt Pelosi Dealmaking
Judith Miller: Libyan Opposition Grows


"Dont bother to pack your bags. This could be kingdom come."

Here is something for you to worry over this weekend. Have you noticed the plethora of funeral plans hitting your T V programs. You can't get one if you are likely to depart before the  2112 disaster, simply because the insurers are spending up big before they go on riotous living, or if saved, on lavish shelters with logistical supplies. .....Er indoors and I are past our UBD. No worries mate, except maybe the ten grand set aside (pre-paid) for our departure was bad thinking on our part. then again spending up big on bodily excesses right now could backfire on us and accelerate our ETD, that is; should the Whole business turn out to be 'Just a Bad Dream.

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Sent: Friday, May 20, 2011 5:33 AM

Horrific predictions read next post from Newsmax..

Sunday, 15 May 2011

"Darling I'm Working Late At The Office"

Which ever way this message is delivered, there are tell tale signs whether or not you are getting the truth.

Allegedly cheats provide much of the work and income for private investigators who develop their own checklists of telltale signs that should set alarm bells ringing.

I've taken the best of the bunch and provided you with a cheater’s checklist. (It can be applied equally to women to help sniff out an affair)

At the beginning of an affair, a husband may be more affectionate than usual due to feelings of guilt.

Later, once the affair has developed, he often starts finding fault with his wife as a defence mechanism to justify the affair in his mind.

Cheating husbands often lose interest in domestic activities, such as DIY and mowing the lawn.

He may have a change in sexuality and want more or less sex or make unexplained sexual requests.

The cheater's relationship with his family will almost always change. He might become more distant, cold, or fault-finding. Psychologically this is because he’s starting to blame the family, especially his wife, for his behaviour.

You may notice unexplained credit card charges or withdrawals.

Grooming habits change. He’ll probably buy a new wardrobe or may suddenly start to become more attentive to his personal appearance. You may notice him washing more, wearing a new aftershave and joining a gym.

Physical clues to the affair may start appearing, such as lipstick on shirt collars, perfume odours on shirts or jackets, secretion stains on underwear. Unexplained bits of paper, receipts, and condoms might start appearing in his pockets.

Suddenly the car might need more fuel than usual and see a husband popping out to ‘fill the tank up’ more often. Keep an eye on the odometer to check if he’s putting a lot of unexplained distance on the car. You could go as far as keeping track of distance covered (Mileage) against the time he leaves for, and returns to, work. Check payslips to verify any claims he’s been working overtime. You might notice him whispering into his phone, looking alarmed if you spot him and hanging up suddenly.
You might find that his mobile phone bill rockets and that he’s making calls to the same number right after leaving home and just before walking back in the door. Try to get a look at his itemised bill to check for unusual or repeated numbers.
He might become hard to reach at the office or on the road and starts coming home at unusual times or going to places alone

Be aware of any close platonic relationships. Many friends will not approve of the cheater’s ways but others may help facilitate it by providing iron-clad alibis.

To catch a cheater he must not suspect you’re on to him. Treat him the same as usual and give him plenty of time alone. If you think he’s cheating at home make false plans to be away for a weekend and stay at a local hotel. Park down the street from your residence, then watch and wait. Have a plan for what you’ll do if your suspicions are confirmed.
Remember; this is not just a male domain, females are quite capable too.
Need more advice. leave your title or name with your comment on Vest@dailygaggle.com
Vest....Back soon.

A Mouse in the House.

Friday 13th. May.
Blogger is down at this moment and has been for 36 hours. It has been a blessing in disguise...kept me on my feet and doing many things ignored of late.

It wasn't quite as chilly this morning as the past week when some areas of NSW had snow falls and constant southerly winds coming up from Antarctica. the temp in the garden was 5 deg C higher than indoors.

This morning we had a visitor..... haven't seen his rello's for a while, he or she was seen speeding into the top bathroom where I cornered it, but it eluded me and disappeared into my office where I am sitting now (The third bedroom). Too many places to hide. I brought up the M/traps from the garage and set four with 'Blue vein cheese as a bait which in the past always delivered a result. ( the bait can be heard as well as smelt from some distance) After my usual after lunch siesta ... a quiet period of approx two hours, I took a dekko in my office and discovered Mickey or was it Minnie had succumbed to the temptation of blue vein cheese. Shortly after a local Crow descended to the grass in our garden where it was placed minutes earlier and flew it off to the heavens... Just at this moment this moment my pc went nuts athe mainder of this post was lost then rewritten and lost again, Ah well nothing is perfect.
Will be busy tomorrow probably return on Tuesday to post, bye for now,....Vest.'
BTW, the traps are empty, must have been a single intruder.

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Peeping Toms, Spy on Long distant Nudist, exposed by long distance lens.

