"Darling I'm Working Late At The Office"

Which ever way this message is delivered, there are tell tale signs whether or not you are getting the truth.

Allegedly cheats provide much of the work and income for private investigators who develop their own checklists of telltale signs that should set alarm bells ringing.

I've taken the best of the bunch and provided you with a cheater’s checklist. (It can be applied equally to women to help sniff out an affair)

At the beginning of an affair, a husband may be more affectionate than usual due to feelings of guilt.

Later, once the affair has developed, he often starts finding fault with his wife as a defence mechanism to justify the affair in his mind.

Cheating husbands often lose interest in domestic activities, such as DIY and mowing the lawn.

He may have a change in sexuality and want more or less sex or make unexplained sexual requests.

The cheater's relationship with his family will almost always change. He might become more distant, cold, or fault-finding. Psychologically this is because he’s starting to blame the family, especially his wife, for his behaviour.

You may notice unexplained credit card charges or withdrawals.

Grooming habits change. He’ll probably buy a new wardrobe or may suddenly start to become more attentive to his personal appearance. You may notice him washing more, wearing a new aftershave and joining a gym.

Physical clues to the affair may start appearing, such as lipstick on shirt collars, perfume odours on shirts or jackets, secretion stains on underwear. Unexplained bits of paper, receipts, and condoms might start appearing in his pockets.

Suddenly the car might need more fuel than usual and see a husband popping out to ‘fill the tank up’ more often. Keep an eye on the odometer to check if he’s putting a lot of unexplained distance on the car. You could go as far as keeping track of distance covered (Mileage) against the time he leaves for, and returns to, work. Check payslips to verify any claims he’s been working overtime. You might notice him whispering into his phone, looking alarmed if you spot him and hanging up suddenly.
You might find that his mobile phone bill rockets and that he’s making calls to the same number right after leaving home and just before walking back in the door. Try to get a look at his itemised bill to check for unusual or repeated numbers.
He might become hard to reach at the office or on the road and starts coming home at unusual times or going to places alone

Be aware of any close platonic relationships. Many friends will not approve of the cheater’s ways but others may help facilitate it by providing iron-clad alibis.

To catch a cheater he must not suspect you’re on to him. Treat him the same as usual and give him plenty of time alone. If you think he’s cheating at home make false plans to be away for a weekend and stay at a local hotel. Park down the street from your residence, then watch and wait. Have a plan for what you’ll do if your suspicions are confirmed.
Remember; this is not just a male domain, females are quite capable too.
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Rex Venom said…
Good stuff to know.
And not to show! haha
Rock on!
Jimmy said…
watch it Vest

this guy dont have gender preference

He does both genders
Lower deck lawyer. said…
Too old for that malarky. Mike.
Vest said…
Dont worry Jimmy lad. My ass is a long way from Halifax/CAN.

Oh , and yours too.
Rosemary said…
Oh dear, does that mean Vest my hubby is watching me and my very innocent platonic unmindful sneaky clandestine Bingo and meat raffle nights alone at the Club, particularly those evenings when I don't win or bring home the bacon?
WALLY. said…
My Dad was a charmer with the sheilas. our mum was on to him and he got the boot.
wessel said…
I come home late one night sober but I had beem boosing and told my partner i had sex with hot chick she said i was liar.I said sorry I iied. every thing then Ok

Good blog this.

how much the book!
Vest said…
Wally: your mum's a charmer too all her inuendo like 'love to Vesty' and Kates luvs ya's, waste of time , mine doesn't work too good lately.
Vest said…
Wessel: It takes a good liar to tell the absolute truth.

Only the unspoken word is truthful.

The Book: click on the pic for info.

BTW are you Dutch or Springbok?
C A. said…
Sex is what you have after giving up Ice cream & Candy.

I do the graveyard shift at the mortuary in my town-did I tell you that before. never seen a stiff with a stiff or boner.
Jane, Stokes - Honour. said…
Brilliant xxxxxxxx
wessel said…
Granparents from netherlands.

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