Peeping Toms, Spy on Long distant Nudist, exposed by long distance lens.

     England:  A keen naturist who loves gardening in the nude will stand trial for "outraging public decency"after neighbours complained about seeing him naked.
     Donald Sprigg 62, denies his nude digging and weeding cause harassment, alarm or distress" to  residents close to his home in Cirencester, Gloucestershire, England.
     The practising nudist insists he only strips  off when he knows his near neighbours are away-- and does not commit "indecent" acts.
     He said complaints came from neighbours 150 metres or 162 yards from his home, who filmed him using a long distance lens.
     He said he only went into his garden naked when his near neighbours were away.
Vest Say's: I find it extremely difficult  even when wearing spectacles to assess if or not people are scantily dressed - naked or otherwise at the distance suggested.
     My own yardstick is simple. By looking 8  house  blocks distant  each with a width of 55feet standard would be the distance to the bottom of our road, a total distance of  143 yards or 130 metres approx. By adding on an extra 20 metres or 22.2 yards  would make it even more difficult to see if a person was naked or not.
A mans house is not his castle it would seem with all this spy gear readily available to Gooks wishing to gaze upon their neighbours testimonials.
Who would you suggest is the transgressor in this needless saga, the peeping toms or the health freak?

Be who you are, say and do what you feel. Because those that matter don't mind, and those that mind don't matter.

Have a neighbourly day, Vest.... Back soon.


Lower deck lawyer. said…
If this is true then the person or persons committing the offence are those who are filming the naked person in his back yard and invading his privacy and much more. Several other offences also come to mind.... Mike.
C A. said…
Production of a pornographic image for public viewing also carries a stiff penalty, which would depend on the stiffness of the image.
Vest said…
Thanks LDL and C A.

CA: I get your point.
Vest said…
There is only one success - to be able to live your life in your own way and not give others absurd, maddening claims upon it.

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