Especially for U/K and Australian Family members.

Wishing you all good health and wealth - you know all that stuff that leads up to the other stuff that is intended to keep onside with loved ones, you know - the gushing blarney and so forth.
Well now you know I still love you all: more or less as I am loved too, I'll leave it there and get on with the next letter filler the inevitable weather forecast or better still what is actually occurring in our neck of the woods..... Its pissing with rain; also cold and windy... has been all this week... similar to the week before last but unlike the warm sunny weather in between. Oh and a quick reminder for those who email me stating the warm winds are southerlies, In Strayer Mate they come from Antarctica; the South, We are upside down, and in more ways than one.
Tim if you are reading this...Barney the Huge Black and  white Tom Mog still visits. Barney travels half a mile to us and is guaranteed a feed. And thinking black and white we have a family of magpies who  visit daily and allow me to hand feed them too. Magpies from my observations have a zero tolerance to the lice infected Indian Mynah birds which are increasing their numbers in OZ, Classified as a pest and fair game for a pot shot; and despite my anti gun thingy, I thought an air rifle would clean up a few. I was knocked back as I wasn't licenced, Must do a course to qualify. Despite my Qualifications as a QA1 in the RN, and having taught others; particularly at the small arms school at Tipnor, Portsmouth  Rifle range.
I trapped a Mynah bird under wire netting recently .then when dead tied it to a tree branch to scare off others, but a large crow came and flew off with it.
'Lunch'......Back again, The sun was peeking out and the rain had stopped as I looked out of the bedroom window - saw a pair of S D A's approaching, they bypassed the house with the two shopping carts on the lawn er grass- the one with rusting bike and water filled helmet alive with mosquito  larvae, then the S D A's remembering me  hurried past  our house and called in next door. It is now drizzling again.I am sitting here with slippers socks track pants and three upper layers next to a small heater, definitely not a bronzed Aussie day, Rosemary is ogling the box catching up with East enders and the E Ba Gums on Coronation street..It is too wet for gardening or fishing but is just about right for a siesta under the doona(Duvet) shortly.
I would  like  to  thank those relatives who visit my blog occasionally and particularly those who find time to comment There are no restrictions on who can comment but be British and keep it clean. And a reminder to Our Gr/ Children who are too busy, will  find Grandpa  will be  skint  on  future  birthdays.
There is uncertainty regarding a trip to the u/k this year as it is doubtful if Chis would go. A trip to Hong Kong may be in the offing if so then beloved and I would do the last leg to u/k and Chris would return to Strayer.
That's all for now,  stay well...........Back soon........Vest.

Remember to live in such a way that you would not be ashamed to sell your talking parrot to the town gossip.


Jane Stokes - Honour. said…
Love reading your blogs xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Vest said…
Introducing Jane who has visited before.
Jane is my Niece the eldest daughter of my eldest Brother - deceased, She is a beautiful person.
Jimmy said…
I bet she has a beauty full body too
WALLY. said…
But She 'Won't hold it against you'
C A . said…
You are kind to some birds also humans why not be kind to all.
Vest said…
C A: At arms length at least.

Jaded Jane: When?

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