     England:  A keen naturist who loves gardening in the nude will stand trial for "outraging public decency"after neighbours complained about seeing him naked.
     Donald Sprigg 62, denies his nude digging and weeding cause harassment, alarm or distress" to  residents close to his home in Cirencester, Gloucestershire, England.
     The practising nudist insists he only strips  off when he knows his near neighbours are away-- and does not commit "indecent" acts.
     He said complaints came from neighbours 150 metres or 162 yards from his home, who filmed him using a long distance lens.
     He said he only went into his garden naked when his near neighbours were away.
Vest Say's: I find it extremely difficult  even when wearing spectacles to assess if or not people are scantily dressed - naked or otherwise at the distance suggested.
     My own yardstick is simple. By looking 8  house  blocks distant  each with a width of 55feet standard would be the distance to the bottom of our road, a total distance of  143 yards or 130 metres approx. By adding on an extra 20 metres or 22.2 yards  would make it even more difficult to see if a person was naked or not.
A mans house is not his castle it would seem with all this spy gear readily available to Gooks wishing to gaze upon their neighbours testimonials.
Who would you suggest is the transgressor in this needless saga, the peeping toms or the health freak?

Be who you are, say and do what you feel. Because those that matter don't mind, and those that mind don't matter.

Have a neighbourly day, Vest.... Back soon.

Saturday, 7 May 2011

Walking Eagle. ..... Post No 800.

Walking Eagle

On a recent trip to the United States ,
Julia Gillard, Prime Minister of Australia ,
Addressed a major gathering of Native American Indians.
She spoke for almost an hour on her plans for a
Carbon Trading Tax for Australia .
At the conclusion of her speech,
The crowd presented her with a plaque
Inscribed with her new Indian name - Walking Eagle.
A very chuffed Ms Gillard then departed in her motorcade,
waving to the crowds.
A news reporter later asked one of the Indians
How they came to select the new name given to Ms Gillard.
They explained that Walking Eagle is the name given to a
bird so full of shit that it can no longer fly.

Friday, 6 May 2011

"Good Morning, Slightly cooler today, but still Jolly Good Boating Weather"

Good Day and welcome to a brand new edition of : 'ASYLUM'. Today's program features another chance to take part in our exciting competition: Hop on a boat And win A FREE HOUSE! We've already given away hundreds of millions of dollars and thousands of dream homes, courtesy of our sponsor, The Australian Taxpayer. And don't forget, we're now the fastest growing game on the planet.
Anyone can play, provided they don't already hold a valid Australian Passport, and you only need one word of English:
'ASYLUM' Prizes include all-expenses-paid accommodation, cash benefits starting at $800 a week and a chance to earn thousands more begging, mugging and
accosting drivers at traffic lights.
This competition is open to everyone
buy a ticket to Indonesia
And catch the first available boat. No application ever refused - reasonable or unreasonable. All you have to do is destroy all your papers or burn your boat once you enter Australian waters, and remember the magic password
'ASYLUM' A few years ago, 140 members of the Taliban family from Afghanistan were flown ?Goat Class? from Kabul to Indonesia?s gateway, where agents were on hand to fast-track them to their boat trips to luxury accommodation
They joined tens of thousands of other lucky winners already staying in hotels all over Australia
Our most popular destinations also include the Baxter?s reef and the world famous Christmas Island resort
If you still don't understand the rules, don't forget, there's no need to phone a friend or ask the audience Just apply for legal aid. Hundreds of lawyers, social workers and counsellors are waiting to help. It won't cost you a cent. It could change your life forever . So play today.
Iraqi terrorists, Afghan dissidents, Albanian gangsters, pro-Pinochet
activists, anti-Pinochet activists, Kosovan drug-smugglers, Tamil tigers,
bogus Bosnians, Rwandan mass murderers, Somali guerrillas...
Get along to the Indonesia
fishing ports Don't stop in Thailand or Bali Go straight to Australia And you are: GUARANTEED to be one of tens of thousands of lucky winners in the easiest game on earth. Everyone's a winner, when they play 'ASYLUM'

And for Reality Click onto google   "THE VOYAGE OF THE PANS" A real life story.

VEST, Meaning I was involved in the boarding party on the PAN CRESCENT Jan 1948.

Other vessels were Etzion  Jan 31. Lekommemiyat Feb20. Bonim v'lochamin Feb 28. Yeiham March 28. 1948.

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Rain and more rain. becoming Cooler.

It will rain tomorrow, it always rains at Funerals. Rosemary Chris and myself will attend a friend and old Shipmate's Funeral.  You may comment tomorrow but I shall be busy.
Had a slight twinge in one of the large bottom teeth( yes 84 and have teeth). Extraction of teeth means large banking extraction, little wonder dentists wear masks.
Our pretty street has one drawback and it is one of our neighbour we call users and abusers. The grass on their frontage is 18 inches tall which compliments the weeds in their garden and which is decorated with two shopping carts a discarded Bicycle and helmet and umpteen local news papers and flyer's among five miscellaneous vehicles, uncertain of how many inhabitants, don't think they are Indians. it has been suggested they once lived in Bidwill an underprivileged suburb and became nouveau riche. they only communicate with an extended index finger. I have been unreliably informed they are nice people.
I visited 'World United Bloggers (HQ Cairo)'bunch of latent terrorists. must be in deep shock over recent events. The most recent ( and only) comments were submitted by yours truly.
Watched Eggheads last night get beaten in the final by a single student. they did not know the date of the spring holiday in England, I believe I mentioned it a few days ago that it coincided with the USA Memorial day on the last Monday in May.
On his daughters 18th birthday, our son Tim rang to give us the same message which was the same as his usual rant nothing has changed it seems, so sad, maybe one day a...... common ground will be found,  problem is his discourse is delivered as a sermon, where it  is culturally forbidden to talk back.
Ah well, I shall have another large scotch and  watch the late movie movie . Will be back later in the week

Vest...............Remember it is very vulgar to talk like a dentist when one isn't a dentist.
                       It produces a false impression.

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Power Struggle within al-Qaida.

May 2, 2011

Osama bin Laden s death is a stunning victory for America and justice. But make no mistake about it: the war on militant Islamic terrorism will continue. Here are a few other implications of the remarkable intelligence and special forces raid (which included Navy SEALs)...

AND THEN THERE WERE FIVE."Vale, Phil Tavender".

Last Friday There were six remaining members of the forty plus WW2 crew of the battleship HMS King George V, or 2.5 percent of the original crew Who chose to remain in or migrate later to Australia.
Yesterday another friend and shipmate passed on leaving only five wartime crew members. myself being the youngest.
Vale. Phil Tavender, KGV Crew member who crossed the bar Saturday April, 30.,2011.
On behalf of our Association, I send condolences to Phil's Widow Rita and her family.

Rosemary and I will be attending Phil's funeral in Sydney this Thursday 7th. at 1pm.
Assoc/members  are requested to attend if possible.  Les Bowyer KGV Assoc, Rep.

Sunday, 1 May 2011

Will the 'Old Bill,' Bill Will and should Kate be Billed too as well as Will?

     IT stood out like a sore thumb; or were you blinded by the Gaudy Frivolity and failed to notice the plethora of  Ministry of Transport offences; namely, flagrantly and comptemptuously defying the Motor Vehicle seat belt laws , IE the wearing of such as supplied to a M O T Registered Motor vehicle.
    "Allo allo, may I see your licence sir," does not apply to those with blue blood so it seems. So the wearing of a seat belt will not attract a fine for the Royals and their retinue at Bill and Kate's nuptials last Friday, However, if you are a clever dick, and have been nicked recently for 'Not wearing a seat belt' It might pay you to instruct your ambulance chaser to plead not guilty on your behalf,  This does not mean you have to lie or prove you are of royal blood. But you must state you are impoverished compared to that of the  Royals who are flouting their own parliamentary laws, And that you will gladly pay your fine provided that, the Ministry of Transport can produce legally attested proof that those Royal Pikers have also paid their fine. Or you could send your fine to her majesty bless her, It has been said that she has a generous heart.

I recall in my Memoirs below.

While in Hong Kong, Rosemary would buy ice cream from the vendor
across the road. One day she was attempting to get back over the zebra

crossing but the traffic wouldn't stop. The ice cream was melting fast, so
Mary ran across. A taxi stopped suddenly and there was a huge pile-up.

The road was blocked for quite some time with several banged-up cars.
Many fingers pointed up to where we lived.
Our first car was a four square Jowett Javelin, but we later opted for a
Blue Ford Prefect XX511, which gave us two years of comfort and


One beautiful sunny day, we caught the car ferry over to Kowloon

and drove to Castle Peak Bay, where I parked under a tree, the shadiest

spot available. As we were leaving, I was presented with a parking ticket.

It wasn't a huge amount. The following week when we arrived again, I

found the Governor General.s car parked in the exact same spot. I

approached the Chinese policeman who spoke English, and asked why

this car did not  have a ticket.

He replied, "Very important man".
I said, "So am I"..

".Your car not look as important as this car" he said.

I then took a picture of said oriental genius with the Governor General.s Very

Important car and sent it to the Hong Kong traffic people, along with a

note indicating that my money would be forthcoming when they had
provided proof that the Governor General had paid his fine.

Never heard from them.

Our XX511 Ford Prefect had never been in an accident in eighteen

months. After we sold it, however, it failed to stop after leaving from
high in the Peak and travelling fast down Garden road. It then pranged a

large green tram that was coming from Wan Chai and was subsequently written off.

 That sad incident occurred two days before our family flew
back to England. On hearing the news Rosemary said .What a shame; I really
loved that car.. I replied. ".Darling it must have loved us too, it just could
not live without us". By the way, the driver survived.
Enjoy the forthcoming week, back soon.......... VEST.



Vest Has Left the Building

To advise that Vest (Les Bowyer) passed away this morning. Regards, Chris (Son